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#16 RE: Microcode Update of Insyde UEFI BIOSes by MiesMosel 28.08.2018 19:18


I think the ME FW does not belong to the BIOS-file, or?
I didn't flash the ME FW, because I don't know how to do so. Could you do that @Lost_N_BIOS ?

mod6 incl. ironlake vbos (by Rainer) + new MCs (by MiMo)

!! I give no guarantee/warranty for using/flashing this BIOS file, but I made it with best surposes by using PhoenixTool v2.73 !!

#17 RE: Microcode Update of Insyde UEFI BIOSes by FPSUsername 28.08.2018 20:50


I can't update ME FW using the ME update tool for windows or dos, it tells me this: Error 8719: Firmware update cannot be initiated because Local Firmware update is disabled

I don't know what kind of module file you included in the first one where you can flash bios + me

#18 RE: Microcode Update of Insyde UEFI BIOSes by MiesMosel 28.08.2018 21:04


I guess the ME FW could be updated later ... by using USB-Stick or somehow else ...

#19 RE: Microcode Update of Insyde UEFI BIOSes by Lost_N_BIOS 28.08.2018 21:04


Yes, this BIOS contains ME and there is separate EC FW update included too (KBCA123A.rom) this is not ME FW

Please tell me which BIOS here you want to use as final, so I know which to update ME in, and which file to unlock local FW Update, thanks! Never mind, I will use BIOS posted above at #16
First, we need to enable local FW Update, so hopefully I can do that and then you will flash that BIOS first, then reboot and flash again the ME (either via BIOS update again or via FPT or FWupdate tool)

Or, BIOSME.bat should also be able to update the ME. Did you run that, and if yes, what error did it give you?
This may give error, or not update, since same version already flashed probably. Will need to try this batch file after mod BIOS with update ME

Can you run meinfowin from one of these packages, not sure which is correct so you may need to try both.
Run meinfowin from a command prompt (at root folder that contains meinfowin.exe select folder, hold shift and then right click and choose open command prompt here), then show the output image, thanks!rVt3jJCC!-l2IP-MnuK993...pxzSkz78XBCXfwU!fUkkBYBD!8jD334vWra6Ty...ZQTnhbtd9gKkkR4

Apologies, I have to leave and will not be able to get to this until tonight, but don't worry I can get it fixed for you one way or another!

#20 RE: Microcode Update of Insyde UEFI BIOSes by winactive 28.08.2018 23:42

Cannot even find some of the tools you mention here and I am searching everywhere.

I have given up on Acer they are useless. Need to modify an InsydeH20 and I can't find EzH20 v2.1.0.13

I don't want to make a request without trying myself first. The above would be extremely useful the older version just gives an error.

#21 RE: Microcode Update of Insyde UEFI BIOSes by Lost_N_BIOS 29.08.2018 11:45


I am not sure what you mean, can't find tools mentioned? I linked the tools I mentioned for you to use, sending you a PM not about EZH20, I do not find these tools useful or trustworthy to flash post-edit with, but you can try if you feel brave and have recovery tools in hand.

What tool did I mention that you cannot find? Did you maybe mean the BIOSME.bat batch file? If so, that is inside the stock BIOS download, in the DOS folder. And if using, that batch file may need edited to reflect this BIOS versions ME before using as it is.

Here is BIOS with updated ME (but not latest version, only vs stock was, but still need meinfowin image from you, here is meinfowin to run

For latest version ME (, that can only be done on you end via FW update tool, because there is no RGN files to use to put in BIOS, only UPD files which should only be used by end user to update FW locally using FW Update tool (I'll help you with this later)

On the ME FW Update tool, see here first, it may be cause of your 8179 error -
Depending on how/where you are running the tools and with what files (ie what ME you are trying to use to update the ME FW With, what commands you are using etc?)

ME FW update is not something to mess with, if you do it wrong you will have a bricked device until you can get a flash programmer to recover, so tread carefully!

Once your updated to this BIOS, I will help you with latest ME FW UPD file, using ME FW update tool (FWUpdLcl)
If we cannot get it still due to error above, with the files I'll send you, then I can show you method to change those blocks via grub booting method.

#22 RE: Microcode Update of Insyde UEFI BIOSes by FPSUsername 29.08.2018 12:14


I do have EzH2O v2.1.0.13 on my mega cloud.

@Lost_N_BIOS I use mod3 bios from post 14 (don't know what mod6 is).

