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#16 RE:MSI X99A Gaming 9 ACK Problems by lfb6 05.03.2021 18:28

1.) It doesn't work to simply change chipset for the configuration file you posted, you'd have to start from scratch.

2.) Read the very last paragraph of the guide regarding the length

#17 RE:MSI X99A Gaming 9 ACK Problems by xlr8r 05.03.2021 19:22

ok, it seems i was doing everything right but somehow misread that last step (at 11.) and thought I was done.

Having now read step 12.... I am still stuck. I don't understand how to ;

"make sure that the output region has the same size at the input/dumped one. To do that, subtract the output region size from the input/dumped one to get the difference, which is the amount of 0xFF padding that needs to be appended at the end of the output region using a hex editor. For example, in a hypothetical case in which the size difference is 0xA000, the output region would need to be adjusted in HxD Hex Editor like so:"

I have the HxD program but I dont know how to use it as I know nothing about hex... can you explain what I need to do with my "outimage.bin" file to add padding ? Thanks

[Tutorial Image]

= 8,384,512 bytes
= 1,560,576 bytes
= 6823936 bytes

what do i do with this value in HxD ? please explain further, i would like to learn. thanks

[My outimage.bin opened in HxD, what do i do now ? insert bytes where and how exactly ? thanks

#18 RE:MSI X99A Gaming 9 ACK Problems by xlr8r 05.03.2021 20:57

ok, i think i figured it out.... correct me please if Im wrong....

so, I take the bytecount value of 6823936 bytes and convert that to HEX value, which is 682000 ?

i click the last character within Hxd and goto Insert bytes, type in 682000, and Fill pattern as FF, then hit OK, and save file as new name

is this it now ? ready to flash with;

"fptw -ME -f ME_Region.bin" (or whatever name I saved it as, with padding?)

Do i need to reboot here, or just go straight to next command, "fptw -greset" after (and only if) it has flashed correctly ?

Should I be doing the ME flashing from DOS, or from Windows 10 x64 (i.e live on actual machine that is being flashed) ?

And do i need to flash this from each bios (on dual-bios switch) ?

#19 RE:MSI X99A Gaming 9 ACK Problems by xlr8r 05.03.2021 22:37

ok, so i flashed ME with your file (FTP Operation Passed), and rebooted and checked the BIOS for ME.

in BIOS , it still shows ME status as: ME Version N/A ????

I also re-flashed from DOS (successfully) and again after reboot, ME Version is "N/A".....

How on earth , after a successful write of the ME , can it not "register" in the main Bios area ? I don't get it ??

(MY DMI looks a bit odd as well...? Seems to be alot missing ?)

Could someone please advise what next procedure is, to get ME working again?

And to make things even worse, after I flashed the supplied file, when i boot back to windows and try to do it again, i now get this error using any tools ? (CMD is running as Administrator).

#20 RE:MSI X99A Gaming 9 ACK Problems by Kamiccolo 05.03.2021 23:57

Hey everyone. I have also tried the same thing flashing the latest ME firmware for my x99a godlike gaming carbon. No matter in what way I flash it I no longer have a me version or its working at all.
Flash back using the bios flashback with actual bios from site and everything should be restored. I had to last time.

Anyone else figure out how to flash the me firmware on this board??

#21 RE:MSI X99A Gaming 9 ACK Problems by lfb6 06.03.2021 12:20

Well, reconfiguring the ME was the first step, just to be sure that it's OK. Having used this many posts for flashing a clean configured ME makes it look a littele like a heroic action, but it normally would've been download of stock bios and ME tools and one command line.

As stated in the first part of the thread, the error has to be in the bios region. There's very little board specific data in bios, one padding and the NVRAM store for variables, see picture. Both areas could contain corrupted information that can cause your problems, both areas won't be overwritten when updating bios the normal way. The padding contains blocks related to several bios versions, looks like storage for configuration/overclocking(?) data. The static bios parts in your bios are OK (100% identical to stock 3.70 bios).

