#1 Trouble downgrading bios on Lenovo X1 Carbon by vrss 18.02.2020 04:50


I have an x1 carbon that wont get past bios after a recommended update so I'm trying to flash a lower version to see if that helps.

I bought a CH341a programmer and was able to read the current chip here

I can open that in UEFI tool and see the data. I downloaded a bios update from Lenovo and extracted it into an FL1 file. I can see that the data and structure in that file matches the BIOS Region of the file above.
Here is the FL1 file I grabbed from a lenovo update:

Not sure what to do here, I extracted every volume of the FL1 file and replaced each volume inside the extracted bios, saved and flashed it, but that causes the power button to only flash when I try to power it on so something isn't right there.

Can someone provide some insight on what I should be doing here to create a file that I can successfully flash?

Thank you!

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