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#31 RE: Asus Rampage VI Encore modded Bios by Lost_N_BIOS 23.07.2020 22:04


@0498usj;oilj @Safado2 - OK, yes, I will redo tonight for you both

#32 RE: Asus Rampage VI Encore modded Bios by Safado2 25.07.2020 06:44



Thank you for updating so many bios in such a small time,
The Encore board is a monster board but still very buggy and every bios updates fixes something but left something else to be fixed (Asus philosophy)

Many thanks

#33 RE: Asus Rampage VI Encore modded Bios by Lost_N_BIOS 26.07.2020 23:41


@0498usj;oilj @Safado2 - Sorry for delays!!
You're welcome Safado2, and yes, I know what you mean, it's common thing for all brands sadly, it never ends Did you get your board/CPU yet (sorry, forgot which you were waiting on)
Here is mod BIOS 0702, change log same as post #24 - flash via USB Flashback only -

#34 RE: Asus Rampage VI Encore modded Bios by Safado2 27.07.2020 03:39


Many thanks @Lost_N_BIOS for the bios update.

I am still waiting for a refund so i can FINALLY but the Rampage Encore.

Do you have experience buying motherboards from Amazon? i have read that some users have bought the boards from there and in the end they all got an used \-opened board.

I am also waiting for Asus response as to the warranty from their end (30 days warranty from amazon) and after that i think it's asus that will take over for any warranty claims but i am not sure.

#35 RE: Asus Rampage VI Encore modded Bios by Lost_N_BIOS 27.07.2020 07:28


@Safado2 - Yes, I have purchased boards there, but ONLY new ones.
I would like to purchase used ones there, but unlike ebay almost 99.9% of used boards sellers or amazon themselves do not put images of the board or sockets, so its too risky to purchased used there for me.

#36 RE: Asus Rampage VI Encore modded Bios by Safado2 27.07.2020 11:29



That was what i meant, buying NEW boards from Amazon but they do tend to sell you USED ONES.

Check this out.

"After exchanging the first, I have now received a second R6EE board sold by Services LLC in an unsealed box with no static bag around the board inside the box. Given that the successful performance of these boards with high speed memories depends, in part, on the chipset lottery, I don't want to accept an open box board. Would someone please confirm that ASUS MB ship in factory sealed boxes and that the boards in unopened boxes have a protective static bag."

In your case @Lost_N_BIOS,did you get it sealen or unsealed with no static bag?

When i read this thread I was really annoy that Amazon would do this but it seems that is not that far fetched because when someone sends back the board, Amazon can sell it again as new although is not.

Not sure what to do to be honest because i can buy locally the board where i am but i do not trust the warranty nor the place that is being sold.

#37 RE: Asus Rampage VI Encore modded Bios by Lost_N_BIOS 27.07.2020 11:34


@Safado2 - Ohh, no, that is unacceptable, and have never happened to me. I would return immediately and tell them someone packaged and sent you a used item by accident, when you purchase new.
Boxed are often not sealed, but always board will come in an anti-static bag (sometimes sealed, but sometimes not, however you can always tell if board has been removed and put back into those bags) - This confirmed by ThrashZone there too, even cheap models come in static bag, of course
If board come with no anti-static bag it's been used, or at least opened by someone and returned. Same if bag does not look crisp, new and untouched.
Be sure it's new when you select seller and item to add to cart, sometimes it's easy to miss "used" there when looking at the sellers to compare prices on that pop-out menu.

If you can get locally new, at near same price, do that, and open box there to be sure it's new.
Warranty with them (local store), who cares, you would use Asus warranty anyway, unless you wanted to purchase an extended warranty from the store for them to replace within one year or whatever, otherwise you'd be relying on Asus RMA anyway.

#38 RE: Asus Rampage VI Encore modded Bios by Safado2 27.07.2020 13:16


Hi @Lost_N_BIOS

I remember when I bought my last Rampage VI it did not come with the anti static bag for the board but rather a transparent firm plastic that was on top of the board,underneath the board were all the accessories included brand new and never opened before.

I can buy the board locally and it is cheaper for at least $150 since i will be saving the shipping and duty but once again, the warranty process here is not dealt with Asus directly but rather one of their distributors and I do not trust them, they are dodgy AF.

If I decide to buy at Amazon and EVEN when selecting brand new I may get an opened and used board that someone already bought.

What would suggest I do?