Results of MEInfoWin

I don't want to risk flashing mod6, so I'll wait till you update mod3 (please explain the differences if you know them).

I tried updating the ME FW using a resetted bios, but no luck, same issue.

#23 RE: Microcode Update of Insyde UEFI BIOSes by Lost_N_BIOS 29.08.2018 13:06


Mod3 vs mod6, I assume was explained in the original thread wasn't it? Anyway, I assumed mod6 latest vs mod3 older, and since MiesMosel was using Mod6 in post above I went with that. Will redo with mod3 later, sorry for my confusion.

In your BIOS, do you have any ME or AMT/MEBx options, please look in all pages. Also, can you enter MEBx, by hitting Control+P many times during bootup, where you would normally try to enter BIOS and continue pressing the combo many times until you see windows loading, then you know it's not working.
If you do get into MEBx via Control+P or find BIOS options with ME or AMT/MEBx look for ME update or local ME FW update etc and set enable. If none of that works, and the below fails too, I will help you figure out via booting to grub tomorrow and disabling locks

What command and what file are you using when trying to use FW update tool (FWUpdLcl)? This should only be used with ME UPD files, this is the command to use >> fwupdlcl -f me.bin
Here is the latest UPD File, you can try this with the above command (Rename file to me.bin) -

Also, from your flash programming tools package, can you run the following commands from "Flash Programming Tool" package at win or win32 folder, and post the error images for each where I can see the command given and error in same image, and upload the output files, thanks
fptw -d spi.bin
fptw -me -d me.bin
fptw -desc -d desc.bin

#24 RE: Microcode Update of Insyde UEFI BIOSes by plutomaniac 29.08.2018 13:57


A quick note: wrong Engine tools are being used. For Ibex Peak you must use IBX System Tools.

#25 RE: Microcode Update of Insyde UEFI BIOSes by FPSUsername 29.08.2018 14:44


I'll try what you just mentioned and edit this message further on. The differences between mod3/mod6 was never mentioned, the dev only said to use mod3.

The bios has no ME or AMT/MEBx options. Only a couple of timeout settings, cpu control settings, power management and break events
Ctrl + p does nothing on boot
using the -f flag is not valid for the windows fw update program (fwupdlcl -f me.bin)

Results from "Flash Programming Tools" (same using DOS bootable):
(desc.bin is attached inside a zip file)

#26 RE: Microcode Update of Insyde UEFI BIOSes by Lost_N_BIOS 29.08.2018 21:57


Thanks @plutomaniac

I linked those tools earlier for meinfowin, did you mean I am using wrong FIT when inserting ME FW, or are you only referring to image in post #22 (I see that now, thanks)? I used Intel ME System Tools v6 IBX r2\Flash Image Tool\, and sent FWUpdLcl from the same package.
local FW update locked, hoping this is not BIOS bug as you've seen before I noticed when searching here. If we can't get FWUpdLcl to update the FW, and setup_Var edit doesn't unlock, do you know other options aside from flash programmer?

I see the following two options I can edit in setup module of BIOS or have him modify via setup_var in grub, but in that same module I also see the Local FW Update at Unicode in hex, but this does not appear in IFR output so I cannot find location to enable/disable that.
Setting: Ignition ME Protect & Setting: Ignition ME Check Inform

See also below comment, about sysinfo, thanks!

@FPSUsername please be sure you are using this package (Intel ME System Tools v6 IBX r2) for all tools (FWUpdLcl, meinfowin etc) -!rVt3jJCC!-l2IP-MnuK993...pxzSkz78XBCXfwU
OK, I will redo edit tonight with mod3

This BIOS package from manufacturer comes with tools to update ME from windows, but it looks like it only uses a command sysinfo.exe SMI_disable.cfg during EC FW Update not ME, so it's possibly the insydeflash disables any lock for ME since it is called after sysinfo.exe SMI_Enable.cfg is called post disable previously.

We'll get there, just take time to find correct method since I do not have system in hand.

#27 RE: Microcode Update of Insyde UEFI BIOSes by plutomaniac 30.08.2018 14:13


Yes I meant the picture I saw at post #22. OEMs can lock the use of FWUpdate via the BIOS so it's an option, not a bug. You can use the usual IFR trick but if that doesn't work you either use a programmer or find a way to unlock the FD and use FPT. Obviously, for anything non-FWUpdate, the user must follow the Engine CleanUp Guide to clean & re-configure the ME firmware.

