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      unfortunately I don't know how to mod your VBios the you want it.
      I unlocked the power tab using the according tab in the Maxwell Bios Tweaker, never had the situation that it was empty with multiple VBioses (read the topic that you created).
      As for the sliders, I have unlocked the sliders for adjusting things in the Maxwell Bios Tweaker and not the sliders to adjust things with overclocking tools.
      That one's only applicable to Maxwell GPUs though and not Kepler.
      I couldn't find a guide or info on how to unlock these either (although some people seem to have successfully done those mods), but I recommend you to make a post requesting help with your VBios here: https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/f...-tweaks/&page=1
      There's a guy (Klem) who's quite knowledgeable about VBios mods and helps other users out.

      Also, you could check if the empty power limit tab also exists with other 740M VBioses.
      These VBioses are interchangeable to some degree with slight changes as long as the base is pretty much the same (GDDR3/5, memory amount, sometimes also memory vendor) - Device ID, Sub Vendor ID, Sub System ID and Board ID need to be changed to the original VBios' values, but the program Nibitor can do that in most cases (hex-editing is also possible).

    • mclarke2355 has written a new post "[OFFER] Acer Aspire E5-572G Modded Bios" 11.21.2016

      Sorry, I really can't help you with that. I've never modded a non-UEFI Bios myself and it's also completely different from modding an UEFI Bios as far as I can see.

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      sadly Acer didn't implement every setting properly. Aside from making the settings visible there's nothing I can do, unfortunately.
      On this notebook the fan is controlled by an EC-Controller, so changing settings in the BIOS won't affect it.
      I don't know how to edit the EC-Firmware to change the fan behaviour as there's no documentation about this at all.
      The best I can offer you are some BIOSes where I replaced the EC-firmware with a version that was used in a previous BIOS-version (base of the mods is the Microcode 21 BIOS).
      These may have different fan settings, so testing might yield a better result than you have now.


      As for disabling the boot logo, I actually had that one working at one point (there were more settings that needed to be changed, I believe), but I don't know what exactly it was that made it work.

      In case anyone is interested in changing the fan behaviour, feel free to try out the test BIOSes I posted above.
      I'm interested in whether they make a noticeable difference or not.

      Also, I will probably turn down the overclock of the GPU VBIOSes for the ModBIOSes soon (as it was too much to handle for some notebooks) and offer a special version with the currently used overclock.
      That way everyone should have a suitable BIOS for daily-use.

    • mclarke2355 has written a new post "[OFFER] Acer Aspire E5-572G Modded Bios" 10.26.2016

      Sorry, the changes I did in the Test-BIOS might not have been very effective.
      So, here's a new BIOS: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4NHIBM...jZVSG5nQ1U/view
      The GPU BIOS is now mostly the stock 940MX one (aside from 1070MHz memory instead of default 1001MHz and lower idle voltage).
      Also you should leave the following BIOS settings at their default values for now:

      Bi-Directional PROCHOT#
      Long Term Power Limit Override
      Long Term Time Window

      Hope it works better with this one.

      If even this one isn't enough, here's one with completely stock Acer GPU VBIOS: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4NHIBM...VI1Zk1odWM/view
      The BIOS settings above are the only ones that are relevant for temperature.

      On a slightly different note, a good amount of the very high CPU temperature comes from Aida also stress testing the Intel GPU in addition to Intel CPU and Nvidia GPU. Using a test that only stress tests Intel CPU and Nvidia GPU at the same time might be more realistic.

    • mclarke2355 has written a new post "[OFFER] Acer Aspire E5-572G Modded Bios" 10.22.2016

      Update: BIOS 1.09c is now available!

      Changed Nvidia GPU idle voltage from 0,94V to a more correct value of 0,76V - thanks to Maison1 for bringing this matter to my attention
      Unlocked all sliders in the Nvidia VBIOSes for editing with Maxwell II BIOS Tweaker - thanks to WerePug from overclock.net for posting the way to do this

      Had some time today to test out lower idle voltages and ended up on 700mV idle voltage (which is 0,718V in GPU-Z).
      Also tried 600mV (the minimum, didn't boot into the desktop with that one) and 650mV (caused sporadic problems when displaying things) before.
      Actually, to go below 0,793V you also need to edit the CLK00-05 voltage slider as the GPU seems to take the higher voltage between this one and the P08 voltage slider.
      Additionally, I've decided to release a new ModBIOS with a lower idle voltage of 750mV (should be around 0,768V).

    • mclarke2355 has written a new post "[OFFER] Acer Aspire E5-572G Modded Bios" 10.09.2016


      Here's a VBIOS with adjusted idle voltage and all the sliders in Maxwell BIOS Tweaker unlocked (device and sub device ID are adapted to your card): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4NHIBM...EZTX21SWms/view
      I adjusted the voltages to match those of your original VBIOS, you can further adjust the idle voltage with the slider that currently shows 775mV.
      As for your throttling problem under load, you will have to reduce the core frequency till the card doesn't throttle anymore (the voltage of the according boost step will be used).
      Then based on that voltage you can see how far you can overclock so that it still works properly.
      After that is done (and you tested your overclock for stability), you can create a new VBIOS based on that (or tell me the values and I'll do it).

