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#16 RE: [HELP]The acuteangle HTPC Bios Modding by Lost_N_BIOS 09.01.2020 07:51


@maps - do you have flash programmer? If yes, I think I can enable Advanced menu for you, but maybe only worth test risk if you have flash programmer (I already did edit, and checked, looks OK, but I can't confirm it wont brick)

Can you already see "Fast Boot" option on Boot Page? In that review, I don't see it on boot page, but in AMITSE/SetupData of your BIOS, looks like it may be enabled (via Access Level = Default 09/Yes)
But that may need to be USER= 0D/Yes or Supervisor = 0F/Yes instead. Normally if I edit for this, I change to 0F first if Access Level isn't shown to user on Main BIOS page, then if that fails User will work instead

So, to edit, I had to put your BIOS region into full AFU dump from post #1 (if using MMTool to edit), then extract BIOS region again once done (just heads up in case you do edit yourself)
NVRAM volumes can be extracted with UEFITool (from BIOS region as-is, or in ^^ compiled edit I mentioned), but they must be put back into BIOS via hex editor.
Or you may be able to extract and edit with MMTool (they are volume 03 + 04 GUID - CEF5B9A3-476D-497F-9FDC-E98143E0422C) - I just did via hex insert, since I'm used to this anyway
Included is my noted on the WOL edit + All files I edited before and after (After all have "M" Appended to name)

I did not include the Advanced menu edit, but if you want it I can send after you test this BIOS and let me know if it's OK (Should be, but you know how that goes )
If it is OK, then I will edit the Advanced menu reveal into this BIOS + Probably other menu items revealed in the currently visible section, once you answer my question above about fast boot

Here is WOL Enabled by default in all possible areas BIOS -

#17 RE: [HELP]The acuteangle HTPC Bios Modding by maps 09.01.2020 14:13

Wow! Thanks, for the detailed explanation and the BIOS edit files!

Unfortunately, I don't have a flash programmer :(
Also I don't see the "Fast Boot" option on the Boot page. What I see/have is exactly like the review screens.

I see that to replicate your steps with success on my own, I will have some long "nights" ahead. You really know what you are doing! :)

To test your BIOS, and sorry from being so noob, I will write your modded region dump with: FPTW64.exe -bios -f ModWOL1.bin (this is the correct file to write, ModWOL1.bin)?

If this BIOS mod is successful, maybe we can see were we can go from there, with your next steps :)

Thank you very much!

#18 RE: [HELP]The acuteangle HTPC Bios Modding by Lost_N_BIOS 09.01.2020 14:27


@maps - You're welcome! Bummer about no programmer, maybe you can order and we'll test once it arrives? Programmer and test clip is only less than $7 shipped slow way, if you want to do it let me know and I'll link you to what you need.

I thought maybe those review images were correct, but then looking at the BIOS I wondered if maybe you had a newer edit of same BIOS where they enabled it. Then, the 09 I see, must need to be 0F instead and you'll see it
Yes, this BIOS is a bit tricky due to how they compiled it, very unusual and non-standard. So that's true, without being really familiar with BIOS editing you may run into some hassles trying to do this one yourself, it's not so simple (any part of it really)

Yes, you are correct on FPT command line above, although I do suggest you use the regular FPTw instead, but that's up to you Sometimes x64 one can give errors or cause issues when it shouldn't, so I just always suggest to not use it.

Yes, if all is OK, I can make some hidden from you settings visible now, but for the advanced menu add it's probably best for you to have programmer in hand before we try
But making stuff visible in menus you can already see is not very hard or risky at all, other than dealing with this funky BIOS in general

Adding the advanced menu edit is probably fine, I do this all the time for all kinds of BIOS (add several hidden menu sections, re-arrange BIOS, move stuff from here to there etc)
Just this odd BIOS structure worries me, and this is a cool looking system, so I'd hate to have it brick on you without programmer in hand, they're so cheap anyway, best to wait it out until you have one just in case

#19 RE: [HELP]The acuteangle HTPC Bios Modding by maps 10.01.2020 01:39


So I have tested it and wrote the ModWOL1 with FPTW64 (I used this one because I couldn't find any WIN32, on the ME System Tools v3 mentioned on post #2).
The dump ended with success, but when booting, the PC went into the BIOS recovery menu with "ROM Image is not loaded. ROM Image Update denied".
I was able to "ignore" it, boot and wrote back the original biosreg.bin, and the BIOS returned to normal.

No worries, I know what I am getting into, and this BIOS might be more trouble that it is worth :)

As my main objective is to automatically power on the PC after a power failure, and the default State After G3 does not work, I am thinking about taking a "hardware" route by:
- Hacking the power button with something similar to this or
- Investigate if somehow a battery can be soldered, so that the BIOS settings are preserved, hoping that WOL or State After G3 works after this

If you need me to do any more tests, I will gladly do them, and it is as you say for the "advanced" tests it will be better to have a programmer :D

Thanks for everything! I am learning a lot about BIOS during this process!

