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#16 RE: Patching ASUS G20CB Bios to support 7th gen I7 by Lost_N_BIOS 13.06.2018 21:04


Well that's not too extreme for the ram, but maybe would be good if you could find some 4Gb or 8GB modules.
2133-2400 shouldn't be causing issues, now maybe 3000 or above you'd have to play with a little to get stable, but I wouldn't expect them to be causing a non-boot unless 100% incompatible which is rare

I'm always a little concerned when changing AMIBPC sometimes it works fine, other times a single change causes instant failure to boot, and you can never tell which it will be until you start the board and it bricks or not.
So I wouldn't change anything with that until you know it's working, so you can tell if that change causes need to reprogram or not.

That makes sense for the 8pin and 6pin there to be for dedicated, and all the images I find show them in use, since they ship with dedicated card. So they're power out, with cable from there to the dedicated graphics cards?
I couldn't see any of that in the images I found, probably because most people didn't want to take it all the way apart.

What about jumpers set in 2/3 like that first image, did that do anything different, or had you only tested all five on and off?

Lots of variables here, aside from what we're trying to do, you've got to find a gen 6 CPU so we can be sure it's working and setup properly, so we know it's then ready for the rest of this to be implemented and then only the BIOS/CPU is causing failure.
I'd find a cheap G3900/G3930 (I see some of these around $30 right now) or G4400 on ebay. Sorry, overlooked the 6700K mention! It will work by default, BIOS has 2016 microcodes for that CPUID so you'll be set using that as a tester!

I found old vBIOS oRom 1024 in the mod BIOS you uploaded, in that padding #2 section I mentioned previously, here's where to find that

I didn't see anything else off in your BIOS mod, only differences I noticed right away was where we used different versions of the ME and GoP/vBIOS etc

#17 RE: Patching ASUS G20CB Bios to support 7th gen I7 by reactive 14.06.2018 09:42


I know, that 6Gen CPU is only supporting 2133 DDR4, but I thought, that 2400 RAM would be set to 2133... may be or not. We will see. I going to ask our IT devision, if they have such a DDR4 2133 just for testing.

Now I have to wait for the Gen6 until weekend… hmpf.

ok, then I will avoid using AMIBCP as long as I did not verified that 6700k is booting.

The 8 and 6 pin connectors are for dedicated, that right.

I can try such a 2/3 setting, nothing critical should happen, as long as no high end graphics card is plugged in. In that case it doesn´t matter, if 2 PSU or 1 PSU are connected. It is a selection only, what jack is used for powering CPU and all the other stuff. Tested… doesn´t matter, still no boot.

Oh... okay... that was a full updated version, and still 1024? Do I forgot something???? I´ll check my other tries.

#18 RE: Patching ASUS G20CB Bios to support 7th gen I7 by Lost_N_BIOS 14.06.2018 10:58


That's right, anytime (usually) ram is over CPU speed limit like 2400 it would simply downclock via SPD to 2133 or less.
I mainly meant some of the higher end kits sometimes have issues starting up at slower speeds, due to either SPD missing (overwritten with XMP) or lowest SPD is higher than board wants to start with in auto.

2400 should start up fine in this system, either at 2400 or if auto wanted 2133 that would run fine too. Unless there is some specific compatibility issue with the IC's and this systems BIOS, it's rare but stuff like that does happen.
That's why there's often many BIOS updates early on as manufacturers try to adjust BIOS stability and compatibility with new boards and new memory kit launches.

Once you know it works with the 6700K, you can do quick test with that CPU still in there, make one setting change with AMIBCP and then save and reflash it and test.
If it boots after that, then it's OK to make changes with AMIBCP then, be sure to stick to the version you verify is OK in that test.
It's got me a few times before, where I'd think I remember it's OK for xx board BIOS and xx version AMIBCP, then find out nope bricked BIOS due to I forgot no version compatible with that boards BIOS, or needed to use this specific version etc.

That was the file from your dropbox, one looked edited and one did not, but I only checked one thing in it and assumed it wasn't edited, so carried on looking at the other.
You can see in the image the full file name you gave it, 106-Full. Everything else was updated in that BIOS, except the shadow vBIOS there in second padding.
I don't know if it matters or not, since it's not detected by UBU when actually updating, but is shown/detected by UBU when it's first starting up and scanning. I assume since it's there it's used somehow and not simply forgot and left in place by BIOS creators.

