#1 Request - Bios mod for Asus Q370M-C/CSM by cHaOserveR 15.03.2019 09:11

Hi All, Need to deploy a 9900k on an Asus Q370M-C/CSM. I do not have the knowledge to tackle this myself. If anyone would be willing to help me accomplish this I would be extremely grateful.

Here is the mobo page:

Here is the latest bios file from the asus site:

Thanks for any help in advance. It is truly appreciated.

#2 RE: Request - Bios mod for Asus Q370M-C/CSM by Lost_N_BIOS 25.03.2019 06:57


@cHaOserveR - 9900K already supported with Asus standard BIOS, update BIOS to 0803 or above - https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/PRIME-...M/HelpDesk_CPU/

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