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#16 RE: Identify the correct version for download the compatible Intel ME System tools version by RefleXx 03.05.2021 15:44

Thanks for Your input, @Fernando
My HWiNFO does not have ME Version present, because a while ago i manually deleted Intel ME drivers with a third-party uninstaller in search of a better system performance...In Your opinion, an old system like this (check HWiNFO below) should have Intel ME or should I leave it absent? Will it boost my laptops performane or will it make it slower?

OFFTOPIC: something is wrong with my cpu and gpu clocks, as You can see, suddenly system is super sluggish as of result of this. I just recently upgraded from BIOS to UEFI with MBR2GPT.exe and was enjoying fantastic performance boost. something went wrong... I did disable Legacy Option ROMs when switching from BIOS to UEFI in BIOS settings...I ll reboot, hope that fixes things. Fingers Crossed!

EDIT: Nope, still running at CPU Minimal clocks 500MHz and 5 Ratio as per sccreenshot above. Could it be something to do with VID?

EDIT2: @Fernando do You know, sir, what has happened?

EDIT3: I did do a Windows 10 update just couple of hours before this crazy problem showed up. I ll try to tinker with that

EDIT4: Thank God, I fixed it! It was Windows 10 updates issue. I just downloaded optional update and after finally installing it ( took me a couple of tries), my system is back to normal.

Sorry for such offtopic @Fernando, took me the better of my day to fix this, but I am stiil determined to move forward for sake of my computers performance. Since I don't have Intel Management Engine running ( i am pretty sure I had it at some point, I remember deleting the drivers in search of performance) should I try to enable it on my system?

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