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#31 RE: Extracting MSI Bios from EXE file. by hkdoublecat 28.08.2021 11:35

Yes I had read that. That thread is where I learned the 002ec3c9 trick; it is very useful. Thanks.

However it is not as clear for me that it is safe to use the modified file, which is in different size with official bios. Neither I can find an answer in that thread.

Sorry if I am too nervous about that, I am afraid today is my last day on internet if I fail to flash my beloved 10 years old Z68......

#32 RE: Extracting MSI Bios from EXE file. by lfb6 28.08.2021 11:44

Zitat von hkdoublecat im Beitrag #1
.....cut the content starting from 002ec3c9 and get the .rom; ....
That should be 2BC39C, maybe that's where your additional bytes came from since this area is the first place where they appear for the first time. Always compare your result in UefitoolNE and/or a Hex editor:

First check can be Bios region which is moved, but that's not the first time these movement happens, it starts in the ME:

Comparing the complete files- that's where you inserted these additional bytes:

Safe? No!

#33 RE: Extracting MSI Bios from EXE file. by Fernando 28.08.2021 12:37


@hkdoublecat @MeatWar @lfb6
Since your recent discussion has much more to do with the topic "BIOS Modding Problems" than with the topic "NVMe Support for old Systems", I have moved your contributions into this already existing thread and hope, that this is ok for you.

#34 RE: Extracting MSI Bios from EXE file. by hkdoublecat 28.08.2021 13:15

Thanks for pointing out 2BC39C; which is different from 002ec3c9;
upon then I realize the later one is for MSI 970A-G46 on this thread; while the former one could be where I should looking for instead for the MSI Z68AG45 on my hand. Your warning "not safe" probably save my life!!!!!!!! And I am grateful I ask something I am not sure in the correct place - this forum - before I do anything stupid.

I then tried to extract the .exe in different way and modify another MSI Z68AG45 NVME rom here. Here is the original .C30 rom and the modified NVME .C31 rom:

Appreciate if you can spare a look and see if it is now safe to flash?

#35 RE: Extracting MSI Bios from EXE file. by lfb6 28.08.2021 13:52

It looks good to me, but modding and flashing a firmware never is a 100% without risk

You might tag @Fernando. He wrote the guide and might be able to give you a safer answer regarding the insertion of the NVMe module!

(It might be a good idea to backup your own firmware before flashing. In case something goes wrong you could easily restore your firmware with a CH341 programmer. Download ME System Tools v8 r3 from this thread, Folder "Flash Programming Tool\Windows\", run fptw -d backup.bin for the complete firmware, or if this gives an error message, fptw -bios -d biosreg.bin for the bios region. Bios region would anyway be sufficient since the MSI update image contains the other parts (FD, ME) which can be combined with the bios region if needed. Be careful with the syntax!)

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