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#46 RE: [REQUEST] Asus FX504GM Bios Unlock Hidden Options by Lost_N_BIOS 17.04.2020 13:16


@monad1272 - You're welcome! Sorry, I 'm not sure what BIOS you are talking about in Linus forum? As for unlocking your BIOS, please wait, as mentioned above, once we sort then I can make mod BIOS for you too.
But, you may need flash programmer, this I am not 100% sure on yet, once I confirm the above mod BIOS I sent Tuff_tech is unlocked, I will make you one with stock BIOS and show you stock BIOS flash method and you can then see if it also fails to apply the changes as well (like what Tubs ran into)

Yes, if you order from china it will take 3-5 weeks, unless you pay for faster shipping (like epacket, ask sellers, some offer faster shipping). Or you can find locally for more $$. Or, just order now and wait, that's what I always do
These tools are so cheap, and can be a lifesaver in the future with bricked BIOS or BIOS mod you want in on something else etc, everyone should have a set they pay for themselves.

Again, sorry, not sure what you mean with BIOS 201 from Linus's forum, I never mentioned (nor seen/looked) at any BIOS there?
As I said above, you can possibly flash mod BIOS on here, just wait until I've confirmed the edits are OK and I'll show you the way and then you can test and see if you get same outcome as Tubs did (looked like it flashed, but no changes)
It may have been flashing in for him correctly, but I didn't do the edit 100% the way it needed done on those attempts, not sure. Please wait until Tuff_Tech replies, then we'll move forward with a BIOS for you and see if you can get it in there or not.

#47 RE: [REQUEST] Asus FX504GM Bios Unlock Hidden Options by monad1272 17.04.2020 14:49

Hello again.

The bios version 201 is a rollback for my bios, which you talked about in the 3rd post "@alex61194 - OK, yes, thanks, that BIOS rollback method will work for anyone that wants to use that BIOS for the reason stated in the thread you linked at Linustechtips site."

I did flash version 201, no TDP settings after flash, bios says version 201 now, not 308 like before but it looks identical. Also, I found the bios chip on my MB, which means I have to take if off w/ a hot air station or something to use the flash programmer to get a dump?

Thank you.

#48 RE: [REQUEST] Asus FX504GM Bios Unlock Hidden Options by Lost_N_BIOS 18.04.2020 04:55


@monad1272 - OK, thanks for info on 201, I didn't remember talking about that, and I assume I didn't look at the BIOS at that time either only replied saying yes if you wanted to do what was stated in some other thread/201 that would work (Since they tested there etc)
BIOS 201 is not used here for anything, and I have no comments or info about it (at all, didn't look at it, know nothing about it etc) and I don't even see this mentioned on page one (especially not in 3rd post). Ohh, I see now, on page 3 not post 3... Everything I said before this sentence is true

Anyway, do not use 201 it's very old BIOS. Wait, as mentioned above, we will be doing the latest BIOS.
No, if BIOS is soldered to board, then you will use SOIC8 test clip with cable

#49 RE: [REQUEST] Asus FX504GM Bios Unlock Hidden Options by monad1272 18.04.2020 13:54

Thank you again for the information. I ordered the flash controller and sometime next week it will arrive I think. Meanwhile I will flash bios version 308, latest one back so I can make a dump when the flash controller arrives. One last question, can you tell me how to use the controller? I have no experience with this.

Best regards.

#50 RE: [REQUEST] Asus FX504GM Bios Unlock Hidden Options by alex61194 19.04.2020 18:36

bios 201 is unlocked you have to boot pressing f7 or f8 i dont remember now, as mentioned aboved i did change gpu and had to go to asus repair system so dont touch dat

#51 RE: [REQUEST] Asus FX504GM Bios Unlock Hidden Options by monad1272 19.04.2020 20:38

I did flash bios 201 and since I did not see any difference I flashed 308 back and now I'm waiting for the flash controller.

#52 RE: [REQUEST] Asus FX504GM Bios Unlock Hidden Options by monad1272 24.04.2020 20:51

Hello again!

@Lost_N_BIOS I finally got the flash programmer and I managed to get a dump of my bios, version 308, using an application called CH341A Mini Programmer. I uploaded the files (.bin & .hex since I did not know which one you need) to mega since the archive is 11 mb so I can't attach it here.

Mega - 308.rar file

Thank you.

Also, could you not theoretically flash the unlocked bios with the flash programmer as well and bypass the bios lock completely? -> regarding this, I was reading the forum and I stumbled upon this guide [GUIDE] Flash BIOS with CH341A programmer, so my assumption was partially correct. I am waiting for @Lost_N_BIOS 's answer so I know what I should next, I don't want to brick it by omitting something.


Hello again.

I have some bad news and require a little help. I used the tutorial to flash a modded bios with AMIbcp using the flash programmer but now the laptop will not power on at all. I flashed the backup dump I did before flashing the mod and still it will not power on. I don't know what else to do. Resetting the CMOS did not help.

Thank you.


I tried flashing another dump I found online for this model, still nothing. I tried flashing my dump with AsProgrammer, still nothing. I downloaded the original 308 bios from asus but from what I've read it is incomplete and you must merge them somehow, that I don't really know how to do. Out of ideas for now, any help will be highly appreciated.

