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#16 RE: Gigabyte Aourus Z390 Master by whosalty 24.02.2020 14:40

Not sure about Windows but it's a big deal on macOS as I'm sure you already know. However, I haven't seen any negatives on Windows which is my mainly driver as far as OS goes.

Also, I failed to mention that the UEFI does not have the latest microcodes installed. Has faster ones, so if this is important to anyone I wouldn't recommend installing.

#17 RE: Gigabyte Aourus Z390 Master by Lost_N_BIOS 24.02.2020 19:57


Yes, I know it needs disabled for MAC to run, just wasn't sure how, or if at all, it affected being on/off for windows users.
Thanks, yes, that is likely important to many. Please give me the unedited F11e, and I will redo the mod to that, for those that want a stock modified F11e base to build upon however they like.

#18 RE: Gigabyte Aourus Z390 Master by petterkkk 26.02.2020 23:17

Can you make a modified version of the last one with the options to disable HPET permanently? Like, actually getting it to be disabled if there is multiple places. Using my own atm and there was NVRAM as well as in BIOS.

And the latest IRST ROMS 17.8.x, NVME driver and satadriver(?)? I dont care about lights but if its in there, hey, throw it in! :D but more importanly is the the fastest microcodes thereis for a i5-9600K. Not security vulnerabilities.

Excited to see if yours is any improvement over mine...

#19 RE: Gigabyte Aourus Z390 Master by Lost_N_BIOS 27.02.2020 08:48


@whosalty - can you please upload F11e without any modifications done by you (So stock), thanks

@petterkkk - I assume that means you want the version mentioned above ^^ + latest 17.8 RST + NVME mod, + HPET Hard disabled correct? About microcodes, you need to tell me what microcode you want exactly (since you don't want latest).
You have to find what revision microcode is what you want and let me know, I don't know. Per this thread below, post #2, spoiler #2, there is NO pre-spectre/meltdown microcodes for your CPUID (So latest one is best one, since there is no reason to use older)
[OFFER] Intel CPU Microcode Archives

RGB Fusion options can be added into the "Bug #2" hidden menu as well, how to get there is explained in post #9 (RGB will not be there until I mod BIOS to unsuppress it)
HPET Option cannot be made visible easily, or functionally, I will hard disable for you (will make you one BIOS with and one without) - You should still >> BCDEdit.exe /set useplatformclock no

#20 RE: Gigabyte Aourus Z390 Master by whosalty 28.02.2020 06:10

Hereís it stock from the following thread,

For some reason CFG isnít unlocked for me and I continue to lose dual boot when going into Windows when on this bios. This was never an issue for me in the past so Iím not sure whatís going on. Perhaps too much fiddling around with the bios by myself and others before having you work on it. My apologies if that is the case.

#21 RE: Gigabyte Aourus Z390 Master by Lost_N_BIOS 28.02.2020 06:48


@whosalty - Thanks. Yes, possibly, about the CFG Lock?? I didn't do anything in regards to that, nor should what I did have any effect on anything you did before that?
But if you need me to I can properly hard disable CFG lock for you if you want, let me know. Also, thanks, sounds like having that disabled, how ever you tried, may indeed have an affect windows booting, or something else is wrong since it's failing for you

If I change it, I will set default disable for all places that hold CFG lock settings (all NVRAM, all internal NVRAM, any shadow NVRAM copies/GUIDs, and change Setup module defaults + AMITSE/SetupData).
Aside from that, just changing all the default settings, to fully disable MSR 0x2E you often need to do actual edits to other modules as well. Usually in powermanagement module, or in this case in "SiInit" in the 2nd to last PEI Volume of the BIOS
Change 81E10080000033C1 -> 9090909090909090 via direct hex edit, do not rebuild the volume >> Direct hex edit location = E707ADh

#22 RE: Gigabyte Aourus Z390 Master by petterkkk 28.02.2020 07:05


I meant the fastest but not the most secure microcodes. Im not sure what those are atm, if your not eitherjust let them be...

Everything else you mentioned sound great,oh and also access to the ACPI options if possible, like three strike counter, 8254Timer and all that good stuff!

#23 RE: Gigabyte Aourus Z390 Master by Lost_N_BIOS 28.02.2020 08:13


@petterkkk - There is no "Fastest" microcode really, most of that is placebo effect and or "in people's heads", especially when it comes to microcodes like this which are all POST-Spectre/Meltdown fixes (all have them, so all same/same in general)
Also, I fogged over comment about NVME when I replied on that, saying "NVME Mod" etc. This BIOS is already NVME compatible, nothing to do there.

Sorry, I\m not sure what "all" your referring to at the end?
Please see the list of common bugs in these BIOS below, you can access MANY hidden BIOS areas like this, if something you need is there and you see it in exact location in AMIBCP, but cannot see it in BIOS, let me know what items by exact name and I will unsuppress them for you.

1. If you mouse-click into "Settings" tab, then mouse-click into PC Health Status, then ESC button on KB out, you're backed out into a more advanced layout of the Original BIOS M.I.T. section as seen in AMIBCP.
This does not work if trying to click in via KB only. Also, after you do this, you can't ESC back out of many of these submenus via KB it will try to save/exit from BIOS when using ESC until you click back out of that area to another section and reset it.

2. Same as the above mentioned bug, if you mouse click into System Info, then mouse click into "Plug In Devices" submenu, then ESC via KB back, you're dropped into a more advanced Peripherals page as well, as you can see it in AMIBCP.
There is more settings inside both of these areas that aren't visible via regular menu sections, but many still are suppressed even in this trick/bug menu layout.

