#1 [Request] Modded Bios for HP Omen 875-0034 by Dakman229 14.02.2020 10:47

Mobo is 84fd
bios version AMI F.25
Sm bios version 3.2
If anyone can please get me a working modded bios so i can have Advanced settings unlocked i would be in your debt forever lol :)

EDIT by Fernando: Thread title customized to make clear, that the author wants and doesn't offer a modded BIOS for his HP PC.

#2 RE: [Modded] Bios for hp Omen 875-0034 by Fernando 14.02.2020 12:34


Why don't you log-in before writing a post resp. starting a new thread?

#3 RE: [Modded] Bios for hp Omen 875-0034 by Dakman229 17.02.2020 06:30

I did create an account and made a new post :)

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