#1 [Request] Searching for a good Z170 or Z270 Mainboard with 8th & 9th Gen CPU Support by imbatman 28.12.2018 05:35

What is the best z170 or z270 board to buy with support of 8th & 9th gen cpu

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#2 RE: [Question] by Lost_N_BIOS 28.12.2018 06:53


I've moved this to the off-topic forum @imbatman - since it has nothing to do with "Already modified BIOS" where you initially posted it.
I am not quite sure this is the correct location for it either, but the already modified BIOS section of the forum should be reserved for finished BIOS threads and their discussions.

#3 RE: [Question] by imbatman 28.12.2018 10:03

My apologies mate
Thanks for putting it in the correct section

#4 RE: [Question] by Lost_N_BIOS 28.12.2018 14:29


It's OK, and you're welcome! Hopefully someone will see it here now and be able to offer you some board selection advices!

#5 RE: [Question] by oldirdey 29.12.2018 02:26

Try to get ASRock Z170 OCF or MOCF. For both boards you can get bios files with 8 and 9th gen support.

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