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#16 RE: BIOS Data Intel DH67BL erased by Cobalt765 28.08.2021 14:00


Really appreiciate the reply. Please bear with me.

This is the whole story. Firstly I checked the BIOS update to 3rd gen pdf which you have included in the pack.
My board version is AAG10189-210
My Intel Managment Engine Firmware is

Originally my bios was Version 128

After looking at the PFD I assessed that my motherboard is compatible, though looking now at the list, it only says AAG10189-206, not....and later. Maybe my board isn't compatible but I'd still think it is. Why would it miss 207-210.

Once I worked out it was, I then proceeded to flash bios 162 which now the PCI-e slot and also i5-2500k and i5-3570k won't work. My i5-2320 that I did the update with still works, albiet with no PCI-e.

After much reading I discovered that the correct process according to the PDF is to firstly flash the transitional bios 132 and then another one after that. Unfortunately, despite me having 132, the F7 bios flash won't allow me to downgrade to that version due to structural changes made when flashing a higher version. Pretty sure I could do 151.

I'm able to do F7 bios updates and my i5-2320 is still working fine and I can see the screen.

If I were able to I'd do 132, 151, 163 but can't get back to 132. I'm assuming I can do 132 or lower with SPI programmer however the files I have are .bio files and larger than the 4mb chip size. I've been searching for a pre-150 .bin file less than 4mb but can't find one. My skills aren't good enough to get into a hex reader and make the adjustments needed.

Any thoughts?

#17 RE: BIOS Data Intel DH67BL erased by MeatWar 28.08.2021 14:09


So... no word of that 0138 u flashed??????
Regression on Intel motherboards are always a big risk, but yes only with a SPI programmer.
So now the motherboard has the 0132 or 0162? With witch u can boot/post and access UEFI bios with the i5-2320?
Wots ur current ME version?

#18 RE: BIOS Data Intel DH67BL erased by Cobalt765 28.08.2021 14:36

Sorry was a typo. I had 128 and went to 162. The transition bios is 132. There is no 138. Having said that, the version list didn't say anything about 128 either but I've got a photo which I checked.

My current ME is the one listed.

I'm on bios 162 which works with my i5-2320.

How do I convert the 132 to a .bin file under 4mb. Is this getting in the too hard category now?

#19 RE: BIOS Data Intel DH67BL erased by MeatWar 28.08.2021 14:58


So ur on the 0162 with ME, but no boot with a 3rd Gen and no PCIex16 slot 1 function....

I can only deduce that all the standard update path is broken in the UEFI structure... i would use an SPI to fallback to 1rst release bios of the motherboard.
No more miracles here for this situation...followed know solutions.

I tried the extraction but seems not valid, ignore that Intel image i linked, u can try the 0156 linked before by CodeRush, good luck.

EDIT: See... ur on the 0162 but its not correct because the board still has ME7...thats why its broken...
At ur own risk u can try to manual update the Intel ME to 8 using the FWUpdLcl64.exe tool from ME8 package here: Intel (Converged Security) Management Engine: Drivers, Firmware and Tools
Post a request for another user more expert in Intel bios, asking a 0132 image as u need.
Sry, still dont get it... below 4Mb...

#20 RE: BIOS Data Intel DH67BL erased by Cobalt765 28.08.2021 16:58

I'm on 162 with My Intel Managment Engine Firmware is

No boot with i5-2500k or 3570k. No pci-e with anything.

I'd flash the original but need to convert to a bin file and reduce below 4mb.

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