#1 Which driver to choose ? by Pete12 16.09.2016 14:02


I wonder which AHCI-driver is best for my Z97-K , 9-Series Intel ; intel_rst_ or; intel_rst_ with driver-version ; in it. ( this driver seems newer but its older then )
I find it very difficult to find the right driver, coz sometimes they look newer but they are also older date !

Fernando can you help us to choose the right one , they updated often last recently ...........?

#2 RE: Which driver to choose ? by Fernando 16.09.2016 14:47


Why don't you find it out yourself and test different AHCI driver versions with your Intel Z97 system?
If you would search for the best Intel AHCI driver for your special system (look >here<) and not for the latest available driver, you would have less problems to find your desired driver.

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