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#16 RE: Boot Off Optical Drive Problem with Intel OROM by 100PIER 03.08.2013 13:43

Thanks for the link to the discussion..
The discussion is too quite complex for me, however i understand the simple thing to do is to make a "system rescue" CD of the installed PC....
So, i have made this 'personal' System Rescue CD via the "Restore/Backup Configuration Panel".
I booted from this UEFI CD/DVD and finally via a not friendly roll up of a series of menus founded an 'hidden' Restore Option named "Restore from a previous saved system image".
I selected the proposed image (located on an internal [D:] secondary SATA SSD/HDD in my case).
Restore operation went OK up to the completion.

After reboot, i checked the restored system : it was up and running as well as it was before. Good !
Nota: The used "system image" on the secondary SSD/SSD is automatically erased by Windows ? strange MS decision !!
Other minor thing need to run a Windows Update to get the history.

Question 1:
WHY when using the original W7 64 SP1 UEFI INSTALLATION USB key used to install this PC in UEFI RAID 0 the Restore operation not possible (we get a complex error code) ?
Is there a logic ?
or a conceptual bug somewhere for W7 64 SP1 UEFI ?
Fernando, do you use yourself a CD hand made "System Rescue" ? or are you using the original Windows (8, 8.1) Installation USB key you have used ?

Question 2:
In my tests i have done two identical backup, one after the other one.
A 1st backup on the internal media, the 2nd one on an external SSD plugged in external USB 3.0 (SATA 2 SSD 2.5" Intel plugged into) RAVENSTAR enclosure).
I would prefer in the future do an external backup.
Of course the BIOS boot detects well the external device (USB 3.0) !
BUT, Unfortunatly the "System Rescue CD" process does not recognize the EXTERNAL DEVICE (and image located on) and so i can"t do the Restore.
Why this illogical situation ?

#17 RE: Boot Off Optical Drive Problem with Intel OROM by Fernando 03.08.2013 14:00


@ 100PIER:
Here are my answers:
To Question 1
I don't know it for sure, but maybe the error message has something to do with the fact, that Win7 x64 was the very first OS, which does support GPT and the UEFI mode installation.
To Question 2
Maybe the USB 3.0 support is missing within the "System Rescue CD".

#18 RE: Boot Off Optical Drive Problem with Intel OROM by 100PIER 03.08.2013 14:16

So, on your side, in dual boot PC you have, you NEVER use any "System Rescue" CD ?
but you use 2 different medias to do your Restore operations:
1) one is the Original W8 UEFI installation for restore W8 system
2) one other is Original the W8.1 preview installation for W8.1 system

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