#1 [?] Intel Network Driver Modification help needed! by Net7 06.10.2016 17:09

Modifying is the NEED and possibly driver signing is the WANT

Situation prompting my search for someone who can mod and hopefully sign or instruct how to do so (TL;DR probably...sorry):

I'm trying to put together a 3rd party update "package" for other users (there are quite a few actually!)
I have an x64 WSS 2012 R2 box, that is STILL sold today by the company who makes it, it uses an ICH10R based board, sadly, no drivers besides Microsoft/Windows drivers!

In the tests I have done so far, replacing the AHCI driver has resulted in a performance increase across the board (R/W+IOPS)
Performance increase also after a F/W and Driver update to the Renesas USB 3 Gen2 chip it uses

Sadly, the Video driver cant be updated as Intel never put out x64 drivers for it, if you search for x64 3600 or 3650 drivers you will see fun was even had by a foxconn engineer on Intel's forum's (there was a beta driver but it BSOD's anything but Win7)

Which brings me to the last part im trying/wanting/needing to update, the Ethernet drivers!
Its using Microsoft drivers that wont allow it to do NIC Teaming!

The NIC's onboard are a pair of Intel 82574L GbE's, annoyingly, despite the fact its listed under Intel's "valid for the following products" the INF in the download lacks the HID DEV_10D3 for mine.

My attempts to modify it myself using some guides online, well, I'm OK with admitting I seem to fail horribly...
What I have is below, more included then needed but i didn't feel like editing the line from an allcopy


Intel's link: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/downloa...-?product=32210

Not rich, but can provide something to the person who does it.

#2 RE: [?] Intel Network Driver Modification help needed! by Fernando 06.10.2016 17:57


As I already have told you via PM, I generally do not modify any driver or BIOS upon request. Since my free time is extremely limited, my focus is the support of this Forum and nothing else.
Nevertheless I wish you good luck!

Dieter (alias Fernando)

#3 RE: [?] Intel Network Driver Modification help needed! by Net7 06.10.2016 17:59

yep, its why I posted it here hoping someone else with some of your expertise might see the thread and can spare a helping hand :D

#4 RE: [?] Intel Network Driver Modification help needed! by IDDQD 10.01.2017 21:47

Try this one (21.1): https://downloadcenter.intel.com/downloa...-?product=47620

Checked it by myself, your LAN controller (10D3) is listed there.
Download the file, extract it with 7-zip if you like to check first, then change to the extracted directory.
From there go to: \PRO1000\Winx64\NDIS62

e1q62x64.inf is your file.



EDIT: new link ... even if you product is not listed on the webpage, it is supported. If the setup does not find your adapter, add the INF manually through device manager and Windows should show your adapter only and mark it as compatible.

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