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#181 RE: Asmedia 104x USB 3.0 firmware by lordkag 17.11.2015 22:11


Here is the patched file. You must flash it according to this guide. You need to understand that you are the first person testing this method, there is no guarantee that it will work. I did my best at figuring the structure and disassembling the module, this time there was no guessing involved. But you never know. As a side note, the patched file is also responsible for updating the Marvell Firmware (even though it is placed in different GUIDs). I'm assuming it is the same case with missing chip, only BIOS modding can help you update the Marvell Firmware. Obviously, I haven't updated anything else besides ASMedia firmware to 140124_10_10_04, to minimize the risks.

#182 RE: Asmedia 104x USB 3.0 firmware by tom5151 17.11.2015 23:08

I've flashed your patched bios file (using flashback procedure) and YEEEESSS, you're the one !
You did your best and you did it very well, thanks a lot.
If you feel confident with marvel update, let me know if I have to check something on my MB before trying a second patch ;)
Thanks again for your precious time and work.

#183 RE: Asmedia 104x USB 3.0 firmware by lordkag 18.11.2015 21:21


The Marvell Firmware update is more complicated, but it is their own fault. You should start with >this file<, unpack the archive and place the content of M9230 folder (important!) on the root of your DOS bootable device, then type "go -r" and "go -ra". This should only read the chip content, if any is found. To be on the safe side, please remove ImageA0.bin and ImageA1.bin from bin folder, just to be sure no flashing is done by accident. If you succeed with this step, please upload the saved IMAGE_RAW.bin (for my own repository, research oriented), also keep a backup for your own needs. If you don't succeed, post screenshots of error(s) and also try command "go -ver". Next step is to inform yourself from >this thread< and >this one<. It is not necessary to read all pages, you can even skip them all together, but it will give you an idea of what to expect and why it is difficult. Lastly, if you decide to go with this update, post the requested info in one of the mentioned Marvell threads. This one is for ASMedia USB3.0/3.1 firmware and it has fulfilled its purpose, for your case at least.

#184 RE: Asmedia 104x USB 3.0 firmware by NewROM 20.11.2015 03:43


I took 6 pictures of my MB but I can't find the chip Pm25LD512 that you linked.

Under ASMedia 1042: ISL 6367

Near CHA_FAN3: Nuvoton 3941s and 358 ??67231

Near heatsink: Nuvoton 3941s and RT8120B

Near RAM_SLOT: RT8120B

Near RAM_SLOT (other side): RT9045

Above RAM_SLOT: 358 ??67231 and Nuvoton 3941s

Let me know if you want me to look other place on my MB.
Thanks for your time.

#185 RE: Asmedia 104x USB 3.0 firmware by lordkag 20.11.2015 23:45


The obvious place would have been the empty slot on the left of ASM1042 controller. You can even see the circuits that links them. Since there is no Firmware on the latest BIOS file, could you backup your current BIOS? It can be done with AFUDOS, AFUWIN or Intel FPT. If you can't do it manually, there are prepacked files on MDL, link1 and link2, but it is your responsibility with running them. They are trusted modders, the content of the packages looks OK, but you can never be sure if something slipped without their knowledge or that the tools are harmless.

#186 RE: Asmedia 104x USB 3.0 firmware by shroeder 21.11.2015 11:57

Confirmed, the empty slot connects to SPI_CS, SPI_DI, SPI_CLK and SPI_DO on the ASM1042
See annotated image for details (zooming needed)

Still, an ASM1042 without SPI Flash is new to me.

#187 RE: Asmedia 104x USB 3.0 firmware by NewROM 21.11.2015 22:56

Yes I can backup my current BIOS using Intel FPT. Here is the saved BIOS file.

#188 RE: Asmedia 104x USB 3.0 firmware by lordkag 22.11.2015 00:00


There is nothing either in your backup. It should be easy to find it, by looking for hex 11101700071E.

Try to look for other SOIC8 chips, maybe even under the heatsink. That firmware has to come from a separate chip, unless the ASMedia flasher invented those numbers. But then again, how would your USB3.0 ports work without a firmware?

#189 RE: Asmedia 104x USB 3.0 firmware by shroeder 22.11.2015 23:55

Tip : search for 4x2 chip with xy25abcd or x25abcd.

Also there's seems to be such a chip between CPU_FAN2 and "DDR3 2800+" marking (in this picture at least :

(the ASM1042 has a datecode of week 52 of 2011 so a firmware dated 17 october 2011 seems not completely illogical)

#190 RE: Asmedia 104x USB 3.0 firmware by NewROM 26.11.2015 02:18

I checked whole MB. There are no any other SOIC8 chips even under the heat sink. So where is the asmedia 1042 usb3 firmware?

#191 RE: Asmedia 104x USB 3.0 firmware by lordkag 27.11.2015 00:22


Try to search around the tags containing "USB". Then try to collect all 8-pin chips and search for their names. If the results mention regulators/voltage/fan, skip them. You should find chips of size 128KB = 1Mbit.

#192 RE: Asmedia 104x USB 3.0 firmware by MonarchX 27.11.2015 23:03

I have ASUS P8Z77-V Pro and it comes with ASMedia USB 3.0 1042 (not 1042A). 130125_00_02_01 is supposed to be the latest firmware for 1042, isn't it? I cannot find it anywhere. I can only find 130125_00_02_00... Where can I find 130125_00_02_01 firmware???

#193 RE: Asmedia 104x USB 3.0 firmware by cookie 07.01.2016 23:50

Zitat von emilej im Beitrag #108
Thanks everybody, this was a great help. I can confirm this is working on an Asus P8Z68-V. Wonderful!

i can confirm it also works for an Asus P8Z68-V Gen 3.
1042 controller, flashed it to version 130125_00_02_00.

By the way, I came across this thread when I heard this controller is incompatible with the Oculus Rift.
At least the random usb storage disconnections are gone.

#194 RE: Asmedia 104x USB 3.0 firmware by gpvecchi 09.01.2016 19:31


I updated my 1142 controller with latest firmware found on stationdrivers. Actually my ASRock usb 3.1 front panel has a newer firm, as it's version 15 (versus v14); how can I dump it to share and to flash on the hub of my motherboard?

#195 RE: Asmedia 104x USB 3.0 firmware by Mazzocato 05.02.2016 05:10

Using the /A string on the flash program (104XFWLD.exe /A) I think.

Anyway, @topic
Informing that the ASRock Z97XKiller (Not the Z97XKiller/3.1) has a 1042AE chip. Confirmed that my firmware is the same as Fernando's in Post #90.
But apparently the ASMedia chip only controls de USB3 front panel entrance on the Motherboard. Need to buy and test this.

EDIT by Fernando: Added "@gpvecchi" to let him know, that you have answered his question

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