#19 RE: Patching ASUS G20CB Bios to support 7th gen I7 by reactive 15.06.2018 10:40


Than it should not an issue on that board, even with a gen6 as it would downclock to 2133.

I don´t think, that i have to change anything, when the 6700k runs. What is working with gen6 should run with gen7 too. Otherwise that bios has some code integrated, that blocks other CPUID´s than gen6 ID´s. Does anyone had such an issue??? It would be conceivable that such a mess exists.

Maybe something went wrong in some of my versions. I will wait… again… for the 6gen CPU. lets see, if it works.

#20 RE: Patching ASUS G20CB Bios to support 7th gen I7 by Lost_N_BIOS 15.06.2018 10:54


Yes, it's more than CPUID and ME, but we've tried to cover all we know about that's necessary. It took a while and many attempts to get similar changeover (Coffee on Sky/Kaby boards) working on regular desktop boards, this one is a odd beast, and I believe the layout may be holding us back, possibly.
I've seen some boards run fine half-modded though, boot with Coffee and PCIE card with only microcode and ME set correctly, so should at least be similar with SKL/Kaby.

There could be some little 0402 resistor messing needed for it to work though, or it needs moved to another spot on the board, something tiny like that could stop what we want, but most other boards (in Asus own lineup) did not need any hard-mods, so I doubt this one does either, but you never know.

Yes, we'll know a lot more once you have the 6700K. How long do you get to use it for testing? We only need a few test really, but would be good if you can keep for a week or so. First you need to test regular non-modified BIOS 2101 latest and be sure this board is working.
Then if OK, we need to test 2101 BIOS with ME update only, to be sure it's OK with the ME's we want to use, then one more test with ME + Microcode update. Once that is all confirmed we know anything else is up to us to either get working, or fail, with the Kaby CPU.
We could add final test there, ME+Microcode+GOP/vBIOS with the 6700K, then if that works too with the older CPU, it really should be working with Kaby otherwise some hardware trace or resistor etc maybe missing.

#21 RE: Patching ASUS G20CB Bios to support 7th gen I7 by reactive 18.06.2018 10:06


Since I will not get the 6700k until Tuesday, because the guy forgot it on weekend, I´m going to checkout the datasheets of gen6 and gen7, if there are one or more pins, that may be different/reserved/to be left open/… I hope there isn´t anything special.

Do you know something about that DIGI+ EPU thing? Could that be the reason why we run against the wall?

If the 6700k is booting to bios, i will update the bios to 2101 using the onboard tools first, than read it out again, and than patch it for the 7700.

#22 RE: Patching ASUS G20CB Bios to support 7th gen I7 by Lost_N_BIOS 18.06.2018 21:02


I never thought of that, and assumed you'd have mentioned in the first post if that was needed. Did you find any info about that yet?

I believe DIGI+EPU is marketing terms, it's power delivery correct? Digitial power delivery vs analog (Cheaper) and the EPU is Euopean power saving features I think, setting you can enable/disable.

Good plan on the 6700K, get a working backup BIOS Dump from the updated BIOS once it's up and running if it does. And post a copy here too so I can start new from there with you.

#23 RE: Patching ASUS G20CB Bios to support 7th gen I7 by reactive 20.06.2018 10:01



here is a short update!

I got the 6700k yesterday! Yeah!

Today I did a quick test. IT WORKS!

It boots to post ("hit F1 or DEL"), of course some errors (fans not rotating, no keyboard…) with the original untouched BIOS chip. I will do more tests, but now I have to work, the are important things, that I have to do.

The most important result is, that the board is fine, and booting with DDR4 - 2400 (set to 2133)

I will be back soon

#24 RE: Patching ASUS G20CB Bios to support 7th gen I7 by Lost_N_BIOS 20.06.2018 11:01


Great, at least we know it's working. Once you get time to play, head into BIOS and see what it says for ME version info, those issues you mention sound like corrupted me (Or FD/ME jumper is enabled)

Yes, it's good to know now that it works with 6700K. Now, when you have time to start playing, first test updating to desired clean/new ME only with current latest BIOS.
You may need to sort the above ME issue out first, if that's what's causing that. But with flash programmer, none of this is an issue, unless you need to move jumper to allow ME to function after reprogramming.

#25 RE: Patching ASUS G20CB Bios to support 7th gen I7 by reactive 21.06.2018 12:33


okay... here I am with some news.

