#1 [OFFER] DeLL Vostro 3700 Bios A12 ( FuLL Advanced menu, Hybrid option Disabled or Enabled) by DoZe 25.11.2018 19:32

Some works i've done 2 years ago, i put here :


In First, flash the bios with the A12 regular version BEFORE flashing the modded one.

Yes, you need to check "programming all blocks"

#2 RE: [OFFER] DeLL Vostro 3700 Bios A12 by DoZe 25.11.2018 19:34

in case of total Failure :

Do this in first, (Cmos reset)
Disconnect the system from external power source, remove main battery on a laptop.
Remove the computer cover and locate the CMOS coin cell battery
Disconnect the coin cell battery
Press the power button for at least 10 seconds to drain all residual power from the system
Re-connect the coin cell battery
Assemble the unit and verify functionality
Of course, set date and time, etc... and option you need
i repeat : certain bios option can hang at boot, or do a blackscreen. (need to re-do the cmos reset)

IF and ONLY this steps not work, Go for bios recovery procedure, here it is :

1. Download the file attached with this post
2. Format an Usb key (if this one have a led, it's convenient to see the process during recovery) in FAT32 format without any file (no boot,etc...)
3. Unzip the file on the Usb key without changing the name, it's very important !
4. Remove the battery AND Unplug the AC adapter
5. Plug the USB key on your laptop
5. Hold the "END" key and plug the AC adapter
6. The computer start by itself and normally, must read the usb key (this is why a led on usb is cool)
7. The computer ask if he can flash the bios (allow it, but i suppose you're not mad,lol)
8. Normally at the end, the computer restart and you stop to hate me

PS : the MD5 of Winery70.hdr : ca14e2bf276cb50746901bec41d73c73 and for FinaLA12FuLL.rom : 795b2296fef7f86674d1da098dfee505

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