If you don't have done so already create an USB stick for booting into DOS, copy the ME tools to the stick
1.) Run MEINfo, check if this gives an error
2.) Run MEINfo -verbose > MEinfo.txt, post the complete content of MEInfo.txt (preferably put it into a spoiler to save some space)

3.) Check on which bios you are (Multi bios A or B?)
4.) Switch to the other bios, don't boot into OS
5.) Check if this bios shows ME
6.) Make a dump of this bios, regardless of whether working properly or not (fpt -d spi_2.bin)
7.) Zip this dump, post file and info if this was bios A or bios B

#22 RE:MSI X99A Gaming 9 ACK Problems by lfb6 06.03.2021 18:37

Please post the relevant information into the thread. Maybe you misunderstood 'saving space', this is not storage space, it's display space. It's difficult to follow a thread if one post has half a page with pictures, for example, so putting them into a spoiler (eye-symbol, fourth from right) makes a single post taking less (view-) space.

The Windows XP command window is not DOS.

Relevant infor from MEInfo:
"CurrentState: Normal
ManufacturingMode: Enabled
FlashPartition: Valid
OperationalState: Bring Up
InitComplete: Initializing
BUPLoadState: Success
ErrorCode: No Error
ModeOfOperation: Unsecured mode by H/W jumper
Phase: BringUp
ICC: Valid OEM data, ICC programmed
ME File System Corrupted: No
PhaseStatus: UNKNOWN

HECI device is found to be disabled."

This is all conclusive with either a (non documented?) service- jumper set or a bios option for firmware or ME servicing/ downgrade enabled.

Check the board for a undocumented jumper and check the bios for an option like "ME servicing enable", "ME downgrade enable", "Firmware unlock", "Firmware downgrade", Firmware servicing" ....... On MSI pictures there's at least one undocumented switch beside the 2-Digit Debug Code LED, is there a label?

#23 RE:MSI X99A Gaming 9 ACK Problems by xlr8r 06.03.2021 20:18

files from PM i sent earlier

re post "ME Version N/A"

Hi, i followed your latest instructions, and the files generated are in the Zip file attached [HERE]
(saved to Dropbox as total file size is 33mb)
many thanks, hopefully you can spot something from the files .....

thanks , I will check in the Bios for that possibility.

i will also try again from a proper Dos boot, i thought using a Ramdisk (Hirens boot CD) was just the same as using Dos, since its all stored in "ram" ...? perhaps not...

On the board, there is a 4-pin 'sys-fan' header right next to the Digital display panel, but there is also a 2 pin header just above the 19-pin USB3 header. But thats just a Chassis Intrusion header. see photo attached...... (spoiler)

How is it though, I am still able to flash to the ME section successfully, with this line in operation ModeOfOperation: Unsecured mode by H/W jumper ?

photo of 2-digit display area on motherboard

MSI Gaming 9 ACK X99A Motherboard Connectors

#24 RE:MSI X99A Gaming 9 ACK Problems by lfb6 06.03.2021 20:56

OK, saw that switch on picture on MSI page for this board, but it's no longer there:

This 'hardware pinmod' is an option for allowing flashing of the ME region, used on many server boards, or dell bussiness machines for example. ME is not working with jumper 'on' but can be flashed, or is working with jumper 'off' but can't be flashed (if ME is no longer in manufacturing mode = FD set to standard values which don't allow for flashing the ME region).

Unfortunately I remember also one case when this was non- solvable, possibly a hardware- fault in the mainboard. But since your bios has a MePolicyInit dxe and MeFwDowngrade dxe modules there might be an option in bios setup.... (but that's guessing...)

#25 RE:MSI X99A Gaming 9 ACK Problems by xlr8r 06.03.2021 22:36

okay so, creating a new DOS boot disk made no difference as I got the exact same output from MEinfo as I did in Ramdisk Dos under win xp.....

i took a couple of screenshots if any info helps; (i will add some bios screenshots shortly)

[FTK9 output]

[FTK9 output - more]

[MEinfo via DOS]

#26 RE:MSI X99A Gaming 9 ACK Problems by lfb6 06.03.2021 23:08

Thanks, but you don't need to do this again, the information needed from this we already got! The important thing is now if there's a undocumented switch/ jumper on the mainboard, or if there's a bios setting.

Did you use the built-in M-flash utility when you updated your bios?

#27 RE:MSI X99A Gaming 9 ACK Problems by xlr8r 07.03.2021 15:24

I can see no obvious jumper on the board.... And yes, i would "always" use the built-in M-Flash utility when upgrading (downgrading) Bios's.

