#1 Turing GPU using Certificate 2.0 Question by jasonmbrown 22.07.2021 01:25

So It is my understanding that NVFlash wont write to eeprom without a certificate. However I want to know Why? And where is this certificate, is it stored inside the eeprom, or is it in the bios.rom
If I bypass the certificate and just write to the eeprom wouldnt it still boot? Why does it need a certificate? (If I mod NVFlash to ignore the certificate check and write to the eeprom will it brick without the certificate?)

Well I made the mod to bypass the Cert Check, was way easier then I expected. However now it gives Invalid Firmware (will look into that next, and see if its actually invalid or if its just a byproduct of not using a certificate).

Please don't use this unless you have a physical flasher as I don't have an understanding of nvidia's certificate system at this time
NVFlash CertBypass 5.692

Seems I only bypassed the initial certificate check. I could bypass all the checks fairly easily... If anyone wants to test a fully bypassed NVFlash PM Me (Again Need to have physical flasher in case it breaks stuff)

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