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#226 RE: [Guide] Using CH341A-based programmer to flash SPI EEPROM by asrlab 23.10.2018 11:06


Hi guys, there is an alternative software for the CH341A or
Registration for download is required, good luck

Update Link:

#227 RE: [Guide] Using CH341A-based programmer to flash SPI EEPROM by jeroenvtec 23.10.2018 15:33

Hi @gyrator

I like also to have more succes when programming on-circuit :) I would like to follow youre tip but to be sure about the wiring:
will the 3.3v on pin 4 and 8 be parallel ? so it is "powering" the chip but also the programmer ?
Or do I just power only the chip.

thanks in advance

#228 RE: [Guide] Using CH341A-based programmer to flash SPI EEPROM by gyrator 23.10.2018 22:15


Well in my case I did not disconnect the 4 & 8 pins (from the test clip ribbon connector on the CH341 reader) so yes, it would have been powered in parallel. Some current supplied by the CH341A and supplemental current supplied by my DC power supply. I suspect that was why the DC power supply only need to provide about 600mA, the CH341A was probably providing another ~500mA or so. If I had modified the ribbon connector board to isolate those pins I could've just powered the 3.3V bus entirely from the DC power supply but I wasn't looking to do any destructive modifications to my test clip or CH341A though, I just wanted a quick verification.

I shoved solid-core 24AWG telco cross-connect wires into the chip clamp at the locations that correspond to pins 4 & 8, and then inserted that ribbon connector board right alongside and clamped the thing down. The 24AWG telco wire is about the same thickness as the pin legs on that ribbon connector adapter board that came with my CH341A so when the clamp was closed neither would be loose. Then I used alligator clips on leads from my DC power supply to connect it to those telco wires. I powered up the CH341A and measured voltage. Then powered the DC power supply and turned V-hold to 3.3V and slowly raised current until voltage reached 3.3V. I had no problems reading the chip at that point, other than the test clip is *VERY* tempermental. You need to place it JUST right on those low-profile chips, they don't make very good contact with the pin legs.

#229 RE: [Guide] Using CH341A-based programmer to flash SPI EEPROM by mooms 19.11.2018 19:14

Zitat von flashrom im Beitrag #214
flashrom p1.0 for Windows (source) including libusb (source).
- added some additional commits (improved timer, icon and version information, warning in alternate mode)
- added a very simple batch file (flashrom.cmd) for probing, reading and writing
- certificate for the winusb driver will now be removed after the installation

- Execute [driver/Install.cmd] to install the winusb compatible CH341A driver.
- Start [flashrom.cmd] and enter the given function number.

Your driver is not working (can't install). I've used an old version Wootever had shared before with your flashrom 1.0 and it is working.

Here is the archive attached if anyone want to use it.

#230 RE: [Guide] Using CH341A-based programmer to flash SPI EEPROM by joyously 03.12.2018 02:08

I decided to register here so I could thank you all for the various alternatives for get the USB programmer to work.

I had a dead ASUS ROG GL552WV laptop and suspected the BIOS chip, because nothing else made sense. I got the Black USB programmer, and reading here, started to worry that I'd have to mod it to get it working, because it read the new chip I bought just fine, but I was getting all zeroes from the one on the board. This was using the CH341A.exe in Windows 7. I tried the flashrom for Windows, but it didn't like something and wouldn't work. So I went back to Ubuntu and tried flashrom there. It said No chip detected.

At that point, I was out of ideas, but something about voltage drops that was mentioned made me think I needed to supply power. So I got the laptop battery pack and plugged it in to the motherboard (which was out of the case since the BIOS chip is on the bottom), and tried flashrom again. This time it saw the chip!
I read the chip to a file twice, and the two files were the same. Then I wrote the data from the chip I had bought to the one on the board, and it verified. I put the pieces together enough to boot the computer and WOW that logo looked good! It took me into the BIOS because I had no disk drives attached. I shut down and put the computer together and I'm typing this on it.

So thank you, thank you, thank you. Using the 5volt programmer on a 3.3volt chip did not hurt it. Programming a chip while on the motherboard was possible once I attached the battery pack.
Now I wonder if I've done harm because I didn't copy any MAC address or Serial number or UUID or anything from my old chip. I have no idea where to find those or how they are used. Is it just for Windows? I run Ubuntu on this computer and it's running fine.

#231 RE: [Guide] Using CH341A-based programmer to flash SPI EEPROM by Lost_N_BIOS 03.12.2018 07:59


@joyously - Do you have a backup from your old chip? If not, and you have not wrote over the old chip, make a backup from it and send me the file, I can get you those details. You may need to program them in again, but possibly it can be done via software.
Serial number and UUID are used for windows activation, and LAN MAC ID is used for LAN via Ethernet, without that your Ethernet wont work properly. If it's working now, then the LAN MAC ID is still there.

#232 RE: [Guide] Using CH341A-based programmer to flash SPI EEPROM by joyously 03.12.2018 17:13

Yes, I have the backup (two in fact) of the old chip, but I did overwrite it (and could do so again).
Are there certain parts of a BIOS chip that are not writable? Or did mine work because I'm not using Windows? I'm using the wireless card to connect to my phone's hotspot to be online. Is that considered Ethernet? There is no LAN here to test.
I'll see if I can figure out how to send you a private message with the file.

