#1 Strange Lag when using RAID0 by tecnogaming 08.05.2014 03:10

Hello people, I got to this forum after navigating the whole web, no one seems to be experiencing my problem.

When I use IRST drivers in RAID0 with my two Vertex 460 drivers (fairly new) at 240 x 2 system feels laggy.

The best way to describe this is, opening a firefox window and opening multiple tabs, I got the hdd light activity fully on, task manager says 50% disk usage and raid seems to be doing almost nothing. System become very laggy.

When I install windows on a separate SSD with the RAID0 SDD (128k stripe) problem is minimized, but when I do the manual trim on the Optimize Drive in Windows 8.1 the single drive do it instantly, the RAID0 setup takes about 10 minutes.

Be aware this are 2 new drives, barely 100gb of transfer done on testing. If I remove the raid0 and do a manual trim on each drive it does it instantly, so this is something that is happening when they are in RAID.

Current system is a Gigabyte X79S-UP5-WIFi with Intel C606 (basically a X79 with SAS controller enabled).

The 2 raid0 disk are onto the SATA3 ports (6gbps) and the Vertex 4 drive that boots windows is on the first SATA2 port.

I used 13.1.1052 drivers for IRST (the latest one here) and this happens with another revisions too.

Any ideas?

#2 RE: Strange Lag when using RAID0 by Fernando 08.05.2014 11:42


@ tecnogaming:
Welcome at Win-RAID Forum!

Although it is not easy to find the reason for your problem without knowing the details of your configuration and settings, here are some advices:

  1. If you want to get full performance benefit from your RAID0 array, you should install the OS (which one?) onto the RAID0 array by using the Intel SATA3 ports and boot off it.
  2. It may not be a good idea to use with an X79 system the newest Intel RST(e) drivers of the v13 series, which are primarily designed for Intel 9-Series Chipsets.

Additional question:
Have you ever tried to create an Intel RST Enterprise RAID0 array by using the DEV_2826 Intel RAID ROM and the RSTe drivers v3/v4?


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