#28 RE: Microcode Update of Insyde UEFI BIOSes by Lost_N_BIOS 30.08.2018 17:57


Thanks! Cleanup guide was used in above BIOS I changed out ME in, however I am unable to find "ME Local FW Update" option via IFR (Only seen in hex), but the above two mentioned settings do show up in IFR >> Ignition ME Protect & Setting: Ignition ME Check Inform, but I am unable to tell what is default value so cannot change
So I am not sure we can even try changing anything via hex or setup_var, since I am unable to find a variable for this setting to use in grub, nor a location to edit via hex from IFR for Local FW Update. The DOS And windows updater from manufacturer updates ME though, so it is possible, unless that gets blocked due to modified BIOS Check.

@FPSUsername - here is same edit to mod3 BIOS from post #14 - After BIOS flash, please check ME version via meinfowin and see if it updated or not. How you are you updating the BIOS anyway, what tool/command?
Try from DOS using the included batch file, put all files in the dos folder into the root of your DOS USB/CD then run the batch file. Choose flashall if asked. If that fails, update your usual way. Wait - see below on windows flasher!

Or, I also included an edited windows flasher, with batch file edited set to update ME and set to re-write the flash descriptor (Which I set to all unlocked)
So this may get it all done in one swoop, update the ME to version I put in BIOS, and then unlock your descriptor region so all regions in the FD are unlocked for read/write. Run DPJ.bat to update in windows

And here is command to use FW Update tool, sorry about previous I was unaware -f was not used in ver 6 >> fwupdlcl me.bin << If that fails try fwupdlcl me.bin -generic
Make sure you are using FW Update tool from this package >> Intel ME System Tools v6 IBX r2 (Included in above package)
If updating with this ME UPD, do after all BIOS flashing is done.

#29 RE: Microcode Update of Insyde UEFI BIOSes by FPSUsername 30.08.2018 20:24


Okay, bios update succeed, I can't run meinfowin, but in dos mode it gives me this:
FW Version: (Yep, FW is updated)

but here's the problem:
Local FWUpdate: Disabled
I still can't update to 6.0.50.XXXXXXXX in windows or DOS.

Besides that, I couldn't do the windows bios update because it told me that this bios isn't for my laptop (so DOS mode it is).

About meinfowin, I get this in an admin cmd window.
Error 9270: Fail to load driver (PCI access for Windows)
Tool needs to run with an administrator privilege account.

Oh and I don't know what happened, but first I did BIOSME.bat, which resulted in my pc restarting, then I did BIOS.bat which updated the bios.

#30 RE: Microcode Update of Insyde UEFI BIOSes by Lost_N_BIOS 30.08.2018 20:58


OK, great, some progress. BIOSME.bat is supposed to restart the PC, then run it again (I think, sorry for not mentioning). That or it did it's thing on restart already, it does that to update the EC and possibly ME.
But, I hoped you would run the update in windows folder though, please do that after the below (DPJ.bat), this way flash descriptor gets written to unlocked.

None of that matters now though, ME is updated from within the BIOS to latest RGN. So now we only need to try to move forward on getting the ME updated via fwupdlcl
First, lets make sure ME State is reset. Go into the system tools package for IBX you download previously, and open command prompt at the flash programming tool >> Windows folder, and run fptw.exe -greset
If that fails, which it shouldn't, then remove all power for 1+ minute. This means unplug PSU From the wall, remove CMOS battery, and then press and hold power on switch for 10-20 seconds, then let sit for 1+ minutes.
Then put CMOS batter back, plug in PSU and then enter BIOS and load optimized/optimal/setup defaults

Then please run the DPJ.bat from within the windows folder of the files I sent you. Then once it's done, boot to BIOS and again load optimal/optimized whatever that is called in your BIOS

Then in the folder I sent you, launch command prompt a FWUpdate >> Windows and enter this command >> FWUpdLcl.exe me.bin
This should update ME to the included If that fails, try again with this command >> FWUpdLcl.exe me.bin -generic

If those both fail, lets check if hopefully the windows BIOS update did as desired and unlocked the FD.
To check that please run the following from the Intel Flash Programming IBX Tools package at flash programming tool >> Windows folder open command prompt and run the commands below again and upload image of all commands and output or errors and upload the new files again (delete all old if you have
fptw -d spi.bin
fptw -me -d me.bin
fptw -desc -d desc.bin

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