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welcome to the "Win-RAID Forum"!

This Forum has been primarily designed for advanced PC users, who want to know how to optimize their system and what happens while doing that. Only users with a certain knowledge about what they are doing can calculate the risks of their work.

You can help us to improve our support:

1. Read the related guide/start post, before you post any request.

2. Write your post into the topic related Sub-Forum and give it a short, but meaningful title.

3. Create a short Signature with useful infos (Mainboard, Chipset, OS, SATA mode).

4. Instead of (fully) quoting a previous post please use the "@nickname" option.

5. Don't bother us with private support requests via PM or eMail.

6. If you should find a mistake or a broken link, please send me a PM.

Enjoy the Forum!

Dieter (alias Fernando)

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