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#331 RE: [OFFER] ASUS CrossHair V Formula Z MOD bios 2201 by MailmanMike 17.04.2020 18:02

I am confused as to post #327 showing Agesa The version in mine is with Bios updated to v12. Is there something that I am missing or does this not pertain to us? Thank you

#332 RE: [OFFER] ASUS CrossHair V Formula Z MOD bios 2201 by Phoenix48 17.04.2020 23:32



Short answer: It doesn't really pertain to anyone already realising how this thread works. So no, you are not missing anything.

Long answer: The reference to AGESA in post #327 was related to the first post of this thread that is not updated anymore. This thread came to life and those old downloads links were made at a time when all the possible bugs introduced by any change in the AGESA version were unknown and unnoticed (even by me at that time). Later in that history, the owner of this thread lost the time to keep maintaining it and asked me to take over it. I accepted because i was already modifying and own the Crosshair Formula (non-Z) Bios thread since even before this one existed and both are basically the same Bios (very few differrences in the Bios of the Z and non-Z and the hardware to manage in it).

At that time, at least 6 things happened:

- The owner told me that his lack of time could be temporary so i accepted to take care of it untill he return BUT the ownership of this thread was not passed to me so i have no access at all to the first post and, because of that, the first post was not updated since that time. To be honest, because it was a long time ago, i now doubt the owner will ever return...

- By that time, the AGESA problems was known to me because of all my experimentations with the non-Z version (you can find and read my thread on the non-Z version for more details). So the first thing i did was to do a fresh start and completely remodify the original Bios from scratch to account for that fact. This was the birth of the v1 version. So everything in the first post is older than v1.

- Obviously, this also means i introduced version numbers to simplify things for everyone.

- With no access to the first post, i was forced to post all updates as a normal post (like post #324) which makes it more confusing for anyone new to this thread that are, understandably, starting it by reading everything in the first post.

- Because i have to make a new post for each updates, because i can't just change the first post and wanted to keep my posts as short (but still clear) as possible, i put all the original changes i made listed in my v1 post and all posts with a subsequent version only contain the changes since the last version before it. Why? Because it was by far simpler for me and also because the total of all changes is in the "changelog.txt" file in the download anyway for anyone who wants to see all the changes at once.

- Because of the last thing, i put the version changes in blue color in my update posts so they are more easy to find.

Hope this post will help clarify and simplify things for anyone new to this thread who reads it.

#333 RE: [OFFER] ASUS CrossHair V Formula Z MOD bios 2201 by RagnaCaT 01.05.2020 14:31


Hello, I'm new to the Forum I was looking in to running a pair of SATA SSD in Raid 0 and came upon this gold thread. I wanted to ask my current sistem runs on a OCZ 256GB SSD and a WD 500GB HDD velociraptor (it's screaming for an upgrade) can I flash the BIOS with my current setup prior to upgrade or do I have to Fresh install after the Bios?

#334 RE: [OFFER] ASUS CrossHair V Formula Z MOD bios 2201 by Phoenix48 01.05.2020 15:09



No, you don't have to do a fresh install because of the new Bios. You can flash it immediately without any problems. But because you will change from the original Bios, the only precaution to avoid unnecessary problems is to just make sure to clear all the old Bios setings by: Loading the default and safe settings at the first boot, then restart, then enter and save your own personnal Bios settings, then restart again. This ensure any old remnants ghost settings of the original old Bios are truly gone.

Also, and ONLY if your Windows is currently installed in Legacy mode, if you want your Windows to be installed in UEFI mode then you may wish to do a fresh install after the Bios upgrade, and be sure your disks are in GPT before installing, otherwise it will still run in Legacy mode.

#335 RE: [OFFER] ASUS CrossHair V Formula Z MOD bios 2201 by bradleybaldwin1 02.05.2020 10:11


Gentlemen and... Ladies possibly?

I strongly recommend you all support Phoenix48 via his PayPal link.

This gentleman is a true enthusiast and has a passion for his work. I asked him if he could do to the A88X-Pro what he did with the refinement and continued support for the CrossHair V Formula-Z. I swear in less than an hour he had it done. I only wanted NVME boot capability (as he did for us all on the Crosshair), but he went above and beyond and ALSO updated the AMD RAIDXpert2 (EFI), AMD RAIDXpert2 (OROM), AMD GOP Driver (EFI), VBIOS Trinity (OROM)v1., Realtek UNDI Driver (EFI), and the Realtek Boot Agent GE (OROM).

I also recommend donating to StickMode for the original post and effort on the CrossHair.

Give these gents some coffee money to feed their awesome brains!

#336 BIOS update v12 link is broken by sc8194 02.05.2020 18:20

The v12 link is broken on post #324. Please repair or re-direct me to another download site.
Thanks for all your hard work!

#337 RE: BIOS update v12 link is broken by sc8194 02.05.2020 18:24

Sorry, operator error.

#338 Bios updated to v13 by Phoenix48 24.05.2020 03:04


Bios updated to v13


[Updated] - EFI LAN Intel PRO/1000 UNDI v9.1.12 -----> v9.2.06

>ASUS-Crosshair-V-Formula-Z-2201 MOD v13 (2020-05-23)<

#339 RE: Bios updated to v13 by MailmanMike 25.05.2020 16:30

Thank you for the update, I've sent something your way via PayPal. Is it possible to explain how this update improves the system? I am only trying to learn so I can better understand the bios

#340 RE: Bios updated to v13 by Phoenix48 25.05.2020 22:02



Unfortunately, there is no way to know what is the changelog for a specific module version update. Most companies don't make the changelog available to the public.

The closest i can give you as a useful answer is that, sometimes, there are some informations in the changelog version of the whole package that Intel provide. Take note that those packages provides all the different Intel LAN modules that are fairly recent at the time the new package version comes out and include the tool BootUtil to use it. So sometimes you can see some infos or hints of the changes between 2 packages versions. If you are interrested in exploring that, you can download the latest package here.

#341 RE: Bios updated to v13 by drsncb 27.05.2020 23:30


hi today i bought corsair mp510m2 ssd. I connected the machine externally. I see it as a backup drive, but I cannot install an operating system. after some research, i found the current article. I downloaded the bios versions you prepared, but when I try to install it, I get an error called "security verifcation failed". can you help me with the subject?

#342 RE: Bios updated to v13 by Phoenix48 28.05.2020 02:39



Did you try the Flashback feature to flash the Bios? If yes, did it work?

#343 RE: Bios updated to v13 by drsncb 28.05.2020 18:35


no it doesn't. I tried flashback feature, I also tried to update biostan. not reading, I will go crazy.

#344 RE: Bios updated to v13 by Phoenix48 28.05.2020 18:49



Maybe it is just a corruption of the Bios during the download. You can try to download it again to see if it makes a difference.

#345 RE: Bios updated to v13 by drsncb 28.05.2020 19:30


I tried it on different computers. I opened it with different files, I tried different usb. It doesn't happen, whatever I did, the money I gave was garbage. There may be a bios update protection, do we have a chance to remove it or cancel it in some way.

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