#1 CH341A on B450 chipset motherboard by MrEgup 28.09.2021 18:52

Has anyone already tried using CH341A programmer + 1.8v adapter + SOIC8 clip on a B450 chipset motherboard? If yes, can you provide some tips?

I have an Aorus B450 Elite motherboard that had a BIOS issue when I updated it to F61 (I think F61 is the BIOS update for my board to make a B450 chipset compatible with Ryzen 4000/5000 series). After the restart, I'm not getting any POST and debug lights are just stuck in a loop from CPU > DRAM > VGA. Some instances that debug light is just on the CPU. Tried interchanging RAMs from 1 stick > 2 sticks > 4 sticks, clearing CMOS (both battery and jumper), moving GPU to 2nd PCIE slot, but still no POST. I don't know if I need a Ryzen 4000/5000 series CPU to make it POST, and yes, I don't have the budget for higher Ryzen CPUs.

After reading some threads here and watching video tutorials on YT, I'm considering this CH341A programmer to install the backup BIOS BIN file that I have. BIOS chip is MXIC MX25U12873F. I still haven't received the CH341A programmer + 1.8v adapter + SOIC8 clip though but I already have ASProgrammer and CH341AFree. I tried running them but only MX25U12835F is showing.

1. Can Asprogrammer/CH341AFree detect the exact MX25U12873F when I already connect my board? If not, is there a different version of the software that has MX25U12873F?
2. If there are no Asprogrammer/CH341AFree that has MX25U12873F, is it fine to use MX25U12835F?

Motherboard: Aorus B450 Elite
CPU: Ryzen 5 3500
RAM: Aorus 4x8gb 3200mhz

#2 RE: CH341A on B450 chipset motherboard by comiandrea 28.09.2021 19:46

Use Neoprogrammer
It supports virtually all bios chips

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