#1 Clevo W670SFQ bios mod by AtomZ 12.10.2019 16:51

Hello. I have laptop with motherboard Clevo W670SFQ (Intel HM86) with Nvidia 840M. Could anybody help me with modding UEFI-BIOS. Need to have options for DRAM (timings and etc).
Link for BIOS:

#2 RE: Clevo W670SFQ bios mod by Lost_N_BIOS 13.10.2019 17:50


@AtomZ - Please link me to the stock BIOS complete package from manufacturer

#3 RE: Clevo W670SFQ bios mod by AtomZ 14.10.2019 09:59

@Lost_N_BIOS - Oh, thanks for reply ^^
Manufacture of laptop is DEXP and they do not have any support page, I think. Also, I should tell, that I have have CH341A programmer, so I can do experiments.
I made visible all options, what I wanted. First, I used AMIBCP 4.53. For Chipset options I used this: http://kulasov.blogspot.com/2013/08/over...book-n56vm.html
Now I can overclock DRAM :)
But now new questions: I heard about modded (adapted from 940MX) VBIOS for Nvidia 840M with no limit +135mhz overclock and unlimited TDP, but I can not find this, maybe You know?
And is it possible to use Haswell microcode-bug for unlimit ratio for overclocking i7 4700MQ with chipset HM86?
UPD: No options to change DRAM Voltage?

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