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#16 RE: Fujitsu G558 enable legacy boot mode by invictus 13.02.2020 23:54

Zitat von nif3lheim im Beitrag #15
Yeah, we pretty much do, but I think its actually down to bios version, you would need new Amibcp that is not publicly available anyway, maybe you can just try tinkering with setup_var/ru software and actually enable csm on offset 0x11E2 value 01 (enables csm only, with uefi and legacy all together) for the rest we need lost_n_bios help.

hi nif3lheim,

playing with UBU and included UEFITool NE i see this message at Parser tab for your mod - checkProtectedRanges: AMI protected range [86A000h:D50A4h] hash mismatch, opened image may refuse to boot
Any ideas? Thx!

#17 RE: Fujitsu G558 enable legacy boot mode by invictus 13.02.2020 23:58

I believe my dump is too new for this tools. parseVendorHashFile: new AMI hash file found
I have also check for my original dump that is booting just fine and the message in UEFITool NE is the same. Oh well... crap :(

#18 RE: Fujitsu G558 enable legacy boot mode by invictus 18.02.2020 01:11

some more development for this board. I have managed to disable ME/AMT with the help of me-cleaner a special version found in the request for commits link here Thanks for this @dt_zero
My MeInfo looks good - disabled.

Intel (R) MEInfo Version:
Copyright (C) 2005 - 2019, Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.

Error 198: ME disabled.

But i don't fully understand what other protections are in place. As again any BIOS mod renders my machine not bootable(bios brick). I was under the impression that Verified boot was done by ME. But still there something stinky here...

Any hints?
Here are my current BIOS only and full SPI dump with ME disabled. Maybe someone can clarify this mystery.


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