#233 RE: [Guide] Using CH341A-based programmer to flash SPI EEPROM by mooms 03.12.2018 20:05

@joyously you can do it yourself with FD44Editor:

#234 RE: [Guide] Using CH341A-based programmer to flash SPI EEPROM by Lost_N_BIOS 03.12.2018 20:14


@joyously - Ethernet LAN is the port on side or back of your laptop that you would connect Ethernet cable to wired to modem or router etc. I assume your internet is working now because you are using Wireless, which does not use the Ethernet or LAN MAC ID etc.
If you connect a cable to your router or modem, then that is what would probably not be working.

Yes, without flash programmer certain parts are not writable without FD manipulation previously or other methods. With programmer you can write 100% of the chip.

Checking PM now, did you send old original backup, and a new current backup? If not, please send both, so I can use old to get details and use new to put details back into, for you to reprogram.
I checked PM, only one file, need current backup as well please.

@mooms - thanks, but for this BIOS that does not work, details must be located and copied over manually

#235 RE: [Guide] Using CH341A-based programmer to flash SPI EEPROM by Lost_N_BIOS 07.12.2018 22:47


@joyously - Apologies for the delay! Here is two BIOS, one with 2nd padding only reinserted (This contains some system specific details), and second BIOS with 2nd padding + entire NVRAM volume reinserted (This would contain all original system details now).

The second one may fail, if the original BIOS issue was a corrupted NVRAM entry or some other saved setting wrong in there. Program them on with programmer, and I would go ahead and try second one first in case it's fine, then you'll be all back to original details.
If that fails, I can try to copy out only the system specifics, but in this case due to failure that could take many individual tests.

#236 RE: [Guide] Using CH341A-based programmer to flash SPI EEPROM by joyously 08.12.2018 04:47

I tried the second one and the first time, it failed to verify. I wrote it again and it verified. Then when I tried to boot (no drives), it flashed the green LED twice. I realized I had no memory. I put in one stick and it showed the BIOS, although it continued to flash the green LED four times. At this point, I noticed that the programmer had worked even though I forgot to hook the battery to the motherboard, so that theory is a little less clear.

The settings in the BIOS were set to have Secure Boot enabled, which I had never used. I don't know if that's a default, but it wasn't set that way when I wrote the other version to the chip.
I guess it's working....I'm going to put the computer back together again now. Thank you!

#237 RE: [Guide] Using CH341A-based programmer to flash SPI EEPROM by Lost_N_BIOS 08.12.2018 05:00


Failed to verify, verify what? Ohh, you mean with programmer, sounds like you need to get your method more stable, maybe pick better version of software?
Redo the programming if you think you need battery connected, otherwise it may not be properly written (I've seen verified fully 00 and FF writes and reads). Obviously some of it's there if it booted though

I did not change any settings, reload optimized defaults and see if it's same, if it is then that's the default, change it to whatever you want and all will be fine. Sounds like it's all working good now then, great!
Windows should now activate properly, and your Ethernet LAN will work too if you ever plug anything into it. You're welcome, and hop back in here any time if you need some help with BIOS edits!

#238 RE: [Guide] Using CH341A-based programmer to flash SPI EEPROM by ZBooker 13.12.2018 15:49

Hey there,

I have replaced the motherboard of my ZBook 15 G1 with a new motherboard. Unfortunately I made a pretty stupid move and locked the manufacture programming mode before I realized I had to configure Intels AMT / V-Pro setting...therefor my machine is not in commited state.
So I decided to buy a CH341A ( hook it up to the board to the Winbond 25Q128FVSQ. I removed RAM, HDD, DVD, front USB lights, card reader, main+cmos battery and tried to get a bios dump using software V 1.18, 1.29, 1.40. Non of them was able to detect or read the chip.
As this was my first attempt of dealing with a bios programmer I decided to try it with an defective ZBook 15 G2 board (pretty the same layout, same Winbond chip) and I was able to detect/read/verify it properly...

Any hints what Im doing wrong?

Thank you!

#239 RE: [Guide] Using CH341A-based programmer to flash SPI EEPROM by Lost_N_BIOS 13.12.2018 16:18


Try with system plugged in, also before that try with CMOS and main battery installed too if you had not already tested with those left in previously. Try version 1.30, included in this package -
And also try BV instead of FV when you do chip detect, that may not be necessary, or may not help, just something to try as I know this is required for W25QF64FV

And since this if your first round with the programmer, double check and ensure that you have everything connected securely and to the correct places
Here is a good guide with lots of images on how it all should be connected, thanks @junjo -

#240 RE: [Guide] Using CH341A-based programmer to flash SPI EEPROM by ZBooker 13.12.2018 19:22

Using the power cord the chip was finally recognized and readable. Nevertheless I had to use version 1.18 to verify it because 1.29/1.30 always failed at 50%.
Lets see if I can work it out and somehow unlock mpm to get my AMT/V-Pro setting right. I believe mazzif wrote something about deleting the UUID would unlock the mpm.

Thank you very much for your assistance!

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