#1 hp 840 g2 bios problems by gabry120 09.03.2020 15:45

Hi, maybe someone can help me with this problem ... i have an old HP 840 G2 with "fried" bios (means, bios update process failed in the middle of the writing process, and notebook bricked,, and unfortunately i not made any backup before try to update) ... i tried to download "official" bios from HP site and programmed the chip (winbond 25q128fv) with CH341A programmer, but notebook is still bricked ... tried also some other bios found around (both one and two chips, also the 25q16dv), still bricked (except one time where the machine started, then locked with "not in committed state" error message, whatever it means) ... there is any way for recover somewhere the files for unbrick the notebook ? ... i don't care about serial and so on, just a bios for recover the functionality of the machine without starting errors, if is possible ... thanks in advance ...

EDIT: i also read somewhere that it may be the same bios of Folio 9480 machine, is this possible ? ... i really doubt about this, cause usually also different mb versions of same models have different bios files ...

#2 RE: hp 840 g2 bios problems by eray 25.10.2020 21:42

You can try the official recovery method instead.

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