#1 Asus Zenbook ux303lb gop help by egozo 27.05.2021 21:12

hey guys, really like you forum)
I have the asus ux303lb with i5, HD5500 video+940Geforce, 850 pro sumsung ssd, ami 5.
video onboad is 5.5.1034, 189, 1039 also.
no raid, ahci+ samsung RAPID.
no network.
updated CPU microcodes well.
can i use more newer driver for my intel vbios? what efi gop driver version?

hey guys!
Is there any possibility to update Asus Nvidia GeForce 940m 2 Gb DDR3 Vbios from 82.08.3b.00.02 2015 to new one?
GPU-Z cant save vbios: reading is not supprted...
But there is an NV_flash tool. Maybe someone gets the new vbios?

#2 RE: Asus Zenbook by MeatWar 30.05.2021 12:51


This is Intel related tool, not NVidia and ur vbios is not from a dedicated GPU, its a mobile version with vbios in laptop main bios structure.

EDIT: U've been making new posts and edit old ones with that question already answered, regarding the Intel iGPU GOP...do u expect that someone invent a new GOP for u?

#3 RE: Asus Zenbook by egozo 30.05.2021 13:03

oh, as I expected. thanks for it.
and if I have v5.5.1034 and its the latest GOPdriver, so there are no other options to upgrade it?

Is it possible to invent a new GOP for me?

#4 RE: Asus Zenbook by MeatWar 30.05.2021 17:32


Sure...just tell us brand, color, how fast u want, link ports...u if u want him to get along well with the brother NVidia...we can make them totally PURE BUDDYS for life!
U wont regret it...and ur laptop will thank you.
Are u @%@%%@#%@%@% SERIOUS?????? Move along buddy...enjoy ur life without laptops and GOPs

#5 RE: Asus Zenbook by egozo 30.05.2021 18:49

you are very kind, thank you very much, sir.

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