#1 Apex IX Coffeelake overclock results wanted? by davidm71 18.02.2020 01:05



Was wondering if anyone wouldn't mind sharing your overclock/non-OC bios settings? I have for last 6 months using a 9700K with Dsanke's last Apex X mod bios ver 2003.
Basically set things at Auto for CPU except dialed in a +1.285 vcore adaptive setting and 1.18 and 1.20 for the VCCIO and VCCSA settings.
This results in the bios declaring that I am running at 4.9 Ghz with XMP turned on at my default memory settings (almost default was laxing my timings
so that I could overclock my ram but for now running it a default to test cpu stability). This results in coretemp reporting the cpu multiplier jumping
anywhere in between 800 and 4900 mhz but locking in a 4600mhz when priming.

Seems stable when I prime95. Last month though had my system fail to boot into Windows but think that was because of a conflict with a driver
package and Windows 1909 update conflicting. Was able to reproduce the conflict and had errors in Event viewer from the driver or service loading
the device even after a clean install. So want to make sure the cpu is getting the right amt of vcore and is stable as I have found coffeelake mod
overclocking sometimes all over the place and sometimes you don't get the same vcore you set in bios after the fact.

So if anyone wouldn't mind sharing your overclock settings I would appreciate it.


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