      Also, according to my tests, overclocking the memory frequency is very beneficial for this card and can give a pretty nice performance boost without the card getting noticeably hotter/drawing more power.

    • mclarke2355 has written a new post "[OFFER] Acer Aspire E5-572G Modded Bios" 10.08.2016


      Could you upload the VBIOS of your gpu for me so I can have a look at it?
      I might be able to change the voltages of this VBIOS to match yours.
      Having lower idle voltages would be interesting for me as well.

      Here are the original VBIOSes for reference: 840M + 940M from Acer Aspire E5-572G and 940MX from Lenovo T560 (base for the ModBIOS, unlike most 940MX VBIOSes this one doesn't have a hardcoded memory frequency that can't be changed with the Maxwell II Bios Tweaker).

    • mclarke2355 has written a new post "[OFFER] Acer Aspire E5-572G Modded Bios" 10.06.2016

      For me, the idle voltage is the same with both bioses (0,943V). Your card's bios probably has lower voltage settings by default.
      Here the card works without throttling even when using a stress test for over an hour (OCCT) as the temperature is still quite a bit away from 90°C.
      As I have activated a higher boost frequency, the GPU will use a higher voltage and the cooling of your notebook simply can't keep up.
      What you can do is to change the bios settings with Maxwell II BIOS Tweaker to fit your notebook (lower idle voltage, limit boost voltage and manually test working frequencies).
      Here's a guide: http://www.overclock.net/t/1590562/attem...os-editor-guide
      You can copy the voltages from your original bios. To get the best result, you'll need to test how far you can go yourself (I recommend OCCT).

    • mclarke2355 has written a new post "[OFFER] Acer Aspire E5-572G Modded Bios" 10.03.2016

      Update: BIOS 1.09b is now available!

      Unlocked a few more options that I missed before - everything that can be unlocked should be available now
      Overclocking enabled ME is now included by default (no disadvantages for HM86 notebooks)
      Applied a few useful BIOS patches by CodeRush (Unlock CPU Power Management Register (useful for Hackintosh Users)/Disable BIOS Lock/Disable SMI Lock)

    • @acid96

      Found something that might be interesting for you: Link.
      Seemingly putting the computer to sleep and then waking it up removed the BIOS lock and made flashing with fptw64 possible.
      The BIOSes of that laptop and yours share the same unlock combination, so they might also share that aspect, it should be worth a try.
      If it doesn't work with the newest BIOS, temporarily switching to the oldest one might work: BIOS 1.11

      Maybe that method is more successful than the previous atempts.

    • mclarke2355 has written a new post "[OFFER] Acer Aspire E5-572G Modded Bios" 09.14.2016

      That setting won't help I think, but maybe you have the setting "PFAT" under Power: Advanced CPU Control? That's the setting related to BootGuard.
      But I have found a pretty interesting post by CodeRush in the meantime here and found out that Boot Guard enabled BIOSes have special signatures. So I compared a BootGuard enabled BIOS (Thinkpad T450s) with the one of this notebook and have found out that this BIOS hasn't got BootGuard enabled. Sorry for the confusion I caused there.
      I will look into finishing the BIOS mod for you now and send it to you when I'm finished.

    • mclarke2355 has written a new post "[OFFER] Acer Aspire E5-572G Modded Bios" 09.14.2016

      I updated both the EFI driver and the legacy OROM.

      Got your BIOS dump and already did some of the necessary modifications.
      But while I was at it, I remembered that we can't do it this way.
      Unlike my notebook yours should have Intel Boot Guard activated.
      This will keep your notebook from booting when it detects a BIOS that isn't signed with the vendor's key.

      So, to be able to flash the BIOS later on, we'll first need to disable Boot Guard.
      To do that, we will need to mod the ME firmware.
      Under Advanced: Chipset Configuration there should be the option "Me Fw Image Re-Flash" in your BIOS.
      You'll need to enable this option and do a dump of the Me Firmware with Intel FPTW afterwards (fptw -d Me_dump.bin -ME).
      If this is successful, you can upload it here and I will disable Boot Guard for you.
      Then you need to flash the modded Me firmware and afterwards we can finally go on to the modded BIOS.

    • mclarke2355 has written a new post "[OFFER] Acer Aspire E5-572G Modded Bios" 09.14.2016

      I compared my dumped BIOS image with the standard file just now, and it seems like we'll need to use your BIOS dump to preserve the unique identification of your notebook.
      You can send me your BIOS dump with PM, if you want.

    • mclarke2355 has written a new post "[OFFER] Acer Aspire E5-572G Modded Bios" 09.14.2016

      Ok, I will take a look at it later on.

      The v15 Intel RST works pretty well here (subjectively not slower than the default and v14 ones - I haven't done measurements). I'm only using a single drive though, so I can't say anything about Raid performance.
      Which Intel RST OROM do you want to have integrated?



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