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#31 RE: Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD5H-BK BIOS upgrade by thinking 09.02.2019 08:42

Sorry,Because of curiosity,I flashed biosby using fptw64.exe -f Z97X-UD3H.f10b. and now WIN10 activation displays 0xc0000022 by any serial number entered. Does it mean that BIOS has been damaged?
If I want to restore the computer as normal, do I need to use the backup command fptw64.exe -f Z97X-UD3H.f10b from another same motherboard, and then refresh my own computer?

#32 RE: Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD5H-BK BIOS upgrade by Lost_N_BIOS 09.02.2019 09:50


@thinking - I told you not to do that, why did you go ahead?? I almost didn't link FPT assuming you might, but went ahead so you could read and learn, but I guess you didn't read anything before using (Since no backup first).
No, there may be no way to restore your original windows activation now. I can put back in your old serial and LAN MAC in a stock BIOS, or a dump from another same board, that might get your windows activation back, if it's not also tied to UUID,
Before you flash any BIOS you need to make a backup. Do you have any backups? if yes, reflash those using FPT again. Unsure if Qflash or AFU backups contain system details like you need, but I do think universal BIOS backup toolkit backups do, and of course FPT backups do if you made a FPT backup.

#33 RE: Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD5H-BK BIOS upgrade by thinking 09.02.2019 10:34

@ Lost_N_BIOS
sorry,I...... forgot to make a backup.

This Z97X motherboard has dual BIOS. I guess the fptw64e command line affects master bios,and slave BIOS is OK ? But is there a fptw64e command line that backup slave BIOS ?
Could't I get it back ? IF this method failed,what parameters do I need to provide for you to please modify the BIOS?

#34 RE: Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD5H-BK BIOS upgrade by Lost_N_BIOS 10.02.2019 17:33


@thinking, I forgot about the backup BIOS! You can make it reflash the main BIOS, this will recovery your UUID and serial possibly if you are lucky.
No, FPT only writes to the enabled BIOS at that time, main. Does this board have BIOS switches, or just dual BIOS and you can't switch from one to the other, or switch from dual to single? If it has switches, just switch to the other BIOS and make a FPT backup, then switch back to main and reflash that backup to main.

PS/2 keyboard is best for this, but if no PS/2 port on that board you can try USB 2.0 keyboard and these hotkeys at boot time, right where you'd normally start pressing Del to enter BIOS. If you get boot menu, reboot and keep trying
Alt+F10 to copy main to backup / Ctrl+F10 to copy backup to main - If I have those backwards it's OK, let me know and stop it, reboot and do the other way. If you get the "Swap BIOS" screens, reboot and use ALT+F11 or F12 instead, same for if you see screen say "Copying main to backup"
ALT/CTRL + F11 and F12 also have function, but I forget which all is which on UEFI BIOS No matter what, If you get it going, and you see it's wrong way (ie backup to main) you can immediately shut it off because during that initial process when it first starts it's only copying the BIOS into memory to perform the operation.
It's Ok to shut it down real quick if it's going backwards from what you want. If that happens, do the other way instead.

#35 RE: Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD5H-BK BIOS upgrade by thinking 12.02.2019 12:22

Thank you again,you are really a nice man.
All problems seems to be solve out now.
First,still sorry for my terrible poor english,I still only understood parts of your's reply now.
In your article, key combination "Alt+F10" to copy main to backup and another key combination "Ctrl+F10" ,both of two key combinations I think could be apply to from GIGABYTE UEFI BIOS to Z97series(intel 9 series chips) mainboard, after intel 100 series chips they are ineffective.As regards key combination ALT/CTRL + F11 and F12 may should be apply to GIGABYTE legacy BIOS.All these my perceptions may be right?

But this time I used none of these key combinations.I used a interesting program to solved my problem which only could run under DOS system.
This program named DUALEFI that I got it from a member of smxdiy forum who got it from GIGABYTE.
DUALEFI could swap and active main and slave BIOS by command line
dualefi /p #view which BIOS is on now
dualefi /c 1 or dualefi /c 2 #swap main BIOS(c 1) or slave BIOS (c 2)
If you need it,how can I give you?because I am in a country with national firewall,so most of foreign netdisk I can't use.

From this matter I known both of two GIGABYTE BIOSs are same,like mirror,and in GIGABYTE BIOS there is no serial but has MAC address.

#36 RE: Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD5H-BK BIOS upgrade by PitKoz 07.08.2019 03:18


@thinking use any of media communicators, like skype, messenger, facebook messenger, maybe this will work for transfer file of 1 Mb or less if zipped or rared. You can as well delete the extension and send a pure file. You may try to attach file here as an attachment with the trick I mentioned.

#37 RE: Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD5H-BK BIOS upgrade by thinking 07.08.2019 03:38

Thank you for your proposal,PitKoz.This post is nearly half a year old I have almost forgotten.

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