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#16 RE: problem in installing windows 7 by AAF 24.09.2018 12:03

windows 10 is running in my laptop good but i have alot of death screen blue error alot
i don't mean my laptop is not running at all
i need change windows 10 by windows 7
that all
my windows every time i run vedio or sometime browsing it have blue screen

memmory mangemment error
so what the slovition

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#17 RE: problem in installing windows 7 by Lost_N_BIOS 24.09.2018 13:02


Are you sure your memory is not failing? Run Memtest86+ in DOS overnight or while you work for 8-10+ hours

#18 RE: problem in installing windows 7 by AAF 24.09.2018 13:49

ok i will do it

#19 RE: problem in installing windows 7 by Lost_N_BIOS 24.09.2018 14:05


Best to make sure it's not that, memory fail sometimes, and this will rule out operating system problems since it will be in DOS

#20 RE: problem in installing windows 7 by AAF 25.09.2018 21:00

i can't boot from bios
how can i used Memtest86+

#21 RE: problem in installing windows 7 by Lost_N_BIOS 26.09.2018 06:23


Boot from DOS using USB with DOS on it, here is little guide I made for someone - <Request> Flagship X470 Gaming 7 Wifi Motherboard BIOS Fix

#22 RE: problem in installing windows 7 by izzy2004 27.11.2019 23:24


Fernando! I thought you retired haha, cant stay away can you?

And about the thread.I had this problem many times as well the issue lies with how you are flashing the image. Windows 7 natively hates uefi, if you really want it you can keep trying. I got it to work once but it required modding the installation file. Basically you want to throw your iso into rufus and use mbr and ntfs. And as others said in bios you can set to legacy csm boot. It should work but you are gonna be using MBR. On older motherboards also UEFI is simply not possible due to some kind of graphics issue when the installer. I have a z68 motherboard and uefi is a no go.

Hope this helps

#23 RE: problem in installing windows 7 by Fernando 27.11.2019 23:52


If you want to get Win7 installed in UEFI mode using the GUIMode Partition Table (GPT) instead of the Master Boot Record (MBR), you should follow >this< or >this< guide.
The graphic issue can be solved by inserting a matching GopDriver module into the BIOS (if you use the iGPU of the CPU) or by flashing a matching firmware into the third party graphics card.
By the way: With my old Z68 chipset mainboard (ASUS P8Z68-V) I had no problem to get Windows Operating Systems from Win7 up installed in UEFI mode.

#24 RE: problem in installing windows 7 by izzy2004 28.11.2019 00:06


I used your UBU utiity to update the BIOS and as far as I remember the utility did it automatically. Thats actually quite interesting I may try that next time I do a secure erase. My Z68 is the Evga one.

But no I don't want Uefi it's always a pain and I will stay legacy till the end. I very much don't like what modern OS's are turning into. I sometimes work on a Windows Server 2019 RDP and the whole control panel is a mess and all the settings buttons seem clunky. The only good parts are the W7 parts which stayed the same such as gpedit. And Windows was always sacred.. Having to run debloat scripts to kill telemetry and all the junk is just blasphemy. Lack of space cadet 3d pinball is also troubling.

But I must say thank you Fernando for all your threads on here you really inspired me to mod the heck out of every device I have and slap 4 SSDs into raid 0. I just wish to finally learn how to do similar things to my lenovo laptops. Something as simple as find the bios developer menu is cryptic. I did eventually do all the mods I wanted but I used other peoples modules for the actual effect.

#25 RE: problem in installing windows 7 by Win7Man 24.09.2021 19:17

Hi all.

I'm new here. It was suggested to me I should make it my first stop for trying to get Windows 7 Ultimate installed on my new ASUS G512LV. So far I have had just enough success for Windows 7 to load and run but a number of device drivers are missing, most notably display, keyboard and PCIe. So, I can use it to a very limited extent with a wireless mouse and a virtual on-screen keyboard but this is like hanging on a thread. The pun is unintended but seems good.

I'd like to know what any members here need from me if they think they can help me get the rest of the way with my installation. I got this far by using a tool to slipstream a USB 3.0 driver and NVMe driver into the install. However, I feel that more needs to be slipstreamed to make it work. I have been pointed to a site that gives me the tech specs and lists drivers that are good for Windows 10, but there's a process to follow and I know relatively nothing compared to you guys and Fernando, who it seems fields a lot of these Windows 7 requests.

The site that lists the drivers is "laptop drivers lib 2021 /01 ASUS ROG Strix G15". I'm not allowed to provide the actual link so I'm not sure how this will work for those who want to check it out. I guess many of you will know about that site!

I have downloaded all those listed into a folder but as to what next to do is I think a discovery process and I know there may be several tips and tricks to make the install go through fully. In the end it seems to me that there are many people out there who are just fed up with Windows 10 and having seen what's coming with Windows 11 decided they want to revert to an OS that is more functional for their needs. In my case I can't afford to change hardware and software costing several thousand pounds. I wonder if anyone is interested in making a tool to help us legacy people. ASUS have a tool called EZ Installer which it appears, at least up to 2019 was intended to assist customers wanting to install Windows 7, but it would appear its not up to date enough to do the job. I wonder if there is a set of drivers that are standard enough to allow many of us Windows 7 users to use to enable us to get through the install.

Many thanks to you all.

#26 RE: problem in installing windows 7 by Win7Man 24.09.2021 20:37


Forgive my cheek but you sound like a person with perhaps the best chance of helping me sort out my Windows 7 install :). I've been battling on an ASUS ROG Strix G15 laptop and in over a month, all I've been able to achieve is Windows 7 booting up without the capacity for me to use the trackpad or keyboard and the PCIe and One of the Video drivers is missing. I have been avidly reading and noting the advice you are providing and I think it is a lesson that Microsoft ought to learn with their terrible support system that I've hardly ever found an answer or anything really useful. I see what people experience from some of the Microsoft agents and it appears to me they just want to create an interaction but not really well committed as to whether it goes anywhere or helps the user beyond the most bizarre instructions to do the kind of tasks that people who go to that site will have done before they had their cornflakes.

My problem is weird. I am almost there and think I know the way I achieved that and it might be that this is a puzzle that needs assembling by the contribution of the many. So, I get as far as Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 started and capable to do tasks like open close Explorer, copy or rename files, installing a program, using diskpart etc. But no keyboard or mouse. Missing video driver and missing all the functionality of PCIe because there is no driver for that whole device tree.

I think we've all reached a conclusion we need to develop an approach to solving this to provide as much functionality to Windows 7 users, in a package or a package of instructions together with the files. In my reading I understand that not much can be achieved by slipstreaming a greater number of drivers, and, if I have it right, the best route is to install the exe files in Windows in the standard way of adding a driver that's not in Windows' driver library. Am I right so far? Perhaps we could look at this in a bit more detail so users can follow the process and even before a tool is developed, follow those instructions and provide feedback as to the outcome for them and any steps necessary to achieve that.

Is it helpful if I post some images?

#27 RE: problem in installing windows 7 by infuscomus 25.09.2021 04:57


sure, post images if you like.

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