What's my next option to get the BIOS "ME Version N/A" fixed ?
(given that I can both, write (and read) to/from both dual-bios areas, in full ? )

Here are some screenshots of my Bios Menu's ;

#28 RE:MSI X99A Gaming 9 ACK Problems by lfb6 07.03.2021 16:30

The settings related to ME reflashing are in a possibly hidden Intel- submenu:

One Of: Me FW Image Re-Flash, VarStoreInfo (VarOffset/VarName): 0x1313, VarStore: 0x1, QuestionId: 0xD0B, Size: 1, Min: 0x0, Max 0x2, Step: 0x0 {05 91 3F 14 40 14 0B 0D 01 00 13 13 10 10 00 02 00}
0x3A4FA One Of Option: Auto, Value (8 bit): 0x0 {09 07 76 03 00 00 00}
0x3A501 One Of Option: Disabled, Value (8 bit): 0x1 {09 07 F6 13 00 00 01}
0x3A508 One Of Option: Enabled, Value (8 bit): 0x2 (default) {09 07 F5 13 30 00 02}
0x3A50F End One Of {29 02}

One Of: ME State, VarStoreInfo (VarOffset/VarName): 0x16FB, VarStore: 0x1, QuestionId: 0xD0C, Size: 1, Min: 0x0, Max 0x1, Step: 0x0 {05 91 5B 14 5C 14 0C 0D 01 00 FB 16 10 10 00 01 00}
0x3A60B One Of Option: Disabled, Value (8 bit): 0x0 {09 07 F6 13 00 00 00}
0x3A612 One Of Option: Enabled, Value (8 bit): 0x1 (default) {09 07 F5 13 30 00 01}
0x3A619 End One Of {29 02}

One Of: Me FW Image Re-Flash, VarStoreInfo (VarOffset/VarName): 0x1316, VarStore: 0x1, QuestionId: 0xD0F, Size: 1, Min: 0x0, Max 0x1, Step: 0x0 {05 91 3F 14 40 14 0F 0D 01 00 16 13 10 10 00 01 00}
0x3A681 One Of Option: Disabled, Value (8 bit): 0x0 (default) {09 07 F6 13 30 00 00}
0x3A688 One Of Option: Enabled, Value (8 bit): 0x1 {09 07 F5 13 00 00 01}
0x3A68F End One Of {29 02}

0x3A69D One Of: Local FW Update, VarStoreInfo (VarOffset/VarName): 0x1317, VarStore: 0x1, QuestionId: 0xD10, Size: 1, Min: 0x0, Max 0x1, Step: 0x0 {05 91 41 14 42 14 10 0D 01 00 17 13 00 10 00 01 00}
0x3A6AE One Of Option: Disabled, Value (8 bit): 0x0 (default) {09 07 F6 13 30 00 00}
0x3A6B5 One Of Option: Enabled, Value (8 bit): 0x1 {09 07 F5 13 00 00 01}
0x3A6BC End One Of {29 02}
They can be found in the NVRAM as IntelSetup. Problem is that in your dumps there are several of them, and it's unclear which one is used. Probably the M-Flash utility has to change some of these settings to get access to the Me region for flashing, but doesn't delete the entry afterwards.

1.) Flash a stock bios 370 with fpt:
fpt(w) -f E7882IMS.370
(Link to bios 370)

If flash is not successfull make picture of error message and post, stop here

If flash is successfull continue with 2.)

2.) Clear CMOS

3.) Boot into bios (don't boot into windows!) Check ME info displayed in bios

4.) Load default values for bios ('restore defaults' on 'save and exit')

5.) Reboot into bios

6.) Check again ME info displayed in bios

7.) Dump the complete bios with
ftp(w) -d 370_1.bin
Attach/ post file

8.) Stop here, don't use this bios for booting into windows, switch to the other bios if this is necessary (Your DMI information is missing at the moment, so you might lose Windows activation)

#29 RE:MSI X99A Gaming 9 ACK Problems by xlr8r 07.03.2021 19:29

sorry for the delay... ok, so I followed your steps 1-8 without any issues.

.....apart from step 3. and 6. where "ME Version" remains at , "N/A" .....

Step 7. 370_1.bin dump is attached


#30 RE:MSI X99A Gaming 9 ACK Problems by lfb6 08.03.2021 10:07

Thanks! This is not good. I hoped to see a relatively clean NVRAM now and to be able to see changes done by the upgrade process, but there are already 11 IntelSetup entries after once loading the defaults and one reboot...

Just to be sure- please run once again MEInfo -verbose on the freshly installed stock bios 370 and post the result.

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