#39 RE: Asus Rampage VI Encore modded Bios by Lost_N_BIOS 27.07.2020 13:54


Sometimes certain boards may come in special internal boxes that may not have antistatic bag, but it's rare.
You'd have to show me an image of what you mean about this film, sounds like plastic wrap which would not be done by board manufacturer as it may easily kill the board with it's own static.
You'd be able to confirm that by looking at a few official reviews of the board, they always show packaging and those items are almost always shipped to reviewer direct from company.

$150 cheaper locally?? If it's that much cheaper locally then I would not have to pause and would have already purchased locally.
As long as you don't damage the board, and you have faith in Asus build quality, you'd never need RMA within the time-frame of allowed RMA anyway

Maybe what you're running into (plastic wrap, missing bags or used items) is done by the importers, not by Amazon.
I'm really talking about that plastic wrap here more than anything else, Asus would not do that, but customs people might (and or switch boards on you too - Those people can be dodgy AF too )

Holy cow, $750 board??!! Do you really need that kind of setup? That price makes all my comments and concerns above so much more true in my eyes!
Buy local, at least there you can say "hey open 2-3 of these box flaps, I want to see how the board is packaged inside the box"

After checked the amazon link you provided, and calming down about that price, look at "All custom images" third image clearly shows the proper manufacturer provided anti-static bag that all motherboards are shipped in these days.
See also, the review by "Carrie and Keith in the deep south" when reviews sorted by "Top Reviews" it's a few down from top
Open that in a new tab and see reply by Asus direct, even their recert and refurbs come in anti-static bag, except when random accident it gets missed in packaging, which should be VERY rare (otherwise, most you see complaining are getting used/open boards IMO)

#40 RE: Asus Rampage VI Encore modded Bios by 0498usj;oilj 29.07.2020 20:41

Hi! Tried to flash the bios and it says it isn't a proper bios file. It's smaller than the original if that makes a difference.

#41 RE: Asus Rampage VI Encore modded Bios by Safado2 30.07.2020 01:31



Did you try to change the name of the bios file?

Try using an USB stick that is FAT32 and that is less than 8GB.

@Lost_N_BIOS ,

Hi mate, hope you are doing well.

0498usj;oilj says that he tried to flash the BIOS.
Since I do not have the board with me yet i am unable to verify.

Thanks for your help.

#42 RE: Asus Rampage VI Encore modded Bios by Lost_N_BIOS 30.07.2020 06:41


@0498usj;oilj - Which BIOS, what post # - AND, how are you trying to flash?
File is correct size, not sure what you are talking about being smaller? I checked both post #24 and #33, both exact match to original 16,386KB / 0x1000800h bytes (signed, encapsulated file)
You can ONLY flash mod BIOS I provided here by USB Flashback ONLY, as mentioned at each post where I dropped BIOS, this is standard known practice for Asus mod BIOS
You cannot flash mod BIOS with EZ flash, which sounds like what you're trying to do. You have to do it via USB Flashback, read your manual for how this works on this model, usually only a single certain rear port can be used.
And smaller (128mb-2GB), older, cheaper USB usually works best. Format to FAT or FAT32 and put BIOS file on root of USB, then attempt USB Flashback.

@Safado2 - BIOS file is named correctly for this model (R6EE.CAP), and is USB Flashback ready. Nothing to do here except be familiar with using USB Flashback, and have a known compatible USB Stick that works properly with this boards USB Flashback.

#43 RE: Asus Rampage VI Encore modded Bios by Safado2 30.07.2020 08:05


Thanks Lost_N_BIOS,

I have had some issues in the past with asus flash back due to having a large usb stick and even possible for being 3.0 so i reckon it is best practice to use the smallest USB stick 2.0 you can find and format it using FAT32.

@0498usj;oilj, Could you please try using another small usb stick?

#44 RE: Asus Rampage VI Encore modded Bios by Lost_N_BIOS 30.07.2020 08:27


@Safado2 - Yes, USB Flashback is picky sometimes, some days it may take you 10+ USB sticks before you find that good working compatible one
This is unrelated to what he described above, since when using USB Flashback the motherboard and monitor are not running, so there would be no way to see or received any error messages
He was trying to flash in other way, which is not possible with mod BIOS.

#45 RE: Asus Rampage VI Encore modded Bios by 0498usj;oilj 03.08.2020 23:37

Sorry for taking so long to respond.
Lost was right--I tried to flash it the wrong way, and confused the archive size with the bios size.
Flashed fine with no issue.

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