#1 BIOS MOD REQUEST - MSI MEG Z490I UNIFY Mini-ITX by ezotrex 22.07.2021 01:39

Hello there I am Ezotrex also known as Josef, I am looking for someone to modify my bios for my board I recently got in april (MSI MEG Z490I UNIFY Mini-ITX) The reason I would like my bios modded is to help me remove the spectre and meltdown mitigations so I can possible push a higher overclock, also I would like all settings unlocked as possible and to grub. I guess if the only way to remove spectre and meltdown is to roll back to a clear bios but I am unsure on how to flash and use tools such as afudos as I tried before and the microcode stayed patched. My discord tag is ezotrex#5400 so any advice will be appreciated!

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