#1 [REQUEST] How do i mod EVGA Z370 Micro/help me mod this? by lime 20.04.2021 04:05

Hi can anyone point me in the right way if they know where i should start learning how to modify this motherboard's UEFI capabilities to incorporate extra features that it SHOULD OF had but never did because EVGA were slacking and didn't want to update a old mobo?
Alot of users online complain this mobo does not support LLC and some others that OC mobo's do.

I was hoping i can just rip some features from a capable OC mobo and just copy and paste it somehow to this and reflash it? Is this possible?

EVGA Z370 Micro with more UEFI/BIOS features such as: Crossed-out means no longer want or fixed in BIOS versions.

*HPET toggle <- Does not have HPET in the UEFI at all.

*Unlock current limits <- Also this mobo has issues with current limiting. Can be fixed by modifying bios/uefi/help from users on win-raid. Someone recommended to just use throttlestop app to set it to unlimited current/to where there's no current limit throttling. It's very irritating to have to open throttlestop app everytime just so you won't get current limited.
Users talking about these issues:
[Request] BIOS Mod EVGA Z370 MicroATX

*Intel Speedstep seperate from Turbo toggle<- this is already in the UEFi but problem is the Turbo boost is below it. I prefer to have this garbage disabled. If i disable Intel EIST in the UEFi, it shows it also disables Turbo boost. No way around it...
For some reason the turbo boost is located underneath a sub division after Intel eist. ****.... I need eist on to use turbo.... I want turbo without eist... its listed as Intel speedstep in uefi.

Note:** Found out that EVGA Z370 Micro w/ BIOS v1.16 has SST (Intel SpeedShift) as Intel Speedstep (EIST)... my request to have a seperate toggle for this is NULL. I don't need it anymore. I'm happy because if this was using Speedstep which is a older technology revolving on software rather than hardware based then i would want it disabled because i thought that meant for some reason this mobo did not support the hardware version (SST) which is what i wanted. Turbo boost is great for non-OC. HWinfo shows SST in green BOLD means that it is available for this mobo in BIOS/UEFI... so i guess EVGA had this listed as EIST (Speedstep) rather than SST (SpeedShift)
Terminology of EIST:

*Major features such as LLC control & other OverClocking features <- I understand now, there's like 8 settings in total i think and its by percentage, maybe the Vdroop setting isn't a problem anymore. This feature is listed as Vcore Vdroop.
Nobody seems to revise their posts online saying the issues they had with the mobo in the past is now fixed with bios version upgrades.


This is my forum post on an issue i had with the mobo that i finally figured what the problem was. It contains some info but i want some things done to the mobo's .rom file or whatever it's called to be modded with certain features.

If anyone is reading this, please add to what you would like more to be added to the uefi?

#2 RE: [REQUEST] How do i mod EVGA Z370 Micro/help me mod this? by MeatWar 10.06.2021 02:32


Its very sad to hear a user who requests a serious uefi bios transformation...and quotes "...i want some things done to the mobo's .rom file or whatever it's called"
for 2 reasons...one is the safety of his actions with the "playing" of mod and tools evolved, regarding a "whatever" ROM FILE, second is the total lack of notion regarding work/time/similar board availability, of what he requests...

Now...the copy/past u think it should be a walk in the park, simply doesnt work as intended.
The re-allocation/movement of menus and sub-menus in a uefi bios also doesnt work as intended.
Not all the code as to do with visible strings/variables.
Finally go play/read a bit with AMIBCP and u may get some candys...at ur own risk.
Good luck on ur endeavor.

#3 RE: [REQUEST] How do i mod EVGA Z370 Micro/help me mod this? by lime 11.06.2021 00:58

Apologies for sounding like everything is so simple. I only assumed, people are modifying BIOS files left and right with ease it seems. I was looking at some of sections.

One last question, is there menus/sub-menus by default w/ more features they never shown because it's hidden? Thanks. I have AMIBCP. I'm curious.

Thank you for the reply. I really appreciate it.

#4 RE: [REQUEST] How do i mod EVGA Z370 Micro/help me mod this? by MeatWar 11.06.2021 01:39


No need to apologize, instead u can take it as a warning... if u care for ur HW. When we see a user thats wants to engage in such actions and doesnt even know ROM/BIN/CAP/BS....u name it
then its severe and we get the impression... "this guy doesnt know wots doing and gonna break the system". Most users will not comply/encourage such paths.

Yes AMIBCP can show u some items that r not visible in regular bios shipped by the OEM. Just open a bios file with AMIBCP from a working motherboard that u can also access to her bios menu and compare
wots showed and wot AMIBCP lists.

My advice...read a lot (because Its not always an equal situation) and this forum and others has a lot of information on the subject, dont rush it and dont expect full lessons/guides as they are long/complicated and bases r needed for understanding.
Remember, most users share they're knowledge and help when they have time to do it, this is not a 24h IT Support forum, goo luck.

EDIT: And be sure that u know and r familiarized with the OEM/Other confirm methods to insure the recover in a fail scenario, before any attempts to flash mod files.

#5 RE: [REQUEST] How do i mod EVGA Z370 Micro/help me mod this? by lime 11.06.2021 01:48

Appreciate the advice. Thank you! I'll take some more consideration to modding my BIOS file & read more on it before trying.

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