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#16 RE: Z490 Dark Bios Unlock by seranidy 31.10.2020 22:35


Just finished testing 2 of the bios's you provided me both of which have the same/close to the same issues.
1st one - Same issue as before
2nd one - Even trying to go to the advanced tab completely freezes the board.
Going to try the third one out and will update you.

Also just tested the 3rd bios and same thing, hard locks after even hovering over advanced

#17 RE: Z490 Dark Bios Unlock by Sparky's Adventure 31.10.2020 23:20

@Lost_N_BIOS Power is likely not why they want to be able to configure PPD. It is already known to have a measurably large difference in Aida64 memory latency. However, it can be disabled in OS by using MemTweakIt, IIRC.
I'm not sure where the maximum tREFI figure of 65280 came from. The maximum the bios will allow is 65000, and shows up in ASRock Timing Configurator as such when set. If I try to set higher than that, it will display an error. I'll see what happens with your revised version of the bios, though.
If these modifications end up successful, I may want you to modify a couple other bios versions so I can have different bioses for different benchmarks.

#18 RE: Z490 Dark Bios Unlock by seranidy 01.11.2020 03:58


Also here is a picture of the MSI Z490 Unify ATX bios that has PPD in it.

#19 RE: Z490 Dark Bios Unlock by Lost_N_BIOS 01.11.2020 03:59


@seranidy - Thanks for your testing report! Looks like we may be better off unlocking like I usually would, instead of using their "Hide Item" function, that's messing something up.
Can you please retest BIOS AMITSDS and let me know if HD Audio does same still too or not, or did you test that for sure as well during your initial tests?
I will make you BIOS now where I do the actual unlocking, instead of using their "Hide Item" functions.
So, this setting will be hidden from you again, and for now we will test these three problem items ONLY first and you let me know which BIOS allows proper entry into those submenus, then I'll unlock the rest

Can you see "Chipset" menu? * Never mind, not much interesting in there anyway

@Sparky's Adventure - He'll have to use Memtweakit then, since it's not a feature in this BIOS.
tREFI @ 65280 is what the setup module is currently set to allow as MAX (0xFF00), that's all I was looking at, see below >>
tREFI, VarStoreInfo (VarOffset/VarName): 0x862, VarStore: 0x1, QuestionId: 0x2815, Size: 2, Min: 0x81F, Max 0xFF00 = Min/Max >> 2079-65280

#20 RE: Z490 Dark Bios Unlock by seranidy 01.11.2020 04:13


i will definitely test as soon as I am able to and let you know which bios works/doesnt work, for that submenu.

#21 RE: Z490 Dark Bios Unlock by Lost_N_BIOS 01.11.2020 04:26


@seranidy - Thanks, here, please test in the following order, stop once point A/B both = true >> Can you A. See them, and B. enter without issue?
For this test, we're only looking at those three submenus you had issue with
1. SetO

Once we sort those, I will unlock the rest. This BIOS may have some internal bug, that only they can fix, which they wont, since this is hidden area anyway
So you may have to unlock the rest of the BIOS, and either hide those 3 submenus, or do not enter them

#22 RE: Z490 Dark Bios Unlock by seranidy 01.11.2020 04:38


We'll see what happens, i will let you know within the hour!

Small problem by the way. The dark isn't accepting those as flashable because they are in a .rom file format.

#23 RE: Z490 Dark Bios Unlock by Lost_N_BIOS 01.11.2020 06:32


Rename to whatever extension you want, sorry. Bin/Rom = same/same - Or, did you already do that, and your test results are above?
Also, please use edit function when no one has replied yet and you need to add more info, update etc. Thanks

#24 RE: Z490 Dark Bios Unlock by seranidy 01.11.2020 06:46


Tested all 3 bios's and the same problems occur

1,2 and 3 both hard lock as soon as i enter the menu.

Sounds like a manual unlock is needed.

