#1 Asrock Taichi x99 1.40 by vadimkara 04.02.2017 01:00

I am trying manually mod this bios to update microcode i tride to do it with ubu mmtool with hex editor but after i flash moded bios i got black scren and 79 post code. My friend have the same mobo and bios works fine on it. Whats the problem?

#2 RE: Asrock Taichi x99 1.40 by Fernando 04.02.2017 12:18


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Why did you try to update the Intel CPU Microcode?
What exactly have you done and why did you use an Hex Editor?
Are you able to reflesh the original BIOS?

Dieter (alias Fernando)

#3 RE: Asrock Taichi x99 1.40 by vadimkara 04.02.2017 13:49

I am trying to remove haswel e microcode from bios to apply hack that enables max Turbo values on all cores, the goal is remove microcode from bios to prevent undo changes i will make by loading UEFI driver with hack, then load microcode in windows from wmware tool. I tried remove it from MMtool, UBU i even manually edit bios with HEX editor to change CPUID in microcode to prevent bios load it for my processor. But i always have black screen and 79 post code. Many people from this thread https://forums.anandtech.com/threads/wha....2496647/page-3 made this things and it works at the same mobo, but my mobo hangs. And i have 2 bioses on my Mobo i just switch to second and reflash corrupted.

#4 RE: Asrock Taichi x99 1.40 by Fernando 04.02.2017 21:01


Thanks for your reply. Since I don't know the reason for your problem, I cannot help you.
Inserting a BIOS module, which has been manually modified by using an Hex Editor, is always risky and should only be done by advanced BIOS modifyer.

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