1. Updated BIOS to 2101 as a new base for modification
2. Updated and inserted microcodes for gen6 and gen7 cpu -> board boots with gen6 only
3. Cleaned and Updated ME to -> board boots with gen6 only
4. Updated VBIOS to 1058 and GOP to 9.0.1079 -> board boots with gen6 only

One thing I noticed is different in comparison to the 6700k and 7700. The 7700 gets hotter (>60°C) in a very shorter time, while the 6700k stays at 40 - 45 °C, without any fan mounted. It may occur, because something is not initialized. I hope that the gen7 isn´t scrap.

#26 RE: Patching ASUS G20CB Bios to support 7th gen I7 by Lost_N_BIOS 21.06.2018 12:59


Very nice, that's a lot of testing progress! Did you verify correct ME is now flashed in with Meinfowin?
You'll need to use MEInfoWin from a system tools package that is same version range as the flashed in ME firmware, so one of the ver11 system tools packages

On the vBIOS/GOP, with 6700K did you check rear onboard graphics output and 6700K is OK for onboard GFX with those inserted in BIOS?

It could simply be that CPU is hotter by default, or voltage is not dropping out of a higher start level down to idle like normal due to not loading properly.
We need GOP and vBIOS editing tools with nice GUI like the ME cleanup program! I bet this is the issue. Did you remove that old vBIOS from 2nd padding?

Can you remote into the PC from another PC on your network, once up and running with 7700 installed? I mean, have bootable drive installed where it boots to windows with 6700K, then put in 7700 and let it go till you think windows is loaded, then see if you can see the system in network from another PC.
Also, leave volume up, so you can see if you hear windows loading sounds too.

Thinking maybe these tests can confirm it's booting to windows, but no graphical output.
PCIE may need patched if so, and you'll need to probably PM the user that posted that PCIE patch for coffee and have him look at the board, get details from you with 6700K and device manager, then he can probably advise how to make a new batch or edit the one he posted already.

#27 RE: Patching ASUS G20CB Bios to support 7th gen I7 by reactive 22.06.2018 12:53


Currently it seems that´s not possible to run MEinfoWin, because I do not have a running OS. I have a Win10 Installation USB Key, where I ran the command shell, but running MEinfoWin64 results in Error 86. That´s OK due to missing Intel Chipset drivers, I think.

In Bios I see the ME version I inserted in my BIOS image So I think that should be fine. Of course I replaced the 2. old VBIOS with the new one.

I tested onboard graphics and dedicated graphics everything works fine. Tomorrow I will receive my new 970Pro m2 SSD. Since I know, that board is running, the next steps can be done ;)

To be able to boot after POST I had to install a CPU fan, so my setup on my desk looks more like Frankenstein . With Gen7 installed, that fan never spins down to a normal speed, it runs at max speed the whole time.

Gen7 does not boot, definitively. Checked the status LED on my USB key too and nothing happens.

Before I install my OS, should I update ME to 11.8 ? Will I have any advantage by doing this?

#28 RE: Patching ASUS G20CB Bios to support 7th gen I7 by Lost_N_BIOS 22.06.2018 14:28


You can run MEInfo from DOS. Since correct ME version shows in BIOS though, it's probably OK. But it would be great to check MEinfo in case there is some error or lock/bugged mode shown.
The MEinfo, whatever DOS or windows etc has to come from a package that matches the general ME FW version, system tools 11, only mention in case you didn't notice that.

ME has to be some older version for this to work, but I do not remember how old exactly. I think 11.6.something, more than that and it fails I think so I'd stick to 11.6. They discuss it here somewhere.

Are you sure the 7700 CPU works properly? That fan full speed has always been ME issue for me, when messing with ME updates on various boards, wrong ME or corrupted ME etc
Since it works for you with the other CPU, I doubt it's corrupted, but could be wrong version still?

#29 RE: Patching ASUS G20CB Bios to support 7th gen I7 by jacky400 23.06.2018 15:31

i just updated to 2202 (3/16/2018) but not too sure if it supports 7700k .Did anyone know? (currently running 6700k)

#30 RE: Patching ASUS G20CB Bios to support 7th gen I7 by Lost_N_BIOS 23.06.2018 21:23


@jacky400 - probably not without editing, which may not be possible, that's what we're trying to do here in this thread.
But, that is a new BIOS I had not seen before, still only 2101 on Asus site. Where did you get it? Can you please upload a copy here we can check.

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