#1 Optiplex 7010 Enable VPro/AMT/ME by yokos2271 04.09.2016 01:17

I have just received my Optiplex 7010 and AMT is disabled/locked ctrl +p not working , sticker on the case cover says ME lockout.
I'm very new to the bios modding .
Things I have already performed .
- I downloaded data with "fptw64 - d me.bin -me" (i had to set service jumper because i was getting error 26) data attached
- ran Me Analyzer picture attached

What should i do next to enable FULL ME?
Thank you

#2 RE: Optiplex 7010 Enable VPro/AMT/ME by plutomaniac 04.09.2016 04:57


Contrary to other 7010 systems I've seen, your ME firmware is already unlocked, meaning AMT is enabled. All I did at the attached ME region below is to update, clean and configure it based on the settings of your original firmware with two extra enabled settings and disabled Intel Anti-Theft Technology as it's not working anymore (EOL since 01/2015). Flash it with fptw -rewrite -me -f me_mod.bin followed by fptw -greset command. Then set the service jumper to default location (Disabled, error 26 at fpt), reboot and try AMT again.

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