So, please confirm all this OK and what you wanted before I do anything. This is my current planned change log for your BIOS F11e
1. RST UPD >> (BOTH) 17.8 RST
2. HPET Hard disabled >> You should still >> BCDEdit.exe /set useplatformclock no
3. RGB Fusion unsuppressed (access via "Bug #2 only)
4. Qflash Unlock

#24 RE: Gigabyte Aourus Z390 Master by petterkkk 28.02.2020 16:21

Also, I fogged over comment about NVME when I replied on that, saying "NVME Mod" etc. This BIOS is already NVME compatible, nothing to do there.

Im pretty sure there is also this SATARaid driver or something thats supposedly newer? But maybe its already included...I believe you!

So, please confirm all this OK and what you wanted before I do anything. This is my current planned change log for your BIOS F11e

I hereby confirm its correct! :D EDIT: Read your post on that it is alot of work to make that switch visible (HPET). So then its perfect if u get the time to do the above!

Other than that, perfect!

forgot to tag u @Lost_N_BIOS , dno if you get notifications either way :)

#25 RE: Gigabyte Aourus Z390 Master by Lost_N_BIOS 29.02.2020 09:53


I don't get any notifications, inbox too full as-is, so I had to shut that off. I see all new posts, this is my homepage - forum.php?show=last

To your first comment, yes, that's why I said RST (BOTH - one GUID is named SATADriver in some BIOS, or maybe all?) << Those have nothing to do with NVME

On making HPET visible, yes, it's a huge time consuming task, but it can be done. However, unless I tested wrong, then it doesn't work even when visible now that they've redone the BIOS structure.
They probably broke the setting, they did a LOT of things all wrong when they "Remade" the BIOS for "Improved Layout" in past year or two. I don't care about HPET, so I could have tested wrong, and then only later during HARD Disable test I tested properly, not sure.
Either way, it's 1000% times easier for me to make a hard disabled HPET BIOS for someone than it is to make the setting visible. Comparison is 5-10 minute edit per any BIOS to hard disable, vs at least several hours or a few days if I don't have several hours at once to dedicate to the HPET visibility edit.

It may also be possible to make visible like RGB, and then access via Bug #1 or #2, I have not looked into that yet. This would be a simple edit too, if HPET functions when visible this way.
I will do this and test, then if it works that way, I will make visible for you this way instead of hard disable, that way you can toggle easily if needed.

OK, I will make you BIOS as mentioned at post #23 (Except #2 relies on my findings from above mentioned test), I may not have time tonight but I will get to you first thing tomorrow if I can't tonight

* Edit- Never mind above, I was replying without looking at BIOS and I forgot where HPET was. Due to it's location, and how they've done the restructuring incorrectly, there is no way to make it visible to access via bug or without bug method access, without direct item swap or direct item/submenu swap
Summary = as mentioned above, best way to do this is just make HARD HPET Disable BIOS for anyone that wants it

#26 RE: Gigabyte Aourus Z390 Master by petterkkk 29.02.2020 14:19

No worries about them not being visible - appreciate your work though! I can also just take a stock, and set all HPET settings to disabled myself probably though. Dont sweat it if youre busy.

#27 RE: Gigabyte Aourus Z390 Master by iroloi 29.02.2020 20:05

DISCULPEN POR SALIRME DEL TEMA SOY NUEVO EN LA COMUNIDAD no encuentro la opcion para crear un tema sobre si alguien podria facilitarme la BIOS de la placa ASUS Z97-A (Archivo Bim)

#28 RE: Gigabyte Aourus Z390 Master by Lost_N_BIOS 29.02.2020 21:48


@petterkkk - I thought you did that already and said it wasn't working??
I don't think it works like that anymore (that easily I mean) since they've redone the BIOS oddly (ie messed up the BIOS for some AMIBCP edits as we know it), but it might work OK that way, you will have to test and see (Let me know)
But, no matter what, doing HARD Disable on HPET is not a problem for me, easy edits as you mention, so it's not an issue

Here is my quick checking result after a HPET HARD Disable (in general, not this exact model)
HPET CPU_z Timer Info - Before/After HPET Hard Disable

@iroloi - Make a new thread button is at top left of the forum sections - BIOS Modding Requests
Also, English only here please and thanks

#29 RE: Gigabyte Aourus Z390 Master by petterkkk 01.03.2020 01:40

Didnt work ...Can u do what you propose then?:)

#30 RE: Gigabyte Aourus Z390 Master by Lost_N_BIOS 01.03.2020 04:51


I thought it failed using only AMIBCP, did you do (any) NVRAM edit too, or not?
When I do HARD change to any setting, I change it everywhere, so there's no possible way it can be enabled/disabled >>
ALL NVRAM at top of BIOS 1 or 2, Shadow NVRAM if found in last PEI volume (in this case 77D3DC50-D42B-4916-AC80-8F469035D150 << Direct hex edit only, on entire BIOS as whole), internal NVRAM in main BIOS volume near AMITSE, setup module, AMITSE/SetupData
I will include files I edit for HPET before/after + notes, so you can do this edit yourself later if needed

Anyway, yes, I will do it for you as mentioned Doing edit now Please watch this space for edited in BIOS

* Edit @petterkkk - Flash via Qflash, clear CMOS after flash, load optimal defaults once you enter the BIOS, save/reboot-back-to-BIOS and then make other changes you want

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