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I'm encountering a problem that I don't believe has been addressed on this forum (around 16 hours of troubleshooting and searching these last 2 days), so I'm finally caving and asking for some help. I'm running a Dell Optiplex 7040. I'm not wanting to go the route of emulation just yet, but it's looking more and more like that will be the only option. I believe I'm on a skylake chip, and the particular driver I'm trying to find is one that is a USB Controller driver for PCI\VEN_8086 PCI\CC_0C03. Official Intel documentation lists XP as "not compatible", but from what I'm seeing, that's only a temporary roadblock for some of the users in this forum. Literally the only thing I need the USB port for is sending print jobs to an HP printer (Color LaserJet Pro M542dn). I believe the proper driver is the Intel iusb3xhc driver, which I attempted to install from the pure 32bit pack. I also tried the Renesas driver, but neither one would initialize the USB Controller in Device Manager. If it's a yes/no situation, no worries. I'm honestly done trying to get this thing to work. Thanks!

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Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum!

Please give us some additional information:
Which are the exact HardwareIDs (incl. DeviceID) of your on-board USB Controller (right-click onto it > "Properties" > "Details" > "Property" > "HardwareIDs")?

Dieter (alias Fernando)

P.S.: I have moved your request into the better matching "Windows XP" Sub-Forum.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I'm literally writing a "this cannot be done..." email to the user, and from what I'm reading about Intel's xHCI, it's not looking hopeful.

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Yes, it is obviously not easy to get a modern Intel USB 3.0 Controller properly working while running Windows XP.
Nevertheless I hope, that you will get support from Forum members, who know more than me about this specific XP driver problem.
Maybe you can find some hints within the start posts of the "stickied" threads within this Sub-Forum.

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I just downloaded the driver iusb3hub.sys and iusb3xhc.sys for Win7 32 bit and I noticed, that alltogether 9 functions


IoSetDevicePropertyData (only in iusb3hub.sys)


from them are not supported from ntoskrnl.exe of XP SP3 32 bit.
With some knowledge in C programming, this functions can be faked and USB 3.0 will work in XP


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can you add extra functions to ntoskrnl.exe? that would be awesome! if possible

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#7 RE: WinXP USB Drivers by Diesel 24.03.2019 10:18

so do you have that XP32 driver, please upload here for further experiments

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