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#196 RE: [GUIDE] Coffee Lake CPUs on Skylake and Kaby Lake motherboards by Wolf Larsen 26.05.2018 13:25


Ok I understand.
i3-8350k is much better than i3-8100 due to the higher clock and most of all the larger size of L3 cache.
I don't know why but Afuwin does not work with my motherboards.
Grats! and thanks for info and result screen.

#197 RE: [GUIDE] Coffee Lake CPUs on Skylake and Kaby Lake motherboards by mcf 26.05.2018 14:52

@ Wolf Larsen What I have read and understood is that the newer versions don't have this undocumented /GAN command. (I may be wrong) Trying to flash with Afuwin in ordinary way didn't work (Secure Flash check Fail).
I just noticed that the voltage fed to the cpu was set way too high (1.488V) in auto mode so I had to apply manual override on the core voltage.

#198 RE: [GUIDE] Coffee Lake CPUs on Skylake and Kaby Lake motherboards by Wolf Larsen 26.05.2018 16:51


As for vcore, it's normal. Usually you have to adjust this voltage.

A few years ago I used Afuwin and it worked perfectly. However, as I tried to flash recently, Afuwin didn't work. I tried on two motherboards with the latest and older versions of afudos and afuwin but no luck.
But I think that it will not hurt to try again according to your instructions. I'll let you know.

#199 RE: [GUIDE] Coffee Lake CPUs on Skylake and Kaby Lake motherboards by Dnatwork 26.05.2018 22:58

Well, it turns out those two pins do melt if you don't isolate the pads on the CPU. Fortunately, they are reserved pins, so the fact that they are melted on both my motherboards doesn't seem to keep them from working.

Also, it is very difficult to unbend a pin when you drop things on the socket, bu it can be done with patience and a plastic toothpick.

Anyway, I swapped CPUs to see why the passmark scores were lower on the 8700 than on the 7700k. The 2D graphics are now lower on the 7700k, too, and the disk scores are down just like on the 8700.

Originally, when I got higher scores, I ran the benchmarks in March and April. Now I have newer microcodes and a newer version of Windows 10. My guess is that security upgrades are pulling down performance on both CPUs. But I can't explain the lower disk scores.

Another thing: Watching the clocks in CPUID, I noticed the 7700k runs at 4400 MHz all-core all the time, with the uncore at 4200 much of the time. Sometimes one core even runs at 4500 with all the others still at 4400. The 8700, meanwhile, never shows any core above 4300, and the uncore never above 4000. I suspect that is due to wattage limits; with only 4 cores, the 7700k can put more power into individual cores. Maybe with a Z370 board, the 8700 could get more watts through those extra power pins. But also, the 7700k has a higher wattage limit to begin with (91W TDP versus 65W). Yes, I know that's thermal, not watts, but they're related.

The 2D graphics seem to rely entirely on the CPU, so the higher clocks allow the 7700k to have equal 2D performance to the 8700 despite the extra cores. 3D is slightly faster on the 8700, but only about 5% better.

In total, the 7700k gets system scores from 4275 to 4336 in Passmark, while the 8700 gets system scores over 4500. CPU is about 25% faster thanks to extra cores, but the rest of the system is the same, so the improvement is only about 5% in general use.

The only thing I can still do to get more performance is upgrade to DDR4-2666 RAM. The memory controller is in the CPU, so the 8700 would support faster memory, so I could get a few percent more out of the system. (Upgrading the SSD to NVMe would benefit both CPUs equally, so I don't count that as a way to get more out of the 8700).

#200 RE: [GUIDE] Coffee Lake CPUs on Skylake and Kaby Lake motherboards by mcf 26.05.2018 23:54

@Dnatwork So you saw melted pins on the sockets? Could you post any picture of that?

#201 RE: [GUIDE] Coffee Lake CPUs on Skylake and Kaby Lake motherboards by Dnatwork 27.05.2018 00:51

You don't ask for much, do you?

Took the PC apart again to take photos. I have this 8x magnifier that's kind of difficult to take pictures through, but it came out sort of okay (the third picture). Bent another pin with the scope, but I think I got it back where it belongs.

