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    • It took me 4 days but I finally did it!!!
      I did the steps on the first page combined with the steps here and it finally worked properly!!!
      SO HAPPY!

    • Currently I have two problems:
      1. When I set the CSM Storage Disk Drives to UEFI mode the computer black screens on restart and won't load. I have to reinstall the BIOS in order to get it to work.
      2. When I try to install the Win 8.1 OS without changing the CSM I get this screen:
      If you can help me figure this out I think my problem will be solved

    • Zitat von Fernando im Beitrag #1287
      Please stop posting here unless you have successfully flashed the modded BIOS (don't try to flash any BIOS, which has been designed for another mainboard).
      As I already have stated earlier, the first and most important step for you is to flash the modded BIOS, which contains the required NVMe EFI module.
      @Fernando If you read my posts you will see that I did accomplish that.
      But I had to do it differently from the way you describe on the first page.
      I had to insert the 3 Nvme modules into volume 01 of the MMTool v4.5. This turned out to be the only way I was able to get the install to work at the time.
      However I kept getting an error screen every time I restarted my computer to log into the Windows 8.1.
      It looks like this:
      And eventually it became unstable so I decided to reinstall the OS. Unfortunetly, ever since then I have been unable to reinstall Windows 8.1 onto the drive no matter what method I try.
      I keep getting this message:
      How do I fix this?
      I have tried installing Windows 8.1 using this method as I did before when it worked: http://superuser.com/questions/490476/ho...d/490477#490477
      I have also tried just formatting the drive and doing it that way.

    • @Fernando
      Okay, I finally got Windows 8 to install to the Samsung 960 PRO SSD after loading it from BIOS.
      It seems stable but every time I restart my computer I get an error message that says that there is an error in the BIOS and that I need to reinstall the BIOS.
      What happens if I upload a different BIOS? Will I still be able to load from the "Windows Boot Manager"?

    • @Fernando
      Something interesting that might help you guys help me...
      In the BIOS, under the USB Flashback, one of the drives listed that I can choose from is the Samsung 960 PRO.
      So it shows up there but it does not show up under my bootable drives!
      Very weird! What do you think this means?

    • @imsims
      I successfully installed Windows 8.1 onto the Samsung 960 PRO using this method: http://superuser.com/questions/490476/ho...d/490477#490477
      I also used your modified BIOS as well as the BIOS mod suggested by @Fernando on the first page.
      I am still unable to see the drive in my BIOS.
      Would you be willing to share all your other BIOS settings? Maybe I have a setting that isn't like yours?
      Also, what do you think of this? It only appears when I use your modded BIOS:

    • @Fernando
      I have figured out how to bypass the Security feature of my BIOS USB Flashback 2 and have done exactly as you have stated to do on the first page. I have also tried many other variations. However, I am still not able to detect the Samsung 960 PRO.

      I am at a loss as to what to do next. Any suggestions?

    • Zitat von imsims im Beitrag #1280
      if you want to install Win7 into an NMVE device, since win7 has not built in nmve driver you MUST press F6 during win7 installation and load samsung nmve driver from a Flash Usb.
      Says that, i will advice you to use Win 8.1 x64 (if as me you dont like Win10 (that is in everyday betatesting and updating... :D)
      becouse Win7 is too old to best support such new devices as nmve or Ssd in general.
      Win8.1 + ClassicShell = Win7 "Service pack 2" :D
      PS: i have csm in default mode not touched uefi end legacy
      Thank you so much for your help so far.
      I've literally been working on this all day long and all day yesterday.
      Can you tell me how you install Windows 8 into the SSD while running windows? Since we can't see the SSD in BIOS until we install it I assume we have to do it in Windows?


    • @Fernando
      While we've been talking I attempted to install Win7 onto the Samsung 960 PRO using the information provided here http://superuser.com/questions/490476/ho...d/490477#490477

      Then I went into the BIOS and did the following:
      So first I disabled SATA mode
      Then I set UEFI mode in the CSM
      Then I disabled Fast Boot
      When I reloaded the BIOS I was unable to see any drives.
      As you can see there are no drives available in the Boot Option/Boot Override
      Relevant to the following image (I have tried setting to GEN2 but it doesnt cahnge anything)
      When I try to start Windows from here I see the following screens on load:
      So, aside from figuring out how to bypass the security feature of the BIOS so I can try the other modded BIOS I don't know what to do anymore...

    • Zitat von Fernando im Beitrag #1275
      As long as you haven't successfully flashed the modded BIOS by using the ASUS USB Flashback feature, you will not be able to get the NVMe SSD bootable.
      Furthermore you will need to load the latest Samsung NVMe driver. Otherwise the Win7 Setup will not be able to detect the Samsung NVMe Controller.
      I have the Samsung NvME driver 2.1 installed.

      I was able to use @imsims modded BIOS with the ASUS USB Flashback but I am not able to do it with your modded BIOS. Can you tell me how to bypass the BIOS security feature so that I can use yours?

