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  • Do not create threads that already exist. Use the forum SEARCH function and thoroughly read the related thread before posting.
  • Do not post threads with titles or text in all CAPITALS. It is considered shouting and usually rude.
  • Insulting and flaming or personal attacks against forum staff will NOT be tolerated.
  • This is a "Safe for Work/Family" only forum. Do not post any inappropriate (NSFW) material.
  • Do not create the same thread in different forums or the same post in different threads.
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  • Do not hijack other threads with your issue/question, unless it is exactly the same.
  • Always write descriptive thread titles that reflect the actual issue/question, NOT "Help me please" or similar.
  • Donations are NOT used as a form of payment for providing help. Requesting money for asking or providing help is NOT allowed.
  • Remember when people help you, they are doing so for YOU, for FREE. Be patient and ask nicely. Otherwise, move on.
  • This is an ENGLISH only forum. Respect that we probably don't know your language and you probably don't know ours.
  • Do not create multiple accounts and do not create or use "shared" accounts. Each person is unique, so should their forum profile.
  • Do not post or link to documents and/or tools which are marked as Confidential, Restricted, Private, are part of a commercial license etc.
  • Do not quote entire threads or discussions but ONLY the part you're answering to. Delete the rest or simply use the @username feature.
  • Anything that is even closely related to advertising, self-promotion or unrelated to the forum's theme is considered SPAM.
  • Any modified driver must be clearly marked as such, include the source/modder and NOT involve any binary/signature components.
  • Do not publicly discuss illegal use and hacking of software, firmware and/or tools to cause harm, impersonate, bypass paywalls etc.
  • Private support requests or help via PM or Email for non-sensitive topics are NOT allowed as it does not help the entire community.


These terms may be changed at any time without prior notice.

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