#202 RE: [GUIDE] Coffee Lake CPUs on Skylake and Kaby Lake motherboards by mcf 27.05.2018 01:21

Were those nicely burnt pins bended too when you check this socket first time? I checked the socket of my board too (after a day of use) and couldn't see anything unusual. I even tried to take some pictures just to realize that my camera is potato.

#203 RE: [GUIDE] Coffee Lake CPUs on Skylake and Kaby Lake motherboards by Dnatwork 27.05.2018 01:40

They’re not bent. The tips are gone. It was other pins that I bent.

#204 RE: [GUIDE] Coffee Lake CPUs on Skylake and Kaby Lake motherboards by kaiwa 27.05.2018 08:34

Can I use the Celeron G4900 G4920 and Pentium G5400 G5500 on the this Mod BIOS?

#205 RE: [GUIDE] Coffee Lake CPUs on Skylake and Kaby Lake motherboards by mtothaj 27.05.2018 11:57

M8I with i5-8600k @ 5.0Ghz on all cores using 1.35V with 120mm AIO liquid cooler (SilentiumPC Navis Pro).

CPU-Z validation:

Pretty sure I can go a bit lower with the voltage or a bit faster with the clock speed.

#206 RE: [GUIDE] Coffee Lake CPUs on Skylake and Kaby Lake motherboards by Wolf Larsen 27.05.2018 14:12


@mcf I checked Afuwin version 3.05.04 and the /GAN command and it really works! This is great news because it is a much more convenient and simpler way than using the SPI programmer. Thanks again.



#207 RE: [GUIDE] Coffee Lake CPUs on Skylake and Kaby Lake motherboards by mcf 27.05.2018 23:07

@Wolf Larsen No need to thank me. I found this solution after a random google search.

One thing I can't understand. If I modify the batch file sel1151 in order to preserve the kaby lake microcode instead of skylake, next update the bios file (with Vbios 1054) with UBU and finally run UBU again to check the file then no Vbios version is shown in UBU.

#208 RE: [GUIDE] Coffee Lake CPUs on Skylake and Kaby Lake motherboards by mcf 27.05.2018 23:29

On the other hand if I extract OROM from this modified file with MMTool and open the extracted dat file with notepad I can still find the string "1054Intel(R)". So maybe there is no problem.

#209 RE: [GUIDE] Coffee Lake CPUs on Skylake and Kaby Lake motherboards by Dnatwork 28.05.2018 00:08

@mcf, Yesterday I tried my own advice and made a bios that had coffee lake and kaby lake by editing sel1151.bat. But I was lazy and didn’t start from the beginning; I used an intermediate file that I made a month and a half ago, that said it had the vbios only.

I added the coffee lake microcode first, the kaby lake second. It seemed to work.

When I flashed with it, the kaby lake cpu worked! But the cofffee lake did not, even though I had it working previously.

So I messed up the bios somehow, which is fair since I was lazy, but the process should work.

I did not get the apparent error you mention, though. Even though it supposedly had the vbios already, I did go through the step to update it (selection 2? Whatever it is before you choose 7 and update the microcodes). It told me it was updated.

#210 RE: [GUIDE] Coffee Lake CPUs on Skylake and Kaby Lake motherboards by mcf 28.05.2018 01:17

@Dnatwork Here's the notepad view of my modified sel1151.bat. Both my kaby and coffee lake CPUs worked. I extracted the microcode 84 (kaby lake) from the latest official bios and put it into the folder 1151.

if %kbl%==0 goto mn_skl

echo Attention!
echo If you select two microcode may require an adjustment in the _FIT_

set ec=
echo Select Microcode for CPU Kabylake (LGA1151)
echo 34 Version 34 Date 10-07-2016
echo 3A Version 3A Date 22-08-2016
echo 3C Version 3C Date 05-09-2016
echo 3E Version 3E Date 16-09-2016
echo 42 Version 42 Date 02-10-2016
echo 48 Version 48 Date 15-11-2016
echo 58 Version 58 Date 09-03-2017
echo 5E Version 5E Date 06-04-2017 - Bug fix HT
echo 70 Version 70 Date 09-03-2017
echo 7C Version 7C Date 03-12-2017
echo 80 Version 80 Date 04-01-2018
echo 84 Version 84 Date 21-01-2018
echo 0 Skip
set /p ec=Enter Microcode:
if not defined ec goto mn1