#20 RE: [HELP]The acuteangle HTPC Bios Modding by Lost_N_BIOS 10.01.2020 05:41


@maps - I see what you meant it the FPTwx64, it's OK Ahh, sounds like some security in place (Yes, I see TCO Lock enabled)!
You may need flash programmer to put in modified BIOS, if you have the extra funds order one now and it will arrive by the time you forget you ordered Let me know if you need linked examples
I can make you one more of the same type of edit, but less areas touched, but I assume outcome will be same, there is some check going on at boot so programmer may be only way.

You don't have secure boot mode enabled do you? If yes, disable this, reboot, and try the FPT flash again like before, see if you get the same error

On the board, do you see any locations for a CMOS battery attachment, or where CMOS pin/header or leads would get soldered in place?

We can change BIOS default settings other ways, that do not require BIOS flash, but that would be similar to making change in BIOS too, it would be lost on power-loss due to no CMOS

Ohh!! Almost forgot, we can try this method as well, this will allow us to change defaults without a BIOS flash either, and it should not violate the security check
And I think maybe it should remain post CMOS loss (but I'm not 100% certain, and this not always compatible with all BIOS)
Download this package, and run the command on text file, directly from each versions folder in place. Once done, zip back up and send to me so I can see if any gave valid output we can edit and program back

If one of those will work, we can disable TCO lock too If not, there is one other way we can disable TCO lock by making similar "BIOS setting change" using grub and setup_var (like booting to DOS or Shell).
This changes live/current setting only, and would be lost on reflash, but if we can do that it would then also allow the FPT flash to proceed after reboot.

You're welcome, sorry it's not so easy with this BIOS

#21 RE: [HELP]The acuteangle HTPC Bios Modding by maps 11.01.2020 18:33


I don't have secure boot enabled.

I see on the board what I assume is the BIOS and some "leads" next to it (plus sign and diode symbol). But probably some additional circuitry is needed, and I am not even sure if the "leads" are anything related with a possible battery. Picture here: BIOS Chip. So it might not be very useful.

I executed the command you shared on the zip (Win32 and Win64). From what I can see, none worked. They gave no output or errors as output (in attachment).

Thanks for the additional suggestions but I want something that survives a power loss.

Not being able to use the BIOS settings, I am going to try to build the circuit that hacks the power button. If this works I will use this alternative.

But nevertheless, can you share the links for the flash programmer? If the circuit won't work, or I buy a different PC (this one was offered), or with the programmer we should overcome any locks, right?

Thank you

#22 RE: [HELP]The acuteangle HTPC Bios Modding by hyx0329 29.07.2020 06:07

I give up. The BIOS has an OEM signature and the pub key hash is "14 05 A8 A4 EB 1C 8A C2 51 19 7D 85 96 14 09 FF 15 FD CD 23 D3 25 CC DD 88 D2 17 5C DE 3B 27 36"(exactly same with the example at here). I wonder if the manufacture uses the same default key.

ANY modification (including changing boot logo/splash screen) to this BIOS will prevent the system from passing POST and shows "ROM image is not loaded" at the recovery tab of the BIOS settings.

Tip: Check whether the BIOS is signed before doing any modification. If signed, you can do nearly nothing.

=== old below ===

I'm new here and quite interested in modding this BIOS. I own one device myself, and I have necessary skills and tools to dump and flash the BIOS image. However, I have few knowledge in modding BIOS images. That's why I'm here :)

I'm now uploading everything required by your previous posts in this thread(including txeinfo,biosreg and programmer dump). I would appreciate it a lot if you have time and energy to look into it.

I haven't tested the WOL enabled image you posted, since its size is not equal to the dumped one's. I just want to make sure nothing goes wrong.(I notice that the entry point is 0x1000)

My final goal is to explore every possible and valuable modding in this BIOS. Enabling the advanced tab is an example.

Extra info:
+ There's a battery connector and I'm able to connect a battery to it(and I DO!). So it's actually not a big deal.


#23 RE: [HELP]The acuteangle HTPC Bios Modding by catan 08.08.2021 13:50

Dear All,
i see that someone already try to play with the acuteangle pc,
now i'm asking if it is possibile (i know, i aks before try ) to mod the bios in order to increase the tdp.
you know the cpu is a n3450 that is an apollo lake and it is lock to a tdp of 6W. It is not possible to oc the cpu (bus lock and multi lock) but it is possibile on few bios to change the TDP to 10 or 15W in order to go at "full speed" also if the temperature rise up.
For the bios that do not have this feature, we do a windows scrip using RW ReadWrite everithing on windows or using busybox on linux, btw we find that changing this register we will change the tdp design of the cpu also if the bios don't have the option to setup the target tdp.

The values are this one

“WRMSR 0x610 0x0 0x00DD8F00” 15W TDP
“WRMSR 0x610 0x0 0x00DD8A00” 10W TDP
“WRMSR 0x610 0x0 0x00DD8600” 6W TDP
“WRMSR 0x610 0x0 0x00000000” Remove all limits

so what i'm try to learn now is if it is possibile to edit directly the bios to do this mod without the need to relaunch the script or mantain the mod indendently by the OS (linux or win) that someone want put in.

I have an acuteangle htpc so the best "idea" is to try on my machine (before brick some other machine XD).

i see that some of you already try to "mess" with the bios, so do you think that this mod will be easy to do, or there is no chance to do it?

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