    • Zitat von Fernando im Beitrag #1273
      Which Windows OS are you trying to install onto which NVMe SSD?
      Did you boot off the installation medium in UEFI mode?
      Did you get any error message?
      Are you sure, that you got the modded BIOS with the inserted EFI NVMe module successfully flashed?
      I am trying to install Win7 onto a Samsun 960 PRO.
      I tried booting from the USB with the copy of Win7 on it in UEFI mode but it does not detect the SSD in the installer.
      No error messages.

      I am positive I have the modded BIOS that @imsims provided me a few comments ago installed properly. (We have the same MOBO)

      However, I have been unable to install the modded BIOS that you had us create on page 1. I haven't been able to figure out how to bypass the Security to install it.

    • Zitat von Fernando im Beitrag #1269
      It is fine, that you finally succeeded and got the NVMe SSD booting!
      Actually all I've been able to accomplish is being able to see the drive in Windows. I have been able to do nothing else. I still need help!

    • How do I install a new copy of Windows onto the SSD without being able to detect the SSD in the Windows installation program?

      Is there a way to do it while running Windows?

    • UPDATE:
      I found out how to make the Samsung 960 PRO visible under Hard Disk Drives in my Computer by doing this: http://forum.crucial.com/t5/Crucial-SSDs...ows/ta-p/111492
      So now I can see the drive. I tried to use @imsims modded bios and the instructions in the OP but I still don't see it in the BIOS.

    • Zitat von imsims im Beitrag #1262
      extract from zip and rename it SABERX79.CAP
      and enjoy 960 pro on BEST chipset from last 5 years X79 :D
      For some reason I was able to change the filename of the file you shared with me to SABERX79.CAP and just plug it in the back and the USB BIOS Flashback worked but when I wasn't able to see the SSD in BIOS I went back and tried a different modded BIOS and named it SABERX79.CAP and was not able to get the USB BIOS Flashback to work with that version.

      What did you do to your modded BIOS that you were able to get it to load with USB BIOS Flashback?

    • Zitat von imsims im Beitrag #1262
      extract from zip and rename it SABERX79.CAP
      and enjoy 960 pro on BEST chipset from last 5 years X79 :D
      Thanks for the quick reply @imsims
      I updated the BIOS with your file and followed your instructions as well as the instructions on the first page but I was not able to locate the drive at all. Not even a "PATA SS" option came up.
      Again, I can see the drive in Samsung Magic and in my Device Manager but I can't see it in my Computer's Hard Disk Drives list nor can I see it in BIOS.

      I was looking in my bios and I noticed all of my PCIE slots were set to GEN3. Does this matter? I tried setting them to GEN2 but it didn't seem to make a difference.

    • @imsims:

      How did your bypass the BIOS security? Can you describe this part to me? I haven't had success using methods I've found and I have the SABERTOOTH X79.

      EDIT by Fernando: Unneeded fully quoted post replaced by the direct address to the author (to save space withinj this already very voluminous thread)

    • Wow! What great work you all have done here!

      Very inspiring!

      I have been reading through this thread and several others on this forum after pre ordering my 1TB Samsung 960 PRO a month ago.

      After receiving it I plugged it in fully expecting to be able to get right to using it after doing my homework.

      Unfortunately I have met some issues that I can't figure out.

      First, my system:
      32 GB RAM
      i7-3930k CPU
      Win 7 64 bit OS
      Dual AMD Radeon 290x GPU
      BIOS Version 4701
      Samsung 960 PRO 1TB connected through Lycom DT-120 M.2 PCIe to PCIe 3.0 x4 Adapter
      I have installed Samsung NVME Controller 2.1

      Now my problem(s):
      First, Windows is not detecting the 960 PRO under My Computer's "HardDisk Drives" section. However, Samsung Magician is detecting it and I can find it under disk drives in Device Manager. So I don't even know how to use the drive as is even without installing an OS on it.

      Second, I had previously installed the modded BIOS using BIOS beta verson 4801. This did not work in allowing me to install Windows on the Samsung 960 PRO and it never fully detected the drive either. All that showed up in the BIOS was something that said "PATA SS" when the drive was plugged in.

      Since then I have downgraded the BIOS to version 4701 but I have been unable to get past the BIOS USB FLASH security. Could anyone help me with this? I did it before with version 4801 but I can't seem to get it to work again. I tried using @CodeRush 's guide but when I get to the /GAN part the program says its an unknown command. Any tips on that?

      Also of note, in both cases, I have never seen the 3 NVMe modules named Nvme, NvmeSmm and NVMEINT13 in the BIOS file when viewing with the MMTool. Should I have gotten those from somewhere else and added them?

      I know this might be a lot to dig through but I promise you I am definitely putting in the work on my side. I've been at this for several days and I didn't want to resort to asking questions until I had exhausted all options on my side.

      Hope I didn't miss anything. Thanks in advance!

      P.S. Not sure if this matters but I have to use the .ROM extension when updating my BIOS for some reason. I think the SABERTOOTH X79 no longer requires the use of the .CAP converter. It is no longer listed as a downloadable file on the support page for the board.



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