#1 A Big Thank You by Gitoe 26.11.2013 23:22

Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for your time and effort in creating this site. Before finding this forum, I'd spent months trying to solve some stability issues with my Win7x64 home PC. The problems seemed to get worse when I upgraded to an SSD drive - annoyingly, Win7 would no longer wake up from sleep mode, so I was forced to shutdown all the time.

I'd been trying for ages to find updated Intel drivers for my mobo (Gigabyte GA-X48-DQ6) but the Gigabyte and Intel websites are a complete mess on this. The latest Intel drivers simply refused to install on my system. After reading your forums and gaining an understanding of Intel AHCI/RAID drivers and how to set these up and how this ties in with your BIOS, I downloaded your modified Intel drivers and haven't had a single issue since - what a relief!

Once again, Many Thanks


#2 RE: A Big Thank You by Fernando 26.11.2013 23:54


Hello Tony,

welcome at Win-RAID Forum and thank you very much for your rating regarding this Forum!

Enjoy it!

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