#1 [REQUEST] Disable 3 settings in BIOS by porsager 16.02.2020 19:07


I have a BIOS bin file(Aptio V), in which I am trying to disable 3 properties. (because I'm having random freezes when they are enabled)

- CPU C state Report
- S0ix

I've tried using AMIBCP to edit it, and also UEFItools manually changing the relevant bytes in a hex editor. Unfortunately every time I try flashing the modified BIOS using fptw64.exe or my programmer it won't boot. I am then flashing the original bios using the programmer, and it works again :)

I've been following a lot of the guides and posts on this and various other forums, but I thought it was time to reach out and ask for help now, since I don't have much success myself :)

I don't know if paid requests for help is ok here, but it's something I need to make work in my business, so I'd like to pay/donate if someone is able to help.

I'm looking very much forward to hear if someone can help.


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