#53 RE: [REQUEST] Asus FX504GM Bios Unlock Hidden Options by Lost_N_BIOS 25.04.2020 23:11


@monad1272 - slow down!! Also, please use edit if you need to add more info and no one has replied yet, thanks

What is your BIOS chip ID, and what software and version did you make that original BIOS dump with?
This is why writes are failing, possibly wrong software or version per your chip ID, not all are same, and not all will work with all BIOS chip ID's. This may also mean your original dump is bad too, can't tell yet

Bin/hex/rom all same/same, except in your case, not sure at all what this 45MB hex file is, other than garbage we don't need
Did you ever make a FPT BIOS region backup? If yes, please upload that for me so I can fix BIOS for you, in case the dump above is not 100% good.

Yes, if I can find the bypass to change the lock causing 167 then you can later FPT flash without issue, once this is programmed into board.
But, I have to find that lock, and it may take someone a few tries with BIOS I send first before this is found, and we may have already tried this I think, and I couldn't find correct edit to bypass.
Flashing method outlined in post #4 here bypasses this anyway (link to Linustechtips method)

#54 RE: [REQUEST] Asus FX504GM Bios Unlock Hidden Options by monad1272 25.04.2020 23:26

Thanks for the reply!

Bios chip ID is WINBOND W25Q128BV if that is what you are reffering to, and the software version is CH341A 1.17. I did not make a FPT BIOS region backup since I did not know how to, this is the only backup I have made with this software. So if you don't have that there is nothing we can do to fix it except bring it to a service?

#55 RE: [REQUEST] Asus FX504GM Bios Unlock Hidden Options by Lost_N_BIOS 25.04.2020 23:38


For W25Q128BV you need to use 1.18 version CH341A software, or use ASProgrammer 1.41
Here is CH341A software package that has 1.18 -
And here is ASProgrammer 1.41 - << I suggest using this, since I have not personally tested with 1.18, but few others were OK using 1.18 (all other version fail, that I have personally tested)

1.17 may be OK, but I've not tested or seen anyone report success with it, and you have failure now so I suggest not using it.
1.29 may also work, but I've not tested or seen anyone confirm here (only I see in Google discussion), but if you have a bad dump originally, then writing with known working wont help since source may be corrupted)
Test writing back your original dump with ASProgrammer 1.41 and see if system starts, if not then we know that is a bad dump and I will rebuild your BIOS using other dump + stock
I will do this for you tonight, in meantime while you wait, please test this ^^ and see if you can get system running

No, I can always fix If necessary I would find other dump to use to fix yours, don't worry

#56 RE: [REQUEST] Asus FX504GM Bios Unlock Hidden Options by monad1272 25.04.2020 23:41

I did try earlier ASProgrammer 1.41 with my original dump since I read on different sources that CH341A may not dump all the information on the chip and it's still dead, this is where it sits right now.

Also I did find another dump for FX504GM but the MB is rev. B mine is C, if that would help I could upload it.

#57 RE: [REQUEST] Asus FX504GM Bios Unlock Hidden Options by Lost_N_BIOS 25.04.2020 23:48


I tested this exact chip here previously, you can see my findings at post #29 - Bricked Asus Z170-AR
That was only testing some versions of CH341A software, and ASProgrammer, and this shows my above mention of 1.29 (in edit, see above) is not good, since I tested here and it failed
I did not test 1.17 or 1.18 there, but others have confirmed 1.18 may be OK (not 100% sure on write, but read is OK)

Since you already tested ASProgrammer, then your original dump is corrupted in some way. You erased and blank checked first, with ASProgrammer, correct? Then write/verify?
CH341A software dumps everythiong, but not all versions work with all chips, and some may need certain version software and other than exact ID too.

Flashrom will also work, there is windows versions even with GUI posted here, but I've never used them

#58 RE: [REQUEST] Asus FX504GM Bios Unlock Hidden Options by monad1272 25.04.2020 23:56

Yes I did erase and blank, write verify, I followed all your steps from the begginers guide, otherwise I wouldn't have attempted this. And being entirely honest, when I searched for the CH341A software, I searched for version 1.34 and I swear I thought I found 1.34, I just now found that it was in fact 1.17 when I checked the about section.

#59 RE: [REQUEST] Asus FX504GM Bios Unlock Hidden Options by Lost_N_BIOS 25.04.2020 23:58


I've never written any guide on using this, so not sure which you are using But good to hear you always erase and blank check first
Many versions software here -
But wait, I think since APSrogrammer failed for you this means your original dump is not good, I will make you new BIOS tonight

#60 RE: [REQUEST] Asus FX504GM Bios Unlock Hidden Options by monad1272 26.04.2020 00:02

Thank you. I will wait for your reply. Also, the guide is [GUIDE] Flash BIOS with CH341A programmer, I saw your username there and I thought you had a part in it.

Also, a quick question, shouldn't the laptop at least power on when I press the power button even if the bios is bricked? at least turn on the fans, hdd or something, like other bricked laptops I've read about? or some don't even power on at all?

@Lost_N_BIOS any update on the BIOS? I don't really know how long such a thing usually takes, that's why I'm asking

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