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This forum has been primarily designed for advanced users, with a passion for technology, who want to understand, optimize & improve their systems. It thus focuses mostly on those with a certain level of knowledge who can calculate the risks of their work.

How to help us so that we can help you:

1. Read the related thread carefully, before posting.

2. Post into the correct topic related sub-forum with a short, but meaningful title.

3. Avoid fully quoting a previous post, delete some or use the "@username" feature.

4. Don't send private support requests or help via PM or Email for non-sensitive topics.

5. Don't post the same issue in multiple places. Write one (1) thread/post per problem only.

6. Make sure you first read the entire Forum Rules by clicking the equivalent tab at the top.

Enjoy our Forum!

Plato (a.k.a. plutomaniac)

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