#1 DSDT PATCH ON WIN98? by XPLAKE8175 22.08.2019 14:15

I'm currently running Windows XP, when I succeeded to Patch DSDT on Windows XP, I will patch DSDT on Win98. In MattKC's video, Windows 98 recognizes your Integrated Keyboard and touchpad on kaby lake lenovo thinkpad. Just find Method (_PS0, 0, Serialized) in dsdt.dsl and delete PDBM &= 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF9, PDBM &= 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF9 and add these strings at deleted String below:
If (OSYS >= 0x07D6)

If (OSYS >= 0x07D6)

0x07D6 means OSVT and OSVT means Windows vista and OSYS means Operating System;
PDBM &= 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF9 & PDBM &= 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFD mean you can use acpi on vista or later If (OSYS >= 0x07D6) means forces the specified acpi string to usable on vista or later. So if you add "If (OSYS >= 0x07D6) to the dsdt.dsl", you can use acpi in Win98.

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The main issue with Windows 98 and laptops is you are always going to be limited by the integrated graphics option. If there are no official Windows 98 drivers then it would be pointless to use Windows 98 on the laptop since other issues like no native NTFS support. The best alternative for modern hardware is to go with the newest Broadwell and you will have a chance to use the USB 2.0 ports on it. Then you can add USB Audio at least to get sound. The Bear Windows graphics driver is crap and doesn't work with DOSBOX or 3D games so your experience will be quite poor even if you could have working ACPI for standby mode. Also don't forget any multicore CPU will only function as a single core so I wouldn't go with anything older than Windows 2000 Server or XP Pro on modern laptops to be somewhat usable and worth the effort.

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Zitat von XPLives im Beitrag #2
The Bear Windows graphics driver is crap

No, I would not call it crap. It is just a generic VESA VBE driver that relies on the card's VESA BIOS implementation. BearWin newer pretend that it is a full featurd driver with acceleration support. I appreciate his effort he put in to this work. It's better than 640x480/16 VGA.
To make a true Win98 accelerated driver it would need to write a tons of HW specific code (different for nvidia and ATI, and for every family) and you will need HW documentation for the GPU chip that is not available. Opensource project like Linux Nouveau is based on reverse engineering, without any help from nvidia mfkrs... If you can wase few yesrs of your life you would be able to port Nouveau code base to Win9x but surely nobody will do it...

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