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#16 RE: Intel NUC DCCP847DYE Results by MiesMosel 24.01.2019 23:11


Sorry, I found it same time you answer me, but I can't watch anymore it's too late.
I'll do it tomorrow.

#17 RE: Intel NUC DCCP847DYE Results by Lost_N_BIOS 25.01.2019 06:34


@MiesMosel - post #5 also has unedited BIOS dump via programmer ("Before" BIOS) - thanks for stopping in to help check this out with me!

#18 RE: Intel NUC DCCP847DYE Results by MiesMosel 25.01.2019 08:02



which BIOS is the base of these dumps?
If you had flashed BIOS v66, then you have a big problem ... the BIOS is then write-protected.
So then thoughts are: "If you just buy & trust Intel, it's your own guilty." You can't go back to v65.
Maybe by flashing via programmer - I don't know. Write-protection could mean a problem ... or not.

How to find out, which bios-version is working on your board, look here.

If the base BIOS is v65 or below, then editing could be possible, but how I don't know.
The editing by Lost_N_BIOS looks good, but I couldn't compare it with original BIOS because of .bio-format.
.bio seems not the be the raw-file like (from other BIOSes) biosname.123 or something like that.
It's length is 9,35MB, not 8MB (raw).

So if somebody know how to extract the .bio into a .bin (or whatever) ...

#19 RE: Intel NUC DCCP847DYE Results by Lost_N_BIOS 25.01.2019 08:17


I explained all in the first post I tagged you @MiesMosel - I've never seen BIOS V66, sorry. I only downloaded the BIOS I mentioned in my post.
I edited his original dump, as mentioned. Intel BIOS you always have to edit dump only, edited .BIO files can be made many ways, but cannot be flashed or programmed etc. Download files from post #5

Original BIOS "Before" in post #5, my original edit in #8 and subsequent edits using UEFITool 25/26 (Same) in post #10 - you can check any, microcode file is same in all (BIOS at post #8 has vBIOS update also, #10 does not)

Thanks again, sorry for not making the above more clear to you in my original post. Please download only BIOS in post #5, then check his original dump "Before" - that is BIOS I edited, then posted in posts #8 and #10

#20 RE: Intel NUC DCCP847DYE Results by MiesMosel 25.01.2019 18:39


sorry, that I didn't understoud immediately what exactly to test ...

but v65/v66 could be very important to know. @ricktendo please have a look @ BIOS-version number while booting the NUC. Other you could proof, that you use "SPI NOR" interface. And I think it should be 3.3V - do you use that? (sorry for questions, but it is for proofing)

The flashcat seems to be powerful (5V, 3.3V, 1.8V). Which version do you own (classic, pro, mach1)?

I take a look in the night into the BIOS-files, when I'm back ...

#21 RE: Intel NUC DCCP847DYE Results by ricktendo 25.01.2019 19:07


I have a Classic and Pro FlashcatUSB, the settings are correct: SPI NOR and 3.3v, it also verifies 100% match after programming (I have many years experience programming SPI so this is not the issue)

The bios version is the latest from Intel

Note: the updated bios with UBU works fine, only the uCodes padding is causing a problem. The manual modded virgin bios with only the uCodes updated for some reason does not boot.

#22 RE: Intel NUC DCCP847DYE Results by MiesMosel 25.01.2019 19:18


Okay thanks for showing me. I hope, we'll get no problems with this edited v66 (write protection included).

I've got news: I found some incoherences in alignment. Now it should be right.
But I only changed the old microcodes to new ones & subtracted the overcrowed space. I've done no checksum correction.

@Lost_N_BIOS please could you check my changes with your skills ...

Edit: Rebuild version added. Should be fine for testing to flash ... or, L'n'B?

Datei: Winbond_W25Q64_00-7FFFFF_Rebuild.bin
CRC-32: 79e03a2b
MD4: 1199275909ab4d581adac7a19f58404a
MD5: 8ce537dc8222714db19c6f53de759377
SHA-1: 086c6f18cf8b793ecfe1b1cbf09a53f9eb853998

#23 RE: Intel NUC DCCP847DYE Results by ricktendo 25.01.2019 20:30


Tested "Rebuild" first, this one did not boot...

Tested "New" and this one seems to work, the CPU info Bios also shows correctly and UBU shows all the uCodes as latest

Can you tell me the steps you did to replace the uCodes in case I need to in the future?

