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#31 RE: [REQUEST] NVMe Boot support for DELL Precision T3610 by Lost_N_BIOS 08.01.2020 05:51


@petergunn - Samsung drivers were worse for me, with another drive. You'd have to check out the NVME driver area for all the possible NVME drivers and their performance tests Fernando did
I went back to standard Windows driver and found it to be best, but I did not compare with Intel ones.

Clean install CDM results look much better above That may be due to the windows driver?
So before you do clean install, you could test removing the Samsung driver and see if putting back the default windows one helps, maybe then you wouldn't need to do clean install.

Happy New Year to yo as well

#32 RE: [REQUEST] NVMe Boot support for DELL Precision T3610 by BAcid 26.01.2020 14:11

Hi there - I am looking for getting NVMe working on my T3610 as well ... but reading through this thread, I am more confused as before ^^
@Lost_N_BIOS seems to have created a working one?

I have a few open questions:
- Is it possible? seems like in here
- Can I download and use some bios file from here? (same link as above, or is there something newer?)
- Does it work with the bios's integrated (?) flash tool?
- Do I loose any of the internal data like config options and asset/service tags?

Put jumper on, reboot to windows twice, then flash via >> FPTw.exe -f spinvme.bin

- where do i get the FPTw.exe from, and where should the jumper be located on the MoBo?

Sorry for my noob-invasion on this thread, trying to puzzle the pieces together (for 2 weeks by now)

Thanks for any insights you could give me on this

#33 RE: [REQUEST] NVMe Boot support for DELL Precision T3610 by BAcid 16.02.2020 03:49


#34 RE: [REQUEST] NVMe Boot support for DELL Precision T3610 by fofesz 17.02.2020 22:20

Hello everyone, Im also ended up crasing the BIOS while playing with NVME boot on Dell T3610.
Clover USB boot worked fine, but wanted to boot directly from Toshiba XG6, and flashed a modded bios with FPTW.exe

I dont remember exactly, but after enabling secure boot, screen stayed blank. None of the reset methods helped.

So I ordered CH341 programmer, and clips for 8 & 16 pins soic (could remove & solder back, but this is really nice toy and makes things easier, especially if you have to program multiple times)

Of course, before programming took backup, but lost my original files due flash drive error :(

So I tried the modified BIOS here, made by Lost_N_BIOS for petergunn (SPINVME.bin), splitted to 8 & 4 MB and wrote. Best if you erase and write after. But still no display with this.

I found an T3610 backup somewhere on the net, browsing while waiting for the CH341
Also splitted, and finally display came back!

Still no NVME boot support, I can see the XG6 put on PCI excpress card as mass storage.

heres the splitted files to start with, at least you can use the computer again
8MB part is the first region of the 12MB dump, as tried both version :D

but if spent already a lot of time recovering system, would be great to finally succeed with NVME booting.

Any help from the masters welcome! :)

thanks, Peter

#35 RE: [REQUEST] NVMe Boot support for DELL Precision T3610 by fofesz 19.02.2020 22:09

Zitat von millertime im Beitrag #23

... I've flashed redux2. Everything appears to be functioning properly and normally, and this time, there were no issues with the graphics card initializing during POST, including with the first reboot after flashing. I also see no indications of I/O or IRQ conflicts of any kind. What's the difference between redux and redux2?

Thank you for the tools! It looks like I should be able to add the motherboard serial info back using A209!

hello millertime,

may I get this version - redux2 to get nvme boot support? If Lost_N_BIOS doesn't mind of course :)

I lost my original asset tag / serial but dont mind, have own windows key and dont plan to sell this machine.

thanks in advance

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