#25 RE: Z490 Dark Bios Unlock by Lost_N_BIOS 01.11.2020 07:13


ALL three hard lock when you enter Advanced? If yes, here, please test these three instead. These all have been normal manual unlock methods, just looks like we need to find what way works here and what does not etc
Same as above, test in this order, stop once all OK

1. SetO2

If these also fail, then there's some bug in this BIOS in one of those menus, or all three. The only thing we can do in that case is go back to the original unlock via "Hide Item" setting reveal method, but hide those three menus.
If you need something changed from default in any of those, let me know and I can change for you manually. You can see contents in all three submenus by searching out the submenu in the setup IFR I included in first package.
Then scroll through each one and tell me what setting you need changed, and to what, then I can change it for you

@seranidy - * Edit - If the above three fail, please test this one, this has different edit ONLY to single submenu for now, just to see if this method alone is OK (can enter Adv & can see submenu)

Also, please confirm again, this fails and you can't enter Advanced, correct?
This is new edit, but just something/method I had you test previously, but I want to confirm for sure this fails because it's cleaner method and should be working (usually)

#26 RE: Z490 Dark Bios Unlock by seranidy 02.11.2020 02:19


Hey, Sorry for the lack of updates today, but i was finally able to test out those 5 bios's you sent me

1,2,3,4 all have the same issue of hard locking after trying to get into those subcategories

and the 5th one doesn't show the categories in the bios at all.

#27 RE: Z490 Dark Bios Unlock by Mr. Fox 03.11.2020 04:59


Nice! Glad to see this is being worked on. I used to have that switch at the top of the Advanced menu to toggle the "Hide Item" feature in the X299 Dark XOC BIOS mod. I am missing that on the Z490 Dark K|NGP|N firmware. If you want a second tester to assist let me know.

#28 RE: Z490 Dark Bios Unlock by Lost_N_BIOS 03.11.2020 05:52


@seranidy - Never a rush here, no worries!
So, 5th one? Do you mean this one (MOVE2), last link at post #25 -
That one lets you enter Advanced? But you cannot see "RC ACPI Settings" If yes, and yes, then here, please test these three now, this is that same BIOS + 3 different changes (RC ACPI Settings is the only submenu changed in these tests and the link at #25)
Test in this order >>
1. SetO2b

Please confirm, in your tests, when there was all three submenus, do all three lock up, or are you not sure and maybe only tested trying to enter 1, or 2, randomly etc?
This question does not apply to the BIOS above in this post, or 4/5 in post #25, all these BIOS has RC ACPI to be visible only.

@Mr. Fox - That setting is in this BIOS, and it works, we revealed previously, and may end up going back that way, just trying to see if other ways to enable hidden submenus also cause same issue on three problematic submenus.
We may end up having to leave these three hidden, it's looking like there is some BIOS bug in at least one of the three (we have not single tested one by one to determine which or all 3 yet)

Thanks for jumping in to test, but for now only one person needs to test at a time really, otherwise it'll get messy here real quick
If you want to have that Hide Item setting, grab BIOS from post #4, bugged submenus are >> RC ACPI Settings, Connectivity Configuration, HD Audio Configuration
Just don't enter those and you'll be OK. If you want a BIOS with that switch only, and those three submenus to remain hidden while making the rest visible, let me know and I can make that real quick (That may be out final outcome here anyway, at least for the first part of this unlock)

#29 RE: Z490 Dark Bios Unlock by seranidy 03.11.2020 06:21


That is correct, That bios does let me go into advanced, but i physically cannot see those sub menus, only default ones

Going to test those bios's now. Thanks again.

#30 RE: Z490 Dark Bios Unlock by Lost_N_BIOS 03.11.2020 06:28


You're welcome! For BIOS 4-5 from #25, there would only be RC ACPI and not the other two.
BIOS above is edited in similar way, so you should still able to enter advanced, but now we see how/when you can't see the submenu, and if we can make it show or not.
If not, then as I mentioned in post #28, probably best thing to do is forget about those, hide them, and carry on with rest of the unlock using BIOS I sent you at #4

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