if /I %ec%==34 (set mc1=1151\cpu000906E9_plat22_ver00000034_date10-07-2016.bin) && goto mn_skl
if /I %ec%==3A (set mc1=1151\cpu000906E9_plat22_ver0000003A_date22-08-2016.bin) && goto mn_skl
if /I %ec%==3C (set mc1=1151\cpu000906E9_plat22_ver0000003C_date05-09-2016.bin) && goto mn_skl
if /I %ec%==3E (set mc1=1151\cpu000906E9_plat22_ver0000003E_date16-09-2016.bin) && goto mn_skl
if /I %ec%==42 (set mc1=1151\cpu000906E9_plat22_ver00000042_date02-10-2016.bin) && goto mn_skl
if /I %ec%==48 (set mc1=1151\cpu000906E9_plat22_ver00000048_date15-11-2016.bin) && goto mn_skl
if /I %ec%==58 (set mc1=1151\cpu000906E9_plat22_ver00000058_date09-03-2017.bin) && goto mn_skl
if /I %ec%==5E (set mc1=1151\cpu000906E9_plat2A_ver0000005E_date06-04-2017.bin) && goto mn_skl
if /I %ec%==70 (set mc1=1151\cpu906E9_plat2A_ver00000070_2017-08-09_PRD_93EB3C4D.bin) && goto mn_skl
if /I %ec%==7C (set mc1=1151\cpu906E9_plat2A_ver0000007C_2017-12-03_PRD_6CF72404.bin) && goto mn_skl
if /I %ec%==80 (set mc1=1151\cpu906E9_plat2A_ver00000080_2018-01-04_PRD_6AA1DE93.bin) && goto mn_skl
if /I %ec%==84 (set mc1=1151\cpu906E9_plat2A_ver00000084_2018-01-21.bin) && goto mn_skl
if /I %ec%==0 goto mn_skl
goto mn1

