#1 Hi need help in bios unlocking hp envy 15-jxxxx by cloud17 10.03.2017 17:29


I would like to unlock my bios hp envy 15-jxxxx to enable advance menu and ACHI boot / advanced boot menu, I have used my raspberry pi model 2 as an SPI programmer to make a dump of the bios also the usual insydeflash (platform.ini mod) to dump the bios here is a bios sector dump and some screens shots from a tool I used from another forum this will help you to get more information https://www.sendspace.com/file/uvj2aw.

I have modified and flashed rom but I think the RSA signature check at boot is restoring the bios, can anyone provide tips or what to look for in disabling the RSA checks on boot?

#2 RE: Hi need help in bios unlocking hp envy 15-jxxxx by cloud17 12.03.2017 15:32

update: I'm trying to override the RSA signature check in bios I have come to a stand still and don't know how to proceed I found a module named "UEFIbiosimageinterface" trying to disassemble it in IDA pro gives me this (its an online version if the ida) https://www.onlinedisassembler.com/odaweb/wPWIC9sk/0 my basic knowledge in assembly says it have functions to write the bios (am I right?) please tell me if I'm looking in the correct area for disabling signature .. thanks will report further after investigation

update: anyone?

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