Thank you both for all your help!

#24 RE: Intel NUC DCCP847DYE Results by ricktendo 25.01.2019 20:39


Update: When I attempt to update the "New" bin with UBU I get the following

parseFile: invalid data checksum 56h, should be DEh

Edit: The UBU checksum error does not happen with "Rebuild," but this bin is bad as it will not boot.

#25 RE: Intel NUC DCCP847DYE Results by Lost_N_BIOS 26.01.2019 07:07


@ricktendo - That checksum can be corrected, or ignored since it's working now, but I would correct it (it's microcode data checksum) @MiesMosel - it's at 11h in the header, or you can correct and test ricktendo (@ 002804b9h when viewing the entire BIOS in hex)

@MiesMosel - thanks! Could you tell me what was wrong with the BIOS (microcodes) at post #8 or #10 (Should be same, just #8 have vBIOS update also, #10 did not)
Everything looks same as mine, except you put replacements in original locations, is that the key? Usually that doesn't matter as long as rest is aligned/proper and FIT fixed if present.
I thought about doing that too, but wasn't sure it would matter, and thought maybe I had wrong offset values or something, but looks like we used same (800h multiples)

I checked your "NEW" only, since he said other failed. Looks fine to me, except I would fix that checksum

#26 RE: Intel NUC DCCP847DYE Results by MiesMosel 26.01.2019 11:38


Thanks Lost_N_BIOS for the informations about MCs checksum, that's what I like to know more.
I'll have a look @ 11h in the header (002804B9h in whole bios).

I only exchanged the microcodes by hex-editor with beeing aware of the 800h alignment (800h+800h=1000h).
If a MC is x400h (p.e. 2400h/3400h) long, then it needs an additional 400h (with FFs) block before the next MC.
And this additional 400h-block you have to subtract/delete from the FFs after the whole microcode-section (below 206A7).

What I have seen by extraction through MMTool, there's a header before the whole microcodes section/block (1818h length). If microcodes are changed, the (checksum in the) header may has to be changed, too. Edit: Done!

With UEFITool_NE and FIT option I have no experience, but maybe I could learn from you. Edit: Okay, found your Guide.

#27 RE: Intel NUC DCCP847DYE Results by MiesMosel 26.01.2019 12:42


So I'm happy to understand now 8-bit checksum.

Here's the checksum-patched BIOS-file. Give it a try.
Edit: And the same one with updated (modded) OROMs by UBU.

#28 RE: Intel NUC DCCP847DYE Results by ricktendo 26.01.2019 16:46


Thank you for all your help @MiesMosel and @Lost_N_BIOS, the patched bios with the uCode is now updated and working PERFECTLY!

I have updated the rest of the components with UBU (no more checksum error,) also the Intel MEI, and VBIOS... The CPU info is displaying bug is no more and info is displaying normally in the Intel Visual BIOS

#29 RE: Intel NUC DCCP847DYE Results by Lost_N_BIOS 26.01.2019 21:20


Thanks @MiesMosel - I kept original microcode module overall size exact same, so nothing should have needed removed at the end, mine same size as yours, and alignment same too. So I think keeping original locations was the key why yours worked and mine failed this time, don't you agree?
Please show mw the header you mean, that's way to long to be a header, and only thing I see before microcode is a padding file of 18h and before that is a PEI module 53695C7A-BE6C-4724-A2D9-19B16E6FC202. Microcode volume itself has a header of 18h too, that's the one I mentioned to change in my previous post.
UEFITool NE Alpha will always detect if checksum is wrong there, and you can either "rebuild" with UEFITool regular, or use the value UEFITool NE gives you and manually change. Is one of those 18h headers the one you mean? The microcode header was at 11h on the microcode volume itself, or at 2804b9h on entire file in hex

No _FIT_ module in this one so nothing to fix there this time. Thanks for reminding me of my guide, I need to update that due to it's now much easier to fix manually because of updates to UEFITool NE

@ricktendo - you're welcome, but seems MiesMosel got this one all correct for you, thanks again @MiesMosel

#30 RE: Intel NUC DCCP847DYE Results by ricktendo 13.05.2019 07:10


@Lost_N_BIOS Can you please do me a favor and update the uCode of my bios again to preserve the padding, latest UBU still cannot upgrade them properly like you can


Here is the desired Before and After

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