set ec=
echo Select Microcode for CPU Skylake (LGA1151)
echo 10 Version 10 Date 22-04-2015
echo 16 Version 16 Date 13-05-2015
echo 1A Version 1A Date 28-05-2015
echo 1C Version 1C Date 02-06-2015
echo 1E Version 1E Date 10-06-2015
echo 20 Version 20 Date 18-06-2015
echo 24 Version 24 Date 01-07-2015
echo 2E Version 2E Date 21-07-2015
echo 30 Version 30 Date 29-07-2015
echo 32 Version 32 Date 04-08-2015
echo 34 Version 34 Date 08-08-2015
echo 3A Version 3A Date 23-08-2015
echo 4A Version 4A Date 18-09-2015
echo 4C Version 4C Date 01-10-2015
echo 50 Version 50 Date 12-10-2015
echo 56 Version 56 Date 24-10-2015
echo 5C Version 5C Date 06-11-2015
echo 6A Version 6A Date 14-12-2015
echo 74 Version 74 Date 05-01-2016 - Last for non-K overclocking
echo 76 Version 76 Date 07-01-2016
echo 7C Version 7C Date 31-01-2016
echo 82 Version 82 Date 21-02-2016
echo 84 Version 84 Date 01-03-2016
echo 88 Version 88 Date 16-03-2016
echo 8A Version 8A Date 06-04-2016
echo 9E Version 9E Date 22-06-2016
echo A0 Version A0 Date 27-06-2016
echo A2 Version A2 Date 27-07-2016
echo A6 Version A6 Date 21-08-2016
echo B2 Version B2 Date 01-02-2017
echo BA Version BA Date 09-04-2017 - Bug fix HT
echo BE Version BE Date 20-08-2017
echo 72 Version 72 Date 20-09-2017 - Coffee Lake !!!
set /p ec=Enter Microcode:
if not defined ec goto mn1
if /I %ec%==10 (set mc2=1151\cpu000506E3_plat36_ver00000010_date22-04-2015.bin) && exit /b
if /I %ec%==16 (set mc2=1151\cpu000506E3_plat36_ver00000016_date13-05-2015.bin) && exit /b
if /I %ec%==1A (set mc2=1151\cpu000506E3_plat36_ver0000001A_date28-05-2015.bin) && exit /b
if /I %ec%==1C (set mc2=1151\cpu000506E3_plat36_ver0000001C_date02-06-2015.bin) && exit /b
if /I %ec%==1E (set mc2=1151\cpu000506E3_plat36_ver0000001E_date10-06-2015.bin) && exit /b
if /I %ec%==20 (set mc2=1151\cpu000506E3_plat36_ver00000020_date18-06-2015.bin) && exit /b
if /I %ec%==24 (set mc2=1151\cpu000506E3_plat36_ver00000024_date01-07-2015.bin) && exit /b
if /I %ec%==2E (set mc2=1151\cpu000506E3_plat36_ver0000002E_date21-07-2015.bin) && exit /b
if /I %ec%==30 (set mc2=1151\cpu000506E3_plat36_ver00000030_date29-07-2015.bin) && exit /b
if /I %ec%==32 (set mc2=1151\cpu000506E3_plat36_ver00000032_date04-08-2015.bin) && exit /b
if /I %ec%==34 (set mc2=1151\cpu000506E3_plat36_ver00000034_date08-08-2015.bin) && exit /b
if /I %ec%==3A (set mc2=1151\cpu000506E3_plat36_ver0000003A_date23-08-2015.bin) && exit /b
if /I %ec%==4A (set mc2=1151\cpu000506E3_plat36_ver0000004A_date18-09-2015.bin) && exit /b
if /I %ec%==4C (set mc2=1151\cpu000506E3_plat36_ver0000004C_date01-10-2015.bin) && exit /b
if /I %ec%==50 (set mc2=1151\cpu000506E3_plat36_ver00000050_date12-10-2015.bin) && exit /b
if /I %ec%==56 (set mc2=1151\cpu000506E3_plat36_ver00000056_date24-10-2015.bin) && exit /b
if /I %ec%==5C (set mc2=1151\cpu000506E3_plat36_ver0000005C_date06-11-2015.bin) && exit /b
if /I %ec%==6A (set mc2=1151\cpu000506E3_plat36_ver0000006A_date14-12-2015.bin) && exit /b
if /I %ec%==74 (set mc2=1151\cpu000506E3_plat36_ver00000074_date05-01-2016.bin) && exit /b
if /I %ec%==76 (set mc2=1151\cpu000506E3_plat36_ver00000076_date07-01-2016.bin) && exit /b
if /I %ec%==7C (set mc2=1151\cpu000506E3_plat36_ver0000007C_date31-01-2016.bin) && exit /b
if /I %ec%==82 (set mc2=1151\cpu000506E3_plat36_ver00000082_date21-02-2016.bin) && exit /b
if /I %ec%==84 (set mc2=1151\cpu000506E3_plat36_ver00000084_date01-03-2016.bin) && exit /b
if /I %ec%==88 (set mc2=1151\cpu000506E3_plat36_ver00000088_date16-03-2016.bin) && exit /b
if /I %ec%==8A (set mc2=1151\cpu000506E3_plat36_ver0000008A_date06-04-2016.bin) && exit /b
if /I %ec%==9E (set mc2=1151\cpu000506E3_plat36_ver0000009E_date22-06-2016.bin) && exit /b
if /I %ec%==A0 (set mc2=1151\cpu000506E3_plat36_ver000000A0_date27-06-2016.bin) && exit /b
if /I %ec%==A2 (set mc2=1151\cpu000506E3_plat36_ver000000A2_date27-07-2016.bin) && exit /b
if /I %ec%==A6 (set mc2=1151\cpu000506E3_plat36_ver000000A6_date21-08-2016.bin) && exit /b
if /I %ec%==B2 (set mc2=1151\cpu000506E3_plat36_ver000000B2_date01-02-2017.bin) && exit /b
if /I %ec%==BA (set mc2=1151\cpu000506E3_plat36_ver000000BA_date09-04-2017.bin) && exit /b
if /I %ec%==BE (set mc2=1151\cpu506E3_plat36_ver000000BE_2017-08-20_PRD_DFF17890.bin) && exit /b
if /I %ec%==72 (set mc2=1151\cpu906EB_plat02_ver00000072_2017-09-20_PRD_A08C2841.bin) && exit /b
goto mn1

exit /b

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