#1 Zend Studio Basic 10.6 sale! by Hilbert 23.05.2014 15:52

You can buy a used Zend Studio Basic 10.6 with 1 year support and updates. Send my a pm if you are interested!

#2 RE: Zend Studio Basic 10.6 sale! by Fernando 23.05.2014 17:55


Hello Hilbert,

I am delayed in your case, but nevertheless I don't want to forget to welcome you at Win-RAID Forum!

Side note:
Although you have posted your offer into the "Off Topic" section of my Forum, such posts are not really welcome here. This is an "AHCI/RAID Drivers and BIOS Modding Support Forum" and no "Offer and Request Bazar".
It would be better, if such offers generally will be put into the signature of the Forum member instead of posting them.


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