#1 Request:Bios for Dell Vostro 5471 by Adiel235 14.09.2021 02:07

Hello, I am looking for someone who can help me to make a modification to the BIOS of my laptop. Personally I don't know about modding. The most complicated thing I have done is to add mutant processor microcodes through coffe time and program them into the motherboard. I don't know what BIOS company it is. AMI, INSYDE, etc. Please help me to identify it and I will move this thread to its corresponding place if is necessary.

What I am looking for in the first place is to modify the power consumption limit (PL1/PL2) and the time they last. The PC maintains a consumption of 40 Watts under load with temperatures below 80C. And throttle stop lights red "power" after 12 seconds and limit reason in PL1 in red dropping from 40W to 23W.

Secondly unlock the voltages on ThrottleStop to reduce power consumption.

And thirdly, a problem that arises when I install an external GPU. The adapter cable is a M.2 PCIE (NVME)x4 @3.0 to PCIE connection x16@3.0. Once everything is connected, the GPU is recognized perfectly, Fumark shows good results, and the drivers are installed correctly. But if I reboot or turn off the laptop, the GPU disappears from Windows. I need to disconnect the whole system and drain the laptop battery. Wait, then plug everything back in and turn it back on, and only then does it recognize it again.

The CPU gets good results in video games in its turbo boost mode with 35-37Watts of consumption at 3.4GHz with the external dedicated GPU with 144FPS. But with the external throttling it drops to 2.3-2.6GHz and the game becomes unstable.

Without the discrete GPU, the power consumption is around 43Watts in games like Valorant, CSGO, Fall Guys and Minecraft with decent frame rates until it is throttled again.

I have a programmer and spare chips for the laptop, so I can program the BIOS (I understand this is the fastest and easiest method). I leave a BIOS dump in BIN format from the programmer and the Neo Programmer program. The BIOS chip is a (GIGADEVICE) GD25B127DSIG.
The BIN files are made with these CHIPS recognized by the program: GD25Q128C, GD